Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy (clone 59 - part 5)

Poor Sunny. I wish we could afford a maid so someone else was responsible for keeping the house clean. But we haven't that kind of money to throw around. If we did happen into some cash, we should look at moving first. Something a bit nicer than this little place.

The least I could do was make sure that her efforts were properly rewarded.

Charlie may not have a room of his own, but he has all the love he needs. Because someone is there when he needs attention.

I check up before heading off to work. At very least, he gets a goodbye cuddle before I go out the door.

Sunny keeps a close eye on him the rest of the day.

"Sam! What part of 'I am not ready for another baby' did you fail to understand?"

"What, Sunny?"

"The last time I threw up like this was when I was pregnant with Charlie."

"Sunny, you know it takes two to make a baby. You didn't exactly refuse."

"Well, no..."

"And I know you adore Charlie."

"But Sam, two? How are we going to cope with two? There's no space. There's no money. We can't do it."

"We'll manage Sunny. Trust me."

I think Amelia will do fine, even if there is another little one soon to arrive. She's been cuddling and caring for Charlie a lot since my hours tend to be long.

If only my work was just the basic maintenance around the station, it wouldn't be too bad.  I could keep the alarms and the truck in good nick fairly easily in a day.

The problem is that we have a lot of fires in the late afternoon. By the time they are out and I've done the paperwork, it's another day with unpaid overtime. A lot of unpaid overtime.

Someone has to do it, I'm not really complaining. It would be nice if I felt as though I were more appreciated though.

This has to be absolutely the best part of the job. Sliding down the poles to jump in the fire truck. It's way more fun then stairs or something.

I've never been in this part of town but I would know that red hair anywhere. The Tomasi house is on fire. Thomas and his son Jacob are worried about the flames.

Oh my god, it's the nursery that caught fire. Didn't Sunny tell me that Marta and Thomas had a toddler?

I double checked the room, it was empty. The baby must be somewhere else. I'm glad for that, it wouldn't take much smoke to damage young lungs.

Since the baby isn't here, I'll tend to the fire.

It took a couple of hours to put out all the flames, the fire was advance when I arrived.

God, the nursery is nearly as big as our house. I wish I could afford a room like this for Charlie.

The furnishings did get a bit scorched but it's mostly fine.

Amelia must be right. She's been worshiping the porcelain throne frequently in the last little while. We better prepare for another baby soon.

I was in a rush to get home after the fire. So I drove the fire truck straight there.

The reason for the rush? It was Charlie's birthday. Our baby was growing up.

We decided not to throw a party. The house is so small that guests would all trip on each other.

So it was without any fuss that our baby grew into the most adorable toddler.

He has my hair but his mother's eyes and mouth. I think that's her nose too.

He was very happy about having a birthday. Attention, a few presents.

He has decided that odd doll is the best plaything ever. He sings to it a lot, then bites it for awhile.

Funny thing, we looked and the card said it was great-aunt Ethel. I don't have any aunts or great-aunts. Sunny doesn't remember anyone called Ethel in her family. Who did sent that toy?

I picked up Charlie to take him to his big present. He's a bit young to appreciate this one yet though.

Charlie's big present was that we invested in a proper room for him. It's not very big. It's not very fancy.  It will be good for all of us though that he has some space of his own.

I was just going to take Charlie out for a stroll around the block. He was thrilled, and I was happy to be doing it.

My timing was off and we were only halfway when I noticed I had to leave for work.

So Charlie got to come to the station with me.

I rang Amelia the moment we arrived to let her know what happened and she should come by to pick up Charlie before lunch.

While waiting for Sunny, I encouraged Charlie to take a few steps. We didn't get very far. Sunny came quickly and a fire station isn't very safe for someone so small. Not dangerous in any real sense but Charlie was in danger of being stepped on accidentally. You don't look for toddlers when the bells ring. You grab gear and go.

Once Charlie and Sunny were gone, the rest of the day was normal. Updating the truck, fixing the alarm, putting out a fire. All just part of the routine.

Whenever the baby is asleep, Sunny still loves to practice her guitar.

Sometimes I swear she'd rather lose a leg than the guitar, if she had to choose between the two. I was about to say a limb but losing an arm might make playing a bit too challenging.

When I'm home, I spend as much time as I can with Charlie.

He's definitely bright but he'd rather play with that funky doll than learn to walk or talk.

Sunny's pregnancy is progressing quickly. Before we quite knew what happened, she was in her third trimester.

She's been taking it slow and easy. Still, Sunny and Charlie love to visit the newly developed kiddie park.

Charlie adores the little rides. His favourite for the moment is the rocket ship. He wants to be an astronaut, though he can't say the word.

Next week, it will probably be the pirate ship and he'll want to sail the Sim Seas.

"Sam, Sam! We have to go now honey."

I was a wee bit distracted at this point to remember what I was doing. "Now, are you sure?"

"Positive, Sam."

"Just a moment."


Sunny decided I was taking too long. So she popped into the drivers seat while I called for a sitter.

What Sunny had distracted me from was dinner. As in I was in the middle of cooking, it was on the stove and nearly done.

Soon overdone.

After that, well, thank god we got a good baby sitter. He put out the flames before the fire truck arrived.

Of course, that doesn't surprise me. That a fire truck left the building when I wasn't there, that surprised me.

After the fire, he remember to put Charlie to bed.

If we get him again, I am definitely giving him a bonus.

Now there are two ladies in my life. The newest one is Donna Grant.

Aren't they both beautiful, Mum?


This round of play had a couple of glitches. One was a fire that Sam couldn't get to and wouldn't go away. Then Amelia got stuck trying to change to preggy clothes. Finally Charlie somehow jumped out of his crib without the IF. And then the crib was unusable.

The first I finally fixed by changing households and back. Pity I forgot to use DreamCatcher because both Sam and Mia wanted a girl but their wants were dumped. At least the fire went away.

I reset Amelia and she could move again. But she lost her extra maternity leave, which means if they don't have a third *really* fast, someone has to take unpaid leave from work so the toddlers learn skills.

The last I fixed by using Twallan's MC and resetting the crib. Then the IF was the way it was meant to be.


  1. Great update. A few things. If you reset a pregnant Sim she will most likely get a fake baby bump. I have a link in Twallans chat if that happens to you. Second where is that building with the rides. I see it in many Gen games but no idea where it is. I still lack an IF but my triplets have a few days left to get it. Love the new room too.

  2. Amelia doesn't have a fake bump yet, but thanks for the tip.

    The building with the rides is a new Generations lot - some sort of park but I forget the name to look for just now.

    Both Charlie and Donna have IFs now.

    Thanks, I had fun making a room for Charlie. Now I have to work out how to fit Donna's space onto the house.

  3. Poor Mia has to clean up after slobby Sam. At least he compensates her. :D

    I'm shuddering at the state of the toilet Mia is using as she throws up. Ack!

    You're using the Impeccable Manor for the Tomasi-Lemans. I used that, too. It's a great house for a family and fun to redecorate.

    Charlie looks so much like him mom. I wonder who little Donna will take after? And will Sam be able to afford to expand the house? He needs to find a money tree or two or three.

    I'm glad you could recover after the glitches!

  4. Charlie is adorable. With the exception of his hair, he's the spitting image of his mother.

    Those imaginary friends are too adorable! The picture of Amelia and Charlie at the park is so sweet.

    Donna is such a pretty name. :) Thanks to one-too-many That 70s Show marathons, I keep assuming that any sim or person with the name "Donna" will grow up to have red hair.

  5. Heh. When I hear Donna I think Donna Reed. It's a Wonderful Life, From Here to Eternity, The Donna Reed Show!

    "Buffalo Gals won't you come out tonight, come out tonight, come out tonight..."

  6. @Chrysame, yes poor Mia. Sam just doesn't do clean much.

    I threw in a few new generation homes and the Tomasi family got an expensive one. Poor Rose was glitched into the porch. I had to unstick her.

    Sam can afford to expand the house because he had enough points for Inheritance so they have an extra 30,000. They could almost afford to move but there aren't many houses in their range with enough bedrooms.

    I have no idea who Donna will take after. But she won't be a baby for long.

  7. I think you have a fondness for slobs. :D

  8. @cheezy Charlie is a cutie.

    I look forward to Charlie and now Donna's IF growing up with their children. It should be fun.

    Donna - hmm - if the CAS kept real genetics, red could be possible from Mia. But I suspect that genetics get lost at some point so we have black or blond. :)

  9. I have a fondness for a particular slob - and much sympathy for not liking house cleaning much. :)

  10. *cries* so hard for me to keep up with everyone in my quasi-exile! I'll condense my comment into a few main points.

    1. Amelia's lingerie is quite sexy for a new mother. I love it.

    2. She's so cute with the baby- and quite fertile ;) Welcome to the world, Donna!

    3. Sam and Charlie are so adorable, my heart melts.

    4. Sophie has got to be quite the useless coworker- never shows up to help, does she!

  11. Aww, that's ok. I know your computer time is very limited.

    1) Sunny better watch that sexy stuff. It will give Sammy ideas. Leading to

    2) Fertility indeed! I haven't played the family enough post this update to see toddler Donna. Should be interesting Kane or Grant?

    3) Sammy and toddlers. He loves them, and just can't resist them.

    4) Sam has 3 coworkers, Sophie and 2 townies. And none of them do a dratted thing. Then again, Sam is already level 8 (no cheats) in his career. All that fixing and fire fighting is good for him.

  12. D'aww, Charlie's already getting so biiigg, and now he's gotta tango time with his parents with Donna! I can't remember what that name reminds me of, off the top of my head, but I like it. ^-^ Not a name you see every day.

    Sam's sure keeping busy with those fires, and man--some of them are pretty crazy huge! O_O I had to laugh, that when they left for the hospital he started his OWN fire. Good job, Sammy. Way to keep your fire department in business.

    Sucks that you've been having so many glitches--I haven't played with Generations quite enough yet to encounter many, but I'm noticing a lot of lag particularly with changing outfits, like Mia did with her pregnant outfit... I wonder if that has anything to do with Dresser? Hopefully not. Least you were able to fix everything okay.

    Many <3's for Sammy and Sunny. ^-^

  13. Charlie is growing like a little weed. Donna -> one of those names that has gone in and out of fashion. I knew a couple of Donnas when I was at school. and then there was Donna Summers. :) Glad you like it.

    Some of those fires have been big. I hope he'll have a chance soon to finish upgrading his extinguisher. But things are a little busy. I blame Mia for the house fire...or Donna who couldn't wait for Daddy to finish cooking.

    I think I need to get in the habit of closing the game down and never switching between saves via menu. There seems to be a lot of memory problems if you don't shut and restart.

    Many <33333 for Kaleeko and the loan of Sunny. :)

  14. Charlie is so adorable. I want to squeeze him if I could. Lovely pictures, PiB and I also love Charlie's big present.

    Amelia looks so lovely during her pregnancy. I'm glad now there are more options for maternity clothes.

    Sorry to hear that you experienced some glitches in your game. I hope you will find a way to fix them. I have installed generations too, but I had a wee bit problems with constant meteors and losing relationships. The meteor was caused by an outdated mod. I got it fixed now, but I'm still having problem with the relationship. Probably, I'm going to take out some of the mods, because I didn't have those problems when I wasn't using them.

    Love the park too...

  15. Charlie is adorable as a toddler. No question. And I had fun doing a new room for him.

    More options for preggy Sims is an *excellent* thing. :)

    The next time I loaded this save, it was pretty much fine. So I might just have had one biggish problem that made itself seen a few way.

    Twallan's mods are all updated, I doubt they caused my chaos.

  16. Aw Donna and Charlie super cute. How on Earth did you ever get a babysitter who wasn't completely useless though?

  17. The guys tend to actually look after the babies. Most of the girls I've ever had were useless. :) Thanks for stopping by Angie.


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