Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 31 (Part 7)

Day to day, still catching the spirits at night and delivering them to the science centre during the day. Today, I found this guy just leaving work and decided it was time to talk to someone living for a change.

His name is Clover. I asked what the heck they needed so many spirits for but his answer was so long and convoluted that I still have no idea. It pays well and I need to do something with the spirits.

Poor Marta had her training session interrupted by Kristen going into labor.  Marta came home with a new baby glow - she said the baby girl was simply adorable. Who knew that being anywhere near a baby being born would have such an effect?

Another night, more ghosts.  I'm getting very good at finding them and convincing them to move on.

I usually even make friends with them.  But once they've moved on, the friendship goes with the ghost.  Kind of a bummer, I'd have dozens of friends in this town if that didn't happen.  But my job is to get the ghosts out of the houses and this is a good way to do it.

A house with 3 ghosts takes a while to clear out. Especially when they do random things like make a meal.

I got home and had one thought on my mind.  I want Marta to be mine and only mine forever.

Baby, these glasses reflect the most beautiful girl in the world.

I've discovered that a good massage can leave Marta like putty in my hands. So while she's still under the influence

I asked her to be my bride. She was so excited not only did she say yes, then she set up a wedding party for that night. Yes, the moment I asked her to marry me, she started the party plans.

We married at the town amphitheater, it's not far from our house. Marta managed to convince the town to decorate it a bit more. There's even a new picnic table, new fire pit and a grill.

She was concerned about the decorations and the guests. I only had eyes for her. We could have married at the town dump as far as I was concerned.

Marta asked her boss, several of her coworkers and all of my few friends from town. Zayne looked good in her pink formal. This is when we found out that Wyatt Walker and his wife were expecting a new baby. It looks like it will be soon now too.

We exchanged the rings.

And she became Mrs Marta Grant.  Isn't she perfect?

After the ceremony, I was starving. So I threw food on a stick and cooked it. Not exactly a normal kebab combination though, I was too hungry to care if lettuce cooked well on a stick.

You laughed, I know you did. Lettuce does not do well over a fire on a stick. Oh, and the girl was a party crasher. Every good party should have at least one and our wedding party was epic.


  1. Hahaha! Cooked lettuce on a stick. That... does not sound appetizing at all.

    But, perfect reception food a wonderful wedding does not make! It's all about the love and the bride, and doesn't she look beautiful! Go Sam!

    It's so cool looking at all those ghosts, too. Kinda stinks that they just disappear afterwards, though.. Imagine if you had them all "move in" to your house... Would be crazy!

  2. I'm so happy for our kids. I've never noticed the kabob roast. Lettuce? That's funny as heck.

    You really have some cool shots of the ghosts.

    Sam has to keep those reflective glasses. They look too good on him. I can't believe Marta doesn't just jump him every time she sees him wearing them.

    Her dress looks very pretty. Blue? It suits her.

  3. Kaleeko, I think Sam's kabob stick was an apple, 5 hot dogs and one lettuce. He must have been starving. LOL Still better than the girl with her two onions.

    I put a picnic table on the other side of the amphitheater and found that a picnic basket can auto-appear on the table. Several guests fed themselves that way.

    I love all the ghosts. They do look so cool.

  4. Chrysame, I was thinking earlier about all those times that a child of Marta's ends up with a child of's about time they got together instead of their children. One of Marta's best friends is Wyatt, she loves talking to him.

    I think Sam's new ghost hunting outfit is damned cool looking. And he knows he looks good too. :)

    Her dress is blue and it does suit. Next time I boot the game, I'll try for a piccie of it.

  5. Marta and Sammy have shared so many grandbabies it will be good to see them with a child together. Heh.

    Wyatt is a good egg. He rarely dislikes anyone. I'm not surprised he and Marta are best friends.

  6. We can probably take a good stab at what the baby will look like. So many grandbabies that we've seen. :)

    Ah well, I best get moving on the next post. Way too many pics for one post so I split it.

  7. Get a move on! I'll be waiting. :)

  8. I'm so happy for them. The ghosts are very interesting. I wonder what Clover did with those ghost. He surely looks like one too! Amphitheater is a good place to have a wedding. The set looks great. How come the party crasher who sat with him? Marta, where are you?

  9. Clover's back story on the Exchange is that he's half-elf, that's why the skin colour. As for what the science center does with ghosts, it is a good question. Sam has delivered about 65 spirits so far and they still buy more.

    The Amphitheater in Twinbrook is a pretty location but it needs some additional decoration to make it useful for a party. I added the flowers and statues for a nice backdrop.

    Marta was busy talking to her coworkers and her boss. Plus she had eaten recently, poor Sam hadn't had a bite.

  10. Oh, Clover really fits in one of my game. It's about elf too, well sort of.
    I haven't looked on the exchange lately. I'm going to check him.

    Wow, he will surely get rich by that :).

    Amphitheater is a nice place. Beside to be a perfect site for a wedding, probably it also meant to be the place for drama performances.

  11. Here's where to find Clover Hill since he's not mine. Sidonzo only has a few sims up - but I've liked Clover. He's worked out well.

  12. Wow, when I looked at that first pic, I couldn't help but laugh. Clover looks a little like the ghost himself.

    Sam is soooo smexy in his uniform and glasses.

    I've never seen a kabob in my game. I didn't know they would cook more than one thing at a time. I will say the grilled lettuce is something I would pass on. :)

    Beautiful wedding.

    Awww, Wyatt's gonna be a daddy.

  13. Yep, Sam looks pretty good in his uniform. Marta definitely approves.

    The 'kabob' is what happens when you tell a Sim to "Roast food" at the fire pit. Roasted lettuce on a stick...I will pass on that one too.

    Wyatt's a daddy for the second time. But you'll get to that post soon.

  14. I'm going to have to try the "roast food" sometime. Still learning things here.

    I just read the other post. She's so cute.

  15. Sam was hungry and too slow for the picnic basket that appeared on the picnic table. It vanished while he was walking that direction and that's when I noticed the "Roast food" on his possible actions with the fire pit.

    I love that he had 5 hot dogs on that stick. You would think he was starved nearly to death. :)


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