Friday, November 27, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - June 25

I find that I am having strange dreams

But they may not be dreams for much longer

Rachel tells me the news

I was so surprised, I actually argued with her for a moment.

But she forgave me for that moment.

For a couple of adventurous souls, we've turned into complete home bodies for the moment

We can hardly believe it

It's that dream again

I can hardly believe my luck, just looking at her

Nothing ruffles her feathers

Then it's finally time

She wasn't impressed by my small panic attack

but she's in pain and I'm about to be a daddy.

Rachel and our new darling daughter Laura

It's a race to save the baby and

I win

Rachel took a short break in France but she says it was all about food and nectar. No treasure at all, drat it.


  1. Technical notes, Sam and Rachel did not yet want to be Going Steady/Engaged or Married. Sam rarely gets a chance to breath once I decide how that's going to go. Nor did they want baby one but...

    The moment the newborn baby bless had passed, *BOTH* of them now want a baby. It will put a serious crimp in Rachel's want to be an Explorer or Sammy can learn to be an at home daddy since I gave him the Perfect body aspiration now. Tough choices.

  2. WOW, life does throw tough choices at us and them some times.
    They will find a way to raise their beautiful daughter and fulfill their aspirations. I bet they are going to be great parents.
    The look he's giving her at breakfast is so adoring. When she is holding the baby outside it looks like he's running along side her saying, come on, let me hold her.

    "for that moment" makes me wonder what is about to come.

  3. I have just one thing to say: Awwwww.

    No, I have more to say. Wow, they really are in love, aren't they? They're really cute together.

    LOL at "nothing ruffles her feathers."

    She is definitely not impressed. Looks like she's saying "Are you f-king KIDDING me right now, mister? May I remind you which one of us is having a baby?"

    Oh Sammy, you cutie. You can't even wait to get home from the hostpital to get your hands on that baby. Just look at him. He's itching to grab her away from Rachel. Yes, we all knew who would win that race. I'm betting you got to name her. The name Laura is just too much of a coincidence for Mr. and Mrs. Tomb Raider.

    I was surprised when you leaked that she'd be having a baby so soon. I can see that would be a dilemma. Maybe they can get rich selling treasure and hire lots of babysitters. I'm sure the love they lavish on the kids when they're home would make up for jetsetting off all the time.

  4. LOL I loved that Sammie was wearing that athletic outfit when rushing to the baby...

    Lovely update. Hehe at Rachel pressing grapes in the pink bikini... WA really looks like fun!

  5. So many great pictures. The look Rachel is giving Sam when he's in a panic is priceless. Did he really get upset with her?

    Of course that upset would be forgiven when he looks at her the way he does at the dining table.

  6. They live close enough to the hospital that they just walked over when the baby was due. Rachel didn't wait and it took Sam a minute to catch up with his girls. And when he finally caught up, he looked at his new daughter first.

    I loved that look at breakfast. He finished his meal and then gave Rachel such an adoring glance.

    And yes, I did get to name Ms Laura Grant. Plus pick traits, Rachel got lots of love and care during her pregnancy. The advantage of having a family now is that the entire family will be able to go overseas eventually.

    Sam is doing very well in the athletics career. He's now a rookie and will be advancing again soon.

    Rachel making nectar, I missed one good shot. Like fishing, when they are learning they do fall over from time to time. :)

    Oh, and Sam really did argue with Rachel just after she announced her pregnancy. She responded by giving him a hug ... all together now...AWWWWW!


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