Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 31 (Part 10)

Two of my favourite people in the world. Nearly three, but the new baby is taking their own sweet time about this whole getting born business.

I'm beginning to think that they want to stay where it's safe and warm. I'm sure Marta would have a thing or two to say about that.

Finally, he has arrived. Our new baby Paul. Marta was desperately tired by the time Paul decided to risk coming out. She knows that she can leave the baby with me.

Did I send you a recent picture of Marta? The tats weren't the only thing she did after her birthday. New hair, new clothes. I tried to tell her that she was just as hot as the day we met but she didn't believe me.

She also has been borrowing my new bike. She looks good but

I look better. Nice to finally have my own wheels to get to jobs around town.

Marta got a chance to meet the wife of her newest coworker - this is Meredith Kane. She tells me that she has really had a chance to get to know Jeb yet. She is good friends with her boss Dennis and coworker Wyatt.  She thinks they are all good people considering their profession.

Considering their profession? Woah, do I remember what Marta's job is? Hmm, I'm not sure she's ever told me about this...

Little Peter is such a bright spark. He's taking to talking so quickly.

How does time go so quickly? One minute, coming home from the hospital and the next is birthday day. Both our sons have a cake today.

Little Paul is now a toddler.

And his brother Peter is ready to start school.  Where did the time go?

So far the boys seem to be getting along. I wonder if they'll keep it up or if Peter is going to want his own space?

Bonus pic for Kaleeko
Bradley Kane - teenager. :)


  1. It's obvious who Paul takes after. He's a Daddy's boy! I like that hair on Marta. Love the pic of the boys playing peek a boo. That should raise their relationship. Pete is growing up very well.

    Heehee, Bradley Kane.

  2. Marta is a very strong genetic influence. They are two of the least Grant looking boys I've had in ages.

    Peter is a handsome boy, he didn't really play long enough with his sibling though.

    I like that hair on Marta, I'm glad you did too.

  3. I use that hair on her workout clothes. It looks very nice on her. It shows off her features.

    Paul has his father's face shape and hair. I can't tell if Pete has the Grant hair or not.

  4. *DIES* Oh my gosh. Bradley with a mohawk. I... I'm speechless. ;D That totally just made my day.

    Seeing Meredith made me chuckle, too... Looking at here there, she actually sorta looks a tiny bit like Felicia Day, to me. But, maybe because I'm rewatching The Guild and I'm seeing here everywhere.

    Anyways -- lookit those two boys! I agree, Paul definitely takes after his dad. :) It's so hard to see what they'll be like when they're toddlers, though. Peter looks *so* much like Marta, though. :)

    Those motorcycles look so awesome... I keep forgetting that we actually have them, now! Marta looks hilarious on it wearing a dress... She's all trying to look buff and badass, and she's all doll'd up. Doubt Marta cares a bit, though. ^^

  5. Pete doesn't have the Grant hair. Way more Marta's child.

    @Kaleeko, the boys got daddy's hair cute. I gave Travis what he had in your blog but Bradley...he's going just a bit wild.

    And thus we introduce to the fun of seeing one of your regular Sims pop up in another game. Even if they aren't doing much at the time, it's just interesting to see them turn up.

    Paul does take more after Sam then Peter does. But still, not the standard Grant boy - you can trust me on this one.

    Marta would so totally think she looks bad ass on that bike. But Sam in his ghost hunter uniform really does. :)

  6. Travis and Bradley got a hair cut - not a hair cute. Jeb does not have a hair cute. :)

  7. Haircute, hehe. :) And yeah, it's funny seeing them show up! At first when I saw Meredith I was like... "That can't be... Is that... oh my gosh it is!" I definitely gotta get your guys' Sims in my game.

    Well, Marta probably *always* thinks she looks badass.. Eh, Chrysame?

    Something really does have to be said for how you guys play (starting over with the same Sims). Watching all the alternate realities is so addicting, and you get so attached to those Sims -- I've been growing fond of them all already. :)

  8. Marta would say it's not the clothes or hair that makes you badass, it's the attitude.

  9. @Kaleeko, yep, that's the reaction. When Chrysame or Dee has a party, I'm always checking *everyone* in the room to see if it's one of mine or someone I know.

    Seeing your teen turn up married with babies in someone else's game takes some getting used to.

    This is my main "Start again" blog cause that's what this blog is about. The short story blog will probably end up similar but more adult tales. :) Sam has spawned two multigenerational blogs that don't start over now. If those saves die, the blogs stop too. I hope not to start the free will blog again but that has happened.

    You do get fond of some Sims - usually the ones that show up some personality. Sam, Thomas, Indy and Phillip have heaps of personality to spare.

    @Chrysame - and she has the attitude, no question. :)

  10. Love it PiB. Wow, marta. I love her dress and the design on the motorcycle. The boys are just so cute.
    Paul has Marta hair and eyes but you can tell he's a Grant. I believe Peter has Sam eyes.

    I forget about the kids being able to play peek-a-boo.

    Woah Bradley. You have hair like someone I see around town. My real town. :)

  11. nice to see the kane's making an appearance. the boys are very cute, i like their hair and eye colors. peter and paul... it would be cute if they had a little girl and named her mary! but i suppose that would be up to marta... i wonder how she would feel about another baby?

  12. Well done Marty. If Marta and Sam had wanted another baby, it would have been a girl and it would have been Mary!

    I did give them two instant baby girls but I didn't get to name them so no Mary.


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