Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 31 (Part 8)

We celebrated our wedding night as many couples do. It was a wonderful night.

I hope there wasn't any really evil ghost action tonight because this was far more important then capturing any ghost. And far more fun.

I was up first in the morning so I made breakfast.  After all the excitement last night, I think Marta is going to be starving when she gets up.

Another evening, more ghosts.

I never know where I'll find them or what they will be doing when I do find them.

Wyatt Walker was one of my clients this night.  The baby was born, they now have one girl and one boy.

Their little girl is a cutie, too bad she's in a bit of ghost fog in this picture.

What a nice family - sweet little toddler, cute little baby. I like the idea of family...

I got home to the news that it won't be long before our family grows.

I'm so happy to know that we will have a baby soon.

It's all so fascinating, our first baby. I'm hoping for an adorable girl like Marta, Marta says she wants a boy just like his daddy. One of us should get our wish.

I love talking to Marta's tummy and giving her massages. Nothing is too good for her or the baby.

There was a protest at city hall. We want to help the endangered species, bigfoot.  There were a lot of people there, endangered species protection is a popular topic.

Marta has that pregnant glow. She's been very happy about this baby.

Before I knew what happened, it was time for our baby to be born. I've heard pregnant women are dangerous drivers but we don't have a car so it's time for the taxi.

Marta got her wish. Our son Peter Grant. Isn't he the handsomest child you've ever seen?


  1. Nice job with that first shot.

    A boy! Our Sam doesn't waste any time, does he?!

    Marta's belly gets so big when she's pregnant. I know I'm just imagining it but I always think she gets bigger than the average sim.

    Looks like Sam found a childish ghost. At least it was having fun. Wyatt's toddler is very cute. Dee's going to love her.

    Sam, Pete is indeed the most handsome child ever born to you and Marta.

  2. It is fun to play with filters from time to time.

    Sam never wastes time - though a baby want hadn't really struck them yet. We'll see, the next one someone has to want another baby.

    LOL Pete being the most handsome child born to Sam and Marta. He doesn't have much competition in that range.

  3. LOL, when I first looked at the pic, I was trying to figure out what that was on the wall. It wasn't on the wall. It was the pancake being flipped. See what seeing Sammy in his undies does to me?

    Awww, I love her. She's so cute. She looks like she is wishing someone would get rid of those old ghost.

    Welcome to the world Peter Grant. You're a lucky little boy.

  4. Hmm, does this mean I should or should completely avoid Sam and showers now that I have the mod to turn the blur off. Just Sam's backside...probably avoid at least in this blog. :)

    I still don't remember the names of either of Wyatt's kids - Sam stories usually end before the offspring become too important.

    How much you wanna bet Peter is the most spoiled baby ever. :)

  5. The first picture looks really great and beautiful. I guess the white ghost is childish, but she's from the past. Oh, a baby. Can't wait to see what he will look like. Great update!

    I wish there is a big foot in TS 3 like in TS 2. I miss TS 2 already. I want to play again the witches, bigfoot, and vampire, in my household along with their medieval house.

  6. Thanks MJ. I'm glad everyone liked the first pic.

    Yes that one ghost was childish and Sam has seen a lot of ghosts from the past now.

    I miss TS2 creatures too. I had vampires, witches, a zombie, bigfoot, a robot, plantsims...I think pretty much everything. And they were mostly entertaining in their own ways.

  7. Oh, I guess you must be very entertained by them. I think maybe TS 3 will get into that step also. I only fear that my computer cannot handle all the expansion, that's all. Do you have a TS 2 blog which is still updated every once a while?

  8. I do have a TS 2 blog but I haven't been paying attention to it because I'm not sure that anyone would ever read it. I could throw stories there from time to time, I was on gen 4 across a neighborhood so have many stories yet.

    I do have a fair number of pics over at photobucket from posting briefs of what's going on to my families in the TS 2 forums while I was still playing.

  9. Dee, Wyatt's children are Mimi and Marty.

  10. Uh, Pib, if you decide to show Sammy from behind without his blur, give a little warning first. I need to find a little paper bag BEFORE I start hyperventilating. ;D

  11. My recommendation - have a bag ready before reading anything from the Short Story blog. That's the one with the warning and the one where who knows my whimsy might go. :)

  12. lol, I'll remember to do that Pib.

  13. BTW - the Sammy blog has hit a milestone. I had to open a second album for it because the first was at 980 pics. The first blog to need a second album.

  14. That's a lot pf pics. Especially since you have several blogs that they are scattered over. Since i can't give you a present for your milestone, I'll click your ads.

  15. Yes, the Sammy blogs did spawn the World adventure blog - so the original pics for that are in there. It also spawned Brooke's blog so even more pictures.
    I am glad I checked before it refused to load some pics I wanted up.

  16. I'm still loading straight from my sims3 folder to the blog and it automatically makes a new folder when one fills up. I'll remember that for when I ever get around to actually playing around with it.

  17. I don't know what the heck you clicked Dee, but that was $5.00 worth of clicks. Impressive!

  18. Glad to be of help. I just clicked everything. :) I'll try to remember more often. gotta go to work right now though.

  19. Maybe I wasn't the only one clicking?

  20. I've been clicking, PiB!


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