Friday, July 23, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 31 (Finale)

Well Mum, I'm still meeting, making friends with, then convincing ghosts to move on.

Marta and her boss, the master thief. Yes, the love of my life is a thief, and a damn fine one at that.

I didn't stop to think about why Marta would have been available to come over or meet up when I was. The answer was that a thief and a ghost hunter keep similar work schedules - unlike most of Twinbrook that was asleep while I was working and at work while I was sleeping.

Dennis thinks that by the time he retires (Ha, I bet it takes the Reaper to retire him!), Marta will be ready for the top job.

Poor Paulie, he hates it when I let go.

Things aren't always quiet around here. In one evening, first we had

Peter set himself on fire trying a new invention out.

Then Marta got busted for the first time in her career. When she finally got home, she was exhausted and starving - why don't they offer some grub in the lockup?

Peter created a little toy and gave it to Paulie. Paulie just adores it.

I'm not so fond of it. It blends too well with the colours on their floor and I've stubbed my toe on that stupid dog 5 times now. Very annoying.

Peter keeps working on the bench and he is making more and more things.

Well Mum, to you, this is just a photograph of town.

I've reached the top of my profession, and the town gave me a special gadget to hunt down spirits at any time. To me, this photo of town holds the location of over 1/2 dozen ghosts.

I heard a rumor that you can ghost hunt at the vacation areas but I went recently and couldn't find a single ghost. Maybe with this puppy, it would work.

I still adore Marta, the loveliest thief in the world.

Our boys had another birthday
I expect hordes of girls to be flocking around the boy. Maybe I should encourage him to date at their homes and not mine.  Maybe.

Paulie has a ways to grow yet. But they are both good boys.

So we have reached a good parting spot. I've topped my profession and Marta is near the top of hers. The boys are growing well and doing well at school.


The bonus pics

Peter as a young adult

Paul teen

Paul young adult

Just for the heck of it, I used Supercomputer to spawn two girls.

Mindi inherited dad's hair but mostly mom's facial structure

And Dina
Dina is a pretty typical Grant girl.

No matter how many times I see it, I still love spooning couples in bed.


  1. Aww! Well, I suppose for a new story to begin, the old one has to end. :) Hooray for happy endings, though.

    I think all the kids look lovely, even Dina. :) Paul definitely grows into his looks over time... long hair suits him. Or would suit him. Whatever! You know what I mean.

    I look forward to seeing what else Sam has in store, or what story/blog you're going to be working on next. Gonna miss Clone 31, though. Any ideas where he/you/etc is headed next? Me, impatient? Noooo... ;)

    Wow, it's 6am and I'm not asleep. I give up. -_- That may be why I sound borderline insane right now.

  2. Much easier on Sam then the ones with the abrupt death to end it. :)

    Thanks for the comments on the kids - Sam breeds well and has produced a fair few nice looking to stunning looking kids. If you haven't filled your Grant quota, I can upload any of the 4 of them. I wasn't going to save after supercomputering twin girls but I saved them too.

    Next blog == Art Flows through. Sam at 99 days - gah, I hate waiting for the reaper every day.

    Next story here? That would be telling. :)

    I went home after half a day. I've been feeling quite tired and slightly ill. Couldn't concentrate properly on work at all. This is why you had 2 blog posts from me in a day. :)

  3. Oh man! Apparently I need to start from the beginning and read through some of his previous tales. :) I never did get around to doing that.

    I'm not sure I'll have room for any of the kids right-at-the-moment, especially since I'll be moving in Sam himself and it'd be really weird if he like.. hooked up with his kid... but, they may be worth saving/uploading for use at a later date. Up to you! I know that once Late Night comes out and I inevitably move a Kane-spawn to the new city, I'll need some Sam-but-not-Sam to take up residence there. ;)

    Ooo, I know the feeling. The Reaper's so unpredictable. He always likes to come at the least convenient moment, too... "Sittin on the toilet, sittin on the toile-- OH HI GRIM!"

    Well, I thought I'd try to fish for hints. ^^ Rather unfair of me though, considering how much a tease I am with stuff from my own blog.

    Sorry you aren't feeling good! Hope that blogging takes your mind of the illness, and that you start feeling better. Sounds like everyone's coming down with something, this week.

  4. It is not a requirement to read them all. I'll never know.

    Actually there are plenty of Sam spawn on the Exchange already.

    two families - one with three children and one with 5 (triplets)

    His children with Rachel - Laura, Indy, Henry, Jack and Rick - I think Chrysame has used all of them now. His daughter with River McIrish - Brooke Adopted children Cindy and Tommy.

    Grandchildren of Sam are Phillip (Indy), Callie (Henry), Darius (Henry), Chance (Laura), Tate (Jack)

    LOL - you might have a little choice up already! I don't download Sam spawn however great they are from Dee or Chrysame for obvious reasons.

    Fishing for hints - I think we are all guilty of it!

  5. I saw this in my email and was surprised. I had no idea it would be ending now.
    Oh jeez, get well soon PiB. Almost all of us seem to be ill with one thing or another.

    That spawn thing really works well for the genetics. Minid looks so much like Marta and dina looks so much like Sammy.

    Sorry this comment is so short but as you know, I have to get ready for work.

  6. Yes, whatever yuck is going around is going around everywhere. I'm tired of being tired.

    The kids look great. As always, a Grant boy really comes into his looks as a young adult. Then, he's dynamite. Marta's eyes always look so much more exotic on a male.

    Ollie is really a Grant, Kaleeko. His Daddy was Indiana Grant. Hard to believe when you see Sam and then see Ollie but that's genetics for you.

  7. Well, this Sammy served his purpose. The main goal was to top out the Ghost Hunter career. He did that and had a family to boot.

    My illness seems to be minor. Mostly not enough sleep and a bit of sinus congestion to create a headache.

    Twallan's instant baby takes the genetics of the two Sims - I expect he uses EA programming so the genetics match the usual game.

    Have a good day at work Dee

  8. @Chrysame Peter looked pretty good throughout his boyhood to manhood. But Paul needed to grow up - as a man he is very nice indeed. How did you like Mindi and Dina? :)

  9. Dina looks like Sammy. She reminds me a little of Laura. She looks sweet but steady as a rock look. I like her. Mindi looks more like Marta but there's enough differences that she doesn't look like Ripley's twin or sister. Maybe a cousin. :)

    I'm surprised Marta's genetics were a match for Sam. His are usually so strong. Yay, Marta! *laugh* I was very happy with this blog, obviously. It was nice to see them together after having so many grandbabies in common.

  10. Dina is like Laura and the daughters left over from Sammy's bachelor challenge.

    Yes, I thought it was time for Sam to romance Marta instead of Sammy's sons romancing Marta's daughters. :)

  11. And Marta looked quite pleased about it, too.

  12. Sammy may be a grumpy slob but he knows how to keep his spouse happy. I have yet to have Sam and his spouse have a bad marriage.

  13. And you dabbled in the inventing skill, too. Marta just has one more requirement to fill and she'll be able to construct a simbot. I'm not sure I want one. But, I'll probably do it just to have done it.

    Rachel is still probably the most compatible sim with Sam. Thomas a close second?

  14. The problem with inventing is that I'll have to dedicate most of a Sim life to it, like I did with ghost hunting. I have had a little dabble though. Peter was doing some cool stuff but don't let them run out of scrap partway through. :)

    Rachel is certainly very compatible with Sam. Second might be AJ - it would be interesting to let my little threesome go on their own and see which two of the three are most inclined to flirt and so forth on their own.

  15. AJ? I don't know why that surprises me. Maybe because you kept the relationship (other then friends) aspect of that blog so close to your vest. She did do very well in Sam's bachelor challenge. Only Rachel was crafty enough to take her out.

  16. Actually, I just kept all of them from romance until they were out of the orphanage - made life easier. But Sam does get on very well with AJ. And Thomas. And Rachel. :)

  17. I think I knew Ollie was a Grant-kid from a mention somewhere else, but subconsciously I never did put two and two together because they do look so different. The hair especially throws me off-track.

    Sam's genetics are definitely ones that need to be grown into, and look a lot better on a guy than a gal... But, if you're ever feeling like you need a laugh, open up a Jebidiah copy in CAS as an adult, and make him female. It's... interesting.

    Is Ripley a Sam+Marta sim, then?

  18. Ripley is a Marta/Wyatt sim.

  19. Ripley in her original family met and married one of Sam Grant's boys. :) Mason by name. They had some of the Grant/Tomasi grandchildren but it's happened pretty regularly over time. Including one of Ripley's sibs married a different Grant boy.

  20. Ripley likes her Grants. I loved Mason and his brother Emmanual. I wish I still had them.

  21. I know. Your girls in that generation had three of the best born in game boys ever; Hugo, Mason and Emmanual. At least we still have Hugo.

  22. Yeah, we still have Hugo and he's one of my honeys.

  23. Get well soon! I can't believe it's over already, I'm happy for Sammy and Marta though. Getting to the top (or near the top) of your chosen career is always a fulfilling feeling. :)

  24. Thanks Cheezy. Sam has no complaints. He and Marta are very happy together, they love their boys and they'll do fine with the girls if I ever go back. We've seen a lot of cool ghosts as well. :)

  25. i wonder what sammy will do in his next life... peter is a very handsome sim, could you put him up on the exchange? paul makes for an akward teenager, but turned into a handsome sim as an adult.

  26. Sure Marty, I can put Peter up on the Exchange after work today. Paul was a pretty typical boy from Sam, slightly awkward up to teen but good looking as an adult.

    As for what Sam does next - I have some thoughts but I try not to reveal my plots for this blog. I like to surprise people - or try to.


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