Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 22 (The last eviction)

Well Mum, we are down to the last two girls.  I think

Welcome back to Desperate Bachelor. This is day six in the house. I'm your host Rory Upyurs.

That I loathe Lolly Upyours, idiot voice-over dud.

I love the food here.  I can eat autumn salad every day.

So you can forget about that silly sprinkler?

A sprinkler is the best thing ever.  I wish you had left it for me.


Don't bother me when I'm eating.

The last game of foosball for the house.  Where's AJ?

She's still clapping her hands over the salad.  In spite of the fact that she has had salad every day since we got here.

Now after the foosball game, it is time for the dating challenge.  Sam is supposed to Make out with each of our remaining contestants.


My first kiss.

That was not making out.

[giggle] We did that too.  And embracing, he's so warm.  And strong.  He makes me feel safe.

So AJ, how did the afternoon go for you?

Flirting, hugging, kissing, it was magic.

Speaking of magic, so was this.

Any questions about making out?

I suppose not.  I still say you girls could do better.

I really can't imagine what you mean. Sammy is wonderful.

I had such sweet dreams.  I dreamed of the girls.

Our last morning together.

Are you girls excited that one of you will be able to leave Sam behind?

Stop picking on Sam.  How did you get to host this show?

Well, Rachel, I was the best applicant for the job.

I bet he bribed someone.

AJ, that was uncalled for.

So is picking on our Sammy.

The best part of waking up in the morning.  There Sam is ready and flirting like his life depends on it. 

I so agree.  A girl could get used to this sort of daily routine.

So which girl, Sam?  Which girl is leaving the house and which stays with you?

Need time, I can't be certain.

What?  You have to decide now.  Our viewers can't wait.

I am just not sure.  I need time.  It has to be the right choice not just a random one.

You've spent all day.  You've hung out, you've been swimming, you've hung out again.  Who is it to be Sam?  Make up your mind.

And I've found that I really want to hop in a bed with Rachel.

Isn't she just the cutest thing?

Well Rachel, looks like you are stuck with Sam.  How do you feel about that?

Stuck?  Take that back Mr Rory Upyrs or I'll have definite words with the producer.  He's wonderful.  I hope to marry him and have a big family 4 or 5 kids.  And travel overseas too.

AJ, isn't it great that you get to leave?

Hell no, I love Sam too.  But he has a choice and Rachel was it.  

Well, that's the end of this bachelor challenge.  Tune in next time when one girl must choose between 7 guys.  Until then, I'm Rory Upyrs, I hope you find love too.


  1. LOL, This is great, even though AJ lost. Great pics there too.
    Now Sammy, I know we won't be seeing what happens next, but please, even though we won't ever know about, please, go slap the pee out of Upyurs. :)

    Congratulations Rachel, you hooked a good one. Now go make him some babies.

    *clapping hands and getting all excited*
    about the next challenge. Wonder who the bachelorette will be.

    I actually held a sheet of paper over my email to hide the end so I could come here and not know who was going to win. I usually just use my hand but I was afraid it wouldn't cover everything.

  2. The original challenge was to end at noon with the Sim with the highest number for daily and lifetime relationships to win. Rachel and AJ were so extremely close, I decided to wait until Sam threw a romantic want for one of them. So we waited all afternoon for Sam to want romance with one of the girls.

  3. LOL, I can just see you sitting there telling Sammy to get on with it.

  4. Dee I was planning one more installment that is a real Hi Mum it's Sammy letter. Fighting Rory wasn't on the original plan but that can change.

    I wasn't planning a bachelorette challenge, just something that would normally be said at the end of one of these programs.

    Love the idea that you had to hide the end so it would be a proper surprise.

  5. I want him to slap Rory so bad. Looking forward to the next update so I can read the hi mum letter.

    Oh, I'll calm down then about another challenge. Besides, I'm curious to know what is happening in your other games too. I think I need to go play and see what happens in my game.

    I was determined not to know who until I read the entire thing. While reading, I was scrolling down slowly.

  6. Do you plan to have comments from the rest of the girls?

  7. Actually, no. My plan is to see how many of the girls Sam can take to the Judge's chamber for a bit more exciting a tour. No comments needed. :)

  8. ROFL, I can't help it. I have to comment. I'm disconnecting from internet soon to play anyway. I know it's getting late where you are.

    You go Sammy. The producers of this show have no control over how far you can go with those girls now. :D

  9. Yay for the Geek Girl! I was sure AJ was going to take it. Look how well she did when she was constantly distracted by the sprinkler!

    Now on to the Judge's Chambers for a bit of a tour. The Tour o' Sammy.

  10. I knew you would be happy Chrysame.
    I haven't forgotten that that sprinkler was Geek Girl's idea to begin with.

  11. AJ is a force to be reckoned with so Rachel had to use her cunning and guile to defeat her! I also think Rachel is secretly behind Ripley and Sammy's fight. She's a brilliant manipulator, that little Rachel.

  12. LOL, I think Rachel was created by sue. I don't know if she ever looks at these blog or not anymore but hope she does get to see this.

  13. Yep, Rachel is from Sue_d_nim. And I'm pleased our little geek girl won. After all, she is the mom of Indy Grant. And grandmom of Callie, Tate, Phillip...we owe Rachel for a lot of Sims.

  14. That makes her Ollie's Grandma and the reason Dawn and Clark have that burgundy hair color.

    AJ will land on her feet just fine. I've never known her not to be very popular with the male sims.

  15. Oh yeah, AJ will be just fine. She always is as long as she doesn't drown herself in the sprinklers. :)

  16. Yep, she is the source of the plum hair, if I remember what Sue called it correctly.

    And so many of my uploaded Sims are from that family. :)

  17. I can say that running a bachelor or bachelorette challenge is fun and doesn't take too long. I would have had Sammy's mate settled in about a day of play - all the piccies and dialogue were the real time users.

  18. I can imagine. I get slowed down just trying to remember to change colors.

  19. It was extremely enjoyable as a reader. All your effort was much appreciated.

  20. I think the most interesting thing was Kacyn. I hadn't really played her before, she is pretty cute and flirty which is why she was doing well.

  21. Oh, and thanks for the comment Chrysame. At least you knew I was concentrating on getting the episodes out, even if they did take time to do properly.

  22. I still laugh about "Don't bother me when I'm eating."

  23. That line was pure Sammy. :D

  24. Oh yeah, he loves his food, his women and his babies.

  25. :) He was shovelling it in far to fast to talk. As Sam always does. You'd think he been starved.

  26. Afte I got used to seeing slobs eat it's actually funny.

  27. They love their food. And fast. :)

  28. Aww, now that's sweet. Rachel and Sam are sharing a bed for the first time and they've been dreaming about each other a lot.

  29. Oh, that next update is going to be awesome too, I just know it.

  30. They always did make a cute couple.

  31. They always make a great couple. Perhaps the reward for the new couple is a little vacation?


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