Thursday, September 30, 2010

Follow up to clone 36

Chrysame's Susie has good genetics. As young adults her children look very fine.

 Orson (on Exchange as Orson March)





A few morbid notes about killing Sims.

You can easily get a Sim to start to drown if you've had them exercise to fatigued. If they swim while fatigued, they will start drowning. But if they haven't left the edge of the pool, they'll just climb right out.  So you have to get them away from the edge of the pool, which isn't easy when they notice they are drowning.

You can cause a fire very easily by placing a rug in front of a fireplace. It's quite reliable. Don't bother trying to kill by fire a brave or daredevil Sim. They'll extinguish it before it gets big enough to be dangerous. Getting them to catch fire takes a bit of luck but

it's certainly doable. By the way, Sims panic when a room is on fire but when it's a fellow Sim?

None of them reacted to Jeb on fire.

It takes 24 hours for a very hungry Sim to start starving. It's 24 hours after that before they die.  You really have to be stone hearted or hate the Sim to do that.

All the guys tended the toddlers and babies without prompting. Even before they engaged or married Susie (which several did) and all the toddlers, not just their own.

The next incarnation or three of Sam will be treated far more kindly than this one.


  1. Oh, that picture of Jeb on the fire was really scary. That was Jeb right? He looked so different. She certainly have nice genetics. Oh, I don't know how you managed to kill some of them (truly). I've killed some, but I often used Chaos Mod Painting. I've never tried using Twallan Master Controller, though.
    Well, I have fun of knowing the truth. It was great!

  2. Susie should have nice genetics. Her father was Dee's Travis Carson and her mom was my Celia Pendragon.

    I really don't understand how some simmers revel in killing their sims by the nastiest methods possible. I know how difficult this was for you, PiB. And I know Sammy will be rewarded in another game. Susie makes a very good homicidal maniac. :P

  3. Heheh! Jeb with hair is soooo weird. He looks good, though.
    Even on fire. Bwaaahahahaha!

    It doesn't really bother me to see him like that, because I know he's safe and sound other places. It's amusing to try things out like that every now and then, too... Although, I will admit to drowning Karamel Kane's husband because I didn't like him very much. Even though she just had a baby. And was a hopeless romantic. >.>

    lol, I look forward to seeing what you decide to do with Sam next.

  4. Morning everyone. Anyone want copies of any of those kids on the Exchange before this game is removed?

    LOL @ Kaleeko, yes he did look good with the hair - even on fire. Jeb makes a good addition to a story cause he makes a good appearance as bad guy, good guy or maybe just the guy around town.

    It will be a little while before the next Sammy clone comes out to play. I have to decide what his goal is before he starts. And there won't be time to do another Sammy story before the holiday.

  5. I've killed a couple of sims before. It wasn't fun watching them die but they had just pushed me too far. Both were in sims2. I don't know if I could do it to any of our or my sims. May change my mind some day though.

    Great kids Susie ended up with. I'm happy all the daddies got a chance to see them before they....moved on to another life. :)

    Looking forward to the next Sammy clone.

  6. In Sims 2, I downloaded a special Sim to trial deaths on. It was a Sim version of someone's ex-husband that she *wanted* people to torment.

    He did die several times for me, including death by scissors, death by drowning, death by satellite, and death by fire. I also forced him to be abducted by aliens once. Then on his last incarnation, he was naturally abducted by aliens - my first real one. I did kill him again, had his little green toddler adopted by my fav gay couple and never reincarnated him again.

    I never did deliberately kill my Sims but that was interesting to do to one you don't care about.

  7. Wow, Susie has some pretty children! :) Anna and Christopher are especially nice-looking.

    I wish I knew about that rug trick when I made my simself's house, the entire room turned into flames. Thankfully no one died, but her half-alien daughter (lol) was scared to death.

    I had to make a random townie sim die of starvation for a story, and it took forever. I also learned the hard way that pregnant sims can never die, ever. Not of starvation, not of fire, not of drowning, etc. I had a sim named Olga that was permanently pregnant due to a glitch, and it was annoying me. Finally, I decided to try and kill her off because her perma-pregnancy was making my game angry. No such luck.

    Good times, good times.

  8. I agree about Susie's kids. Anna is just stunning but all the kids are good looking.

    That rug in front of the fireplace will catch fire pretty quickly very reliably. It rather surprised me how easy it was.

    I wonder if your pregnant Sim couldn't die from the same reason she didn't give birth. I haven't had a pregnant Sim die in Sims 3 but they were easy to starve in Sims 2. I nearly lost a couple that way. Eat and sleep most of the pregnancy or you were asking for trouble. I'm glad they are a bit tougher in Sims 3.

  9. I found a lot to laugh at in this generation, you have a great sense of humor.

  10. Thanks Seaweedy,

    It did have lighter moments but Sam staring at the table of urns of his predecessors was the most effectively gruesome thing I've ever done.

    At any rate, hope you've had fun catching up with Sam.

  11. Murdering is hard hard work don't let her fool you. It took me 3 days to set a sim on fire. in a tiny bathroom!!! The Gnome was really behind it all.


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