Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hi Mum, It's Sammy (Clone 69 - Part 3)

One thing I have to admit about Lucky Palms, the desert is a beautiful place at both sunset,

and sunrise. It's almost overwhelming. The lighting is just about magic.

Sigh, I just wish I could say the same about my life.

Still not having luck, Sammy?

None, Mum, just no luck at all.

So, wha'cha up to Sammy? I don't think I recognise that place.

Eh, decided to pop into the library.  I'd heard they had some good self help books on making friends and meeting people. I looked at the bookstore first but, my god, those things are freaking expensive.

Actually, looks like you are doing well on the whole meeting people thing. Two Simselves in one day.

Well, I did get to say hi to a couple of attractive ladies that happened to be in the library. Kalee and Thea.

Mum, what did you mean by Simself? I don't understand?

Never mind, Sammy. You got to meet people. That's what's important. Did you like them?

Neither of them stayed for more than a 'hello'. So I don't know if I like them or not.

I did get a chance to start reading one of those books.

Do you think it did you any good?

Just gave me a splitting headache and that was only the introduction. I might have died if I'd tried to read more than a chapter.

Sammy, reading never killed anyone.

Wanna bet?

I see you brought Berjes along to the library.

I thought he'd like a change from our little tiny place.

"Come on, computer, do SOMETHING. DO ANYTHING!" [Click] [Click]

Doesn't sound like it's going well.

[Sigh] "Homework is the most excitement I've had all day."


No, Mum, I promise. I will get him something at home. He's actually been quite a good kid, really. He even had me sign a permission slip for after school activities.

Still practicing your mime routine?

Man has to eat and keep a roof over his head. While it's not exactly a steady income but it's still the best thing I can find.

I hate to say this but it might work better if you didn't look so cross.


And relaxing too, I see.

There has to be some benefits to not having a proper job. Being able to practice golf when no one is around is one of them.

Sammy! That's a different outfit. Not nearly as - disturbing - as the first.

Yeah, Cornelius admitted that the first get up was meant to discourage people. This one is what you get to wear if he'll actually let you onstage.

So he really will let you onstage?

Yes, I have a show later tonight.

Look at you, spinning fire around. Umm, are you sure you want to do that? It looks dangerous, Sam.

It will be fine Mum. And I'm sure the crowds will love it.

Crowds? You don't have a single soul watching.

Well, it is the middle of the day. Everyone is off working. I'm sure they'll turn up for the show.

So, I'm still not happy with this entertainer thing but it is exciting to know that I'll be on the stage soon.

There still doesn't seem to be much of a crowd waiting.

I'm way early. I'm sure we'll have some soon, Mum. Very soon. But I need to go check the stage.

"Oi! Off the stage."

"I have permission to take pictures of the performers tonight. I asked Cornelius."

"You didn't ask me. Get off!"

"I will not. I'm here to talk pictures for the paper and here I will stay."

Sammy! Sammy? Are you ok?

NO! Ow! No! That stupid photographer put me off. I can't even do a bit of simple juggling right.

Damn it, damn it, damn it! Will none of these routines work right? Not even the simplest thing is going right.

Oh, Sammy. Baby. I wish I could help.


Sam? This isn't the time for that. You are on stage, trying to earn money.

But seriously, I hate it. Everything worked fine in practice and nothing at all is working now. I can't even manage the stupid "Pull the rope" thing. And I have to keep trying for at least another hour!

So, Sammy, how did it go?

I survived. I got paid. I took a bow and one whole person applauded. How do you think it went.

Well, it could have been worse. I don't think you were even seriously burnt.

Is that supposed to be comforting, Mum? Cause, that was a fail.

I think I'm going to take another shot at a lucky coin. I'm sure that I can get it if I just reach a little further.


Sammy? I hate to tell you this but the paparazzi were right there.

Oh god, that seriously doesn't bode well.

Bonus pics.

Berjes really is a good student. He always does his homework without any prompting at all.

Partly because in the early days, there really was nothing better for him to do but eventually he had things and still did homework first.

Sammy meets Merlot. They do hit it off, but it will be a little before this works it's way into the story.


  1. Oh Sammy! It'll get better....it has to right? lol

    His new work ensemble is fun...though the watch sorta clashes hehe

    1. I didn't even notice the watch - probably should do something about that!

      Poor Sam, we can hope it does get better.

  2. Poor Sammy! Not boding well for him at all! :P

    I'm thinking maybe Berjes should get paper route or sell muffins in the park.

    Hopefully Sammy will pull it all together and have great shows and bigger audiences.

    1. Hey Rob. Yeah, not going well for Sam.
      Berjes doesn't have a lot of time - school and now an afterschool activity.
      As for his audiences...well, we will see. :)

  3. Wow. That first shot, especially, looks like a real photograph. Very impressive.

    Poor old Sammy.

    1. Sunrise and sunset are almost too colourful in Lucky Palms. But pretty. Thanks

      And yes, poor Sammy. Life isn't kindly at the moment.

  4. So, Sammy, how did it go?

    I survived. I got paid. I took a bow and one whole person applauded. How do you think it went.

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA lol, poor, poor Sammy.

    Evil person... mom.


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