Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 31 (Part 9)

Well Mum, I still meet mainly the dead. The home owners are frequently to scared by ghosts to indulge in chit chat. Though Rick Shawn seemed more hungry than scared this time.

It's starting to pay very well. Each job earn upwards of $700 and I can do two most night. Twinbrook had a huge paranormal population but it should be decreasing a bit after all I've done.

I wonder, do you think Marta is ready for a second baby? Should I ask?

What?  I was hungry and it was food.  Marta took a look, said food should not be smokin' green and turned a bit green herself. She ran off to change Peter's diaper, I think I heard her say it was a much better smell in there.

We had a party for Marta's birthday. Mine had sort of snuck up on me in the middle of the night. I decided Marta should celebrate.

I had to run off in the middle of the party. The homeowner was desperate, it was an angry ghost invasion.

Even your clothes aren't safe in this town. Poltergeists get into everything.

Marta got a call from Star Matlock about using technology. Marta took the chance to get to know Star. It must be Star and Cary's second or third baby now.

After her birthday, Marta decided to shake up her life a little and went down the stylist shop. She didn't talk to the main stylist, Thomas.

She went downstairs for a tattoo. Actually two, there's one on her belly too.

I was asked to come down to city hall for another medal. The city wanted to thank me for removing 75 spirits from the city. A small cash reward came with the medal.

I'm also so good at this job that the city gave me this really fantastic Banshee Banisher. It works a treat and is far more impressive than the old one.

Peter has a major birthday and is a toddler. I think he is taking after his mom quite a lot.

Marta, a wrench and our son. I didn't really believe that she was thinking about using the wrench but it was an anxious moment.

Don't be a cop in Twinbrook. There may be something in the water. I know one cop is Tanya Pole, not quite positive who the other is.

I did eventually have that little chat to Marta about a baby. It didn't take much to convince her...or she can't resist that ghost hunter uniform.

Marta and I both spend lots of time with Peter. He's a bright and happy little fellow.

And I make sure that Marta stays happy. Hugs, kisses and massages for my lady.

Hmm, I'll have to get it fixed up but Marta's been dying for some strength training.  This machine should be just the ticket.

The family music box collection.  One gnome box, one fluffy bunny box and a ninja box. They are lovely to listen to.


  1. Aww, glad to see a baby on the way. Peter is adorable! I laughed at the photo of Marta with the wrench, she always seems to pull it out at the most "convenient" of times. :P

    Seeing the careers that came with Ambitions makes me want to go out and buy it, but part of me wants to wait until I fully explore WA. It'll give me time to stall, and all the careers look pretty involved. My simming has gotten a little rusty. ;)

  2. Thanks Cheezy. Peter is cute. The second baby has been born and made it to toddler. :)

    Ghost hunter isn't as involved at first as it might look. I didn't realise at first that a Sim will hunt down the spirits and poltergeists on their own. It's faster if you help but they will do it. Paranormal investigations are send Sim into build and wait for them to come back out.

    So it isn't until level 5 or so when you get ghosts that you *have* to get involved. Usually your Sim has to find them first, then either banish them or convince them to move on.

  3. *laughing* Marta looked pretty ready to me. And was.
    I love seeing all the different ways the ghost are dressed.
    Peter is just adorable. Another huggable toddler. Looks like Marta is showing Peter what she will use on anyone who bothers him.
    Love the tat and I see she has one on her ankle.
    The banana monkeys are so cute.

  4. Oh, I meant to add, it was nice having a little Sammy with my morning coffee. :)

  5. Yes, she didn't take a lot of convincing. Sammy gave her a look with his ghost busting gear and she melted.

    The ghosts are the cool part of a ghost buster. And his awesome ghost catching equipment.

    Banana monkeys are very cute. Everywhere.

    The game crashed once at some point not long after Marta was showing so we went back to the start of the pregnancy. It made for a few too many pictures between Sam starting his quest for child two (He wants that baby) and Marta showing.

  6. I'm going to have to try that ghost hunter career at some point. There are just so many new jobs to try. Maybe Olivia could be one when she grows up. I don't think I've seen a female one yet.

  7. Peter is so cute! He's going to be a heartbreaker just like his daddy when he grows up. In the best possible way.

    I bet it wasn't too hard to convince Marta to try again. She seems very happy with Sam.

    I can't wait to see the new baby!

    Marta and that darn wrench. Maybe she's hoping to pass it on when she's too old to toss it around. She does love that thing. Almost as much as Sam loves his music boxes!

    Great update. I want more!!

  8. Where would Marta be without her wrench? ;) Maybe she's just trying to teach the baby how to be a handyman... Unlike daddy... ^^

    I love Sammy's shades while he's working. It just screams "Ghostbusting... With Attitude."

    Peter looks so adorable! Marta's eyes are definitely great to inherit. And now another one's on the way... Need a girl that looks like her dad. :D

    I don't see it being hard to talk Marta into having another baby, either... She sure likes making them! *hides*

  9. No need to hide. Marta is indeed a saucy wench who enjoys a good tumble. A great tumble is even better! If you made fun of her wrench then you'd have a problem.

  10. Marta the wench with the wrench. :)

    Peter is growing up adorable and his sibling isn't bad. :)

    @Kaleeko - Sam's daughters are way better off if they take after their mom. His features don't quite work out on a girl's face, not hideous but never beautiful.

    I think we have at most two posts from this Sammy clone. Nearly done again.


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