Friday, December 14, 2012

Hi Mum, It's Sammy (clone 69 - part 4)

Sam, why are you still dressed in costume?

After that disaster of a show, I really needed a drink and to relax. [hic] Didn't want to go home and change first. [hic] Bar's good place to relax. [hic]

And drink quite a lot, apparently.

Only a couple, Mum. [hic] Bastard Merlot is a pool shark though. He's winning. [hic]

You might be a bit drunk to play, Sammy. How many have you had?

Nah. That can't be it. Only had 3, maybe 4. Mmm, maybe 5. Bastard Merlot. He got married the other day and didn't even invite me to the wedding.

Maybe because you hit on him once. Remember?

Oh, yeah, that's right.

Sammy! You brought Berjes to the bar?

What? What's wrong with that?

Well, if you are going to be drinking too much, you shouldn't be bringing the boy along. He'll learn bad habits.

He's not drinking!

True, he seems to be playing a game with Thea. Might be the most fun the poor kid has ever had.

Give me a break. I'm doing the best I can.


Oh Mum, I have such a headache this morning. There's too much sun, too much heat, too much of everything.

Then don't drink so much, Sammy. You were asking for it. Any more and you would have been dancing on the tables.


Well this time it's not your fault, Sammy. You didn't do anything to deserve a broken sink on top of that hangover.

I hate cleaning at the best of times. My head hurts and now I'm drenched because of a broken sink.

Poor Sammy. It could be worse.

I really hate to think what that might mean. Exactly how much worse can things get?

Please, please, wishing well. Grant me wealth, or happiness, or something. Anything!

Well? Did it do anything for you this time?

I got to see pretty sparkly lights but it doesn't seem to have helped. I'm not happier or wealthier.

Somehow I think that the wishing well is just not going to ever be that helpful, Sammy. You have to work harder.

Right, fine, I'll work harder. Does this look hard enough for you?

I must admit, you do seem to be working there.

I thought I was in better shape. After all, I do acrobatic stuff on stage as well as all that juggling and mime work. But this hurts!

They say, no pain, no gain.


Wait! What is that picture doing there? Can't a man have any time to himself, ever?

Sorry, Sammy, but no. You have to allow shower pics. Always.

Did you know only an hour in the gym and even I can't stand my own company? Talk about sweating it out.

Given the natural state of your house, that's pretty impressive.

Wandering around town after your latest round of earning tips? Good idea, you need to talk to people.

Hello lovely lady. My name is Sam. I was wondering if a pretty girl like you had any plans for the evening?

Oh, Sammy, that's kaleeko. I'm not sure how this is going to go.

Hello Sam. My name is Kalee. I don't have any particular plans for the evening. You have anything in mind?

I hear that there is a lovely view from the restaurant at the edge of the desert. Would you care to help me check?

That place is expensive with a capital E. I can't afford to breathe the air there.

Don't fret, pretty Kalee. It will be my treat. I must go home and change, meet you there at 7?

Oh, Sam. This place is gorgeous.

Not nearly as pretty as my date. You are looking radiant, my dear Kalee.

I think that's just the light. I'm not that special.

Kalee, how can you say that? You're such a lovely lady.

You finally scored a date. Well done, Sammy. But try not to lay it on so thick?

Stop, please.

You are by far the most beautiful person I've ever taken to dinner.

I told you not to lay it on so thick. She's the only person you've ever taken to dinner.

Oh Sam, that was a wonderful dinner. What should we do next?

Well, we could go see a movie. I wonder what's on? [loud buzz from pocket] Let me just check this message.

Well? Going to a movie sounds quite nice.

I don't suppose you happen to want to see a ballet recital at the elementary school?

What? Why would I want to do that?

My ... adopted... son is having a recital tonight. He didn't warn me until just now.

Son? Goodbye Sam. Don't call me and I won't call you.

Oh god. And we were doing so well until then.

Yeah, well, bringing up that you have a child in the middle of a date wasn't the best strategy, was it?

Berjes, that was a pretty good show. But why on earth did you sign up for ballet and not scouting?

Are you kidding? Scouting requires like 50 'be good' oaths. No way am I falling for that.

So ballet?

We did Hamlet. Everyone dies. Now that's a cool after school activity.

Everybody dies and that makes it cool?

Sammy, he is an evil child. That has to show up every once in awhile.

We have worked out an agreement. Berjes tidies while I cook.

I didn't have much choice. If I left the cleaning to Sam, the piles of filth would be taller than me.

I'm glad to see the two of you can work together. Since you are rather stuck with each other.

Sammy! Practicing again?

Yeah, if I don't earn some money, we won't keep that pathetic tiny house much longer.

Those look awfully big. Are they heavy?

Not really, why?

Just thinking about the headache you'd get from one of those bouncing off your noggin.

Sammy, be careful. I don't want you setting your bum on fire again.

No, Mum, I got this. And I think she might just be ready to give me a big tip.

So? A lot of money?

No, she said to stop playing with fire. Not the kind of tip I need.

Decided to hit the gym?

I wish they had punching bags. I could really use something that I could physically hit now.

Going to the gym was a good idea. I can really work off my frustrations here.

You are looking much calmer, Sammy.

I'm feeling better too.

What about Berjes?

That kid doesn't need me. He does fine on his own.

Can you believe how much homework they are giving us?

No, we'll be here till we're teens.

Can you stay and play after we're done?

Maybe, whatcha got?

I have a new dollhouse.

Dollhouse? That's for girls!

I like to pretend I'm a monster and knock everything down. Then stomp around making it shake like there's an earthquake.

Ok, now that sounds cool.

Oh, yuck, this is going off!

You're the one who grabbed food from the fridge. You could have cooked something.

To hell with it. I'm starving.

Green smoke doesn't worry you?

That which does not kill me, will make me stronger.

It's way safer to stick with cereal. Unless the food is just coming off the stove.

Poor Berjes. I'm sure he would have staying in the magic fountain if given a choice.

bonus pics

I forget why I sent Sam to the cemetery.

A couple of Simselves having a chat.

So pretty

Once is never enough.

Sam is playing with alchemy - hoping he'll be a self made were someday.


  1. Sammy Sammy Sammy - that evil spawn is going to ruin all your chances. Earn some money and ship the little "dear" off to boarding school :P

    1. Poor Sam. He's just not earning nearly enough to ship the pest - opps boy - off. He'll have to live with it.

  2. "No, she said to stop playing with fire. Not the kind of tip I need." I got a bit of a snort of laughter off of that--hahahaha. XD

    Aww, this Sammy clone definitely has it a bit rougher in the social department than the last few--even his adopted son doesn't seem to be a very nice person. XD I'm still giggling at what a brat my simself was, too... c'moooon, no one uses being a single dad as a pick-up line! Psh. Women.

    He's making progress as an acrobat, though! Sam's never been one to give up, even when PiB sneaks into the bathroom to snap some shower pictures. Sam Grant, man o' steel. XD

    What will Sammy and his little Magic Fountain Adoptee get up to next? Not sure about Sam, but looks like world domination is on Berjes' to do list. ^^

  3. LOL
    Evil mom of evilness... thanks for making me snort

    Thanks for the BUM pics, even if Sammy doesn't like it this time round.

    LoL, i love this one!


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