Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 31 (Part 5)

Another night, another job.  But this one is different, the house owner thinks she has a ghost.  Poltergeists are easy to find, shaking furniture is hard to miss.  Spirits are usually easy too.  But the ghost isn't visible so I have to use my detector to find it.

The home owner was correct, she did have a ghost.  Haunting the upstairs area.

I could have used the banshee banisher on her but I decided to try convincing her to leave first.  I mentioned that the family was happy and that she had lived a full life.

Then I asked her to leave.  She vanished.  I hope if she wants to return, she haunts the graveyard with the other ghosts.

I've earned a new ghost hunter uniform.  Don't ask about the shades, I have no clue why I need them when the work is in the evening and at night.

I was amused to be called to the local spa.  Even spirits like to de-stress using a mud bath.  Unfortunately, none of the other customers appreciated that.  I took care of those spirits, it took hours though.

The next day, I invited Marta over again.  And had quite the surprise when she invited me to move in with her.  I jumped at the chance of course.

The nice thing was that her house is nicer than mine.  The bad thing was the house has one double bed and she has two housemates.

One housemate is Sierra Nevada

The other is the rocker Jon Lessen.

She did have another housemate called Wyatt, but he moved out when he married some girl or other.  I hear they have a baby daughter now.

So while I distracted Marta with stories of ghost hunting and showing off the banshee banisher, the other two housemates moved out.  They should be fine, Jon has a girlfriend called Cat.  Sierra has a boyfriend called Mark.

So one nicer house and a quiet bigger bed so I tried to celebrate with Marta.
It was a definite "Hands off till after some romance Mister" moment.  Next time I'll remember to do a bit of cuddling and kissing first.  I know she loves me and I love her.


  1. I've never seen the hands off gesture on the bed. So, funny. Marta wants a little romance, eh?

    Sam, just show her your new ghost hunter uniform. You look really good in it. It'll melt her butter.

    Did she invite Sam to move in on her own? If so, then smart girl.

    Wyatt has a baby! Good thing he had already moved out. Good thing the other two roommates took the hint.

  2. Yes, and even better, when Marta refused Sammy, his next want was to cuddle her. :)

    I do like the new uniform.

    She did ask Sam on her own. I had Sam ask her to move in once but the game had a serious glitch and I played again. On the second time, she asked him before he could ask her.

    Yep, Wyatt is married and has a baby. The other two roomies were given the boot.

  3. It isn't often that a non-played sim asks the active sim to move in. Even rarer when it's something we actually welcome. I like it.

    Sam wanted to cuddle? Okay, now that is sweet.

  4. Yes, it's the first time the ask to move in was one that I really wanted to do anyway.

    Sam knows the way to impress a girl, just ask Shannon. So cuddle first. And that want is locked in. :)

  5. I didn't think we'd see you this weekend. I was so happy to see this post. I'm still laughing at the last picture. Marta, you don't stand a chance.

  6. It's really rare that a denial came in the bed, especially after the two living together.
    And that he really does love her indeed, for wanting to cuddle her.
    Great update PiB. Those sims have to wear the shades every time they reach the highest level of their career. But, doesn't he look more cool and handsome though?

  7. Fortunately, it was a short play time that got a good number of pictures. That's how I could sneak in an update. Sometimes it takes forever to find anything worth snapping.

    MJ - you are very right. He does look more cool and dashing with that new uniform and shades. He's still got some way to go to be at the very top of the profession, but he has to be pleased with how his life is progressing now.

  8. Hey, you made it. I am so glad you had enough time to update.
    Sammy looks really cool in that new uniform and those shades.

    Oh yeah Sammy, just a little more romance and next time you'll "melt her butter". That is hilarious.

    He finally got to hunt a real ghost. I am so happy for him.

  9. I'm looking forward to his next work session when I might be able to see that new uniform properly

    He is stubborn and patient. Marta hasn't a chance of refusing him in the long run. I don't really think she wants to anyway...not with reading in his bed then inviting him to move in.

    Yep, we are finally up to real ghosts and it requires more effort to succeed. All good.

  10. She's tempted him enough. It's time to give in. :)
    We're gonna be having Sammarta babies soon. I just know it.

    I want to see the uniform better too.

    Have you seen the fireflys? I love those little critters.

  11. Sammarta. *laugh*

    Fireflies? In the swamp area, Dee?

  12. Sammarta...oh, I hope Wyatt in the pararel world would be okay with it .. I noticed fireflies too in those swampy area, Dee. They are beautiful little creatures.

  13. I'm going to have to do some more exploring and check out the fireflies.

    I think Wyatt is fine with Sammarta. He's married with child, after all. He usually hooks up with someone very quickly.

  14. I've seen fireflies on the edges of some of the more remote lots.

    Poor Sam hasn't had a lot of time to just explore, with one thing and another.

    Sammarta aren't even married yet. Why would they have babies [innocent look here]

  15. I would hope Wyatt is fine with Sam and Marta since he was living in the same house as Marta for awhile and still married someone else. He had his chance and has a family to care for. :)

    The only times Wyatt and Marta hook up in my game is when I make them. Even when they start in the same house, they find romance elsewhere.

  16. I love the fireflys. I was watching real ones outside just the other night.

    I keep seeing things I never saw or expected before. Things like Sammy asking a ghost to leave instead of just zapping her. Sammy wishing for a cuddle. Sammy being refused.

    *clears throat* yeah right. :D We wait for marriage? Dang.

  17. Babies?! *perks up* Babies?!

    Neither Wyatt or Marta seem to have consistent partners when they're not together.

    Babies?! I'm a little baby mad at the moment. My sister called me this morning to tell me that her oldest is expecting her first baby. She's over the moon at being a grandma.

    I'm excited and still floored. My sister is going to be a grandmother. I still think of her as the mean older sister who used to torment me. And, also, the sister who introduced me to Edgar Allen Poe, Harper Lee and let me tag along with her to the movies. She's going to be a grandma. Maybe if I say it enough it will seem more real.

    Sorry for the derail. Babies!

  18. I didn't mention before. Sammy's choice of jobs was fireman. But I didn't want to conflict with Marta's story in Chrysame's blog. :)

    Sammy does wish for lots of romance once he's in love. He'll frequently want a hug, kiss or cuddle from the object of his affections. I would say her but he was very romantic about Thomas too.

    But you have seen Sammy getting refused before. In his bachelor challenge, it happened several times. :)

    Yes, Sam is going to be waiting for his love to be his wife before going on a baby spree.

  19. LOL Chrysame. Just wait until the day you hear you're going to be a grandmother. That will not only knock you off your feet but will make you want to jump for joy at the same time you want to cry because you feel old.

    BTW, congratulations to the soon to be great aunt.

  20. The bachelor challenge was different.

    I'm just used to seeing him in my game. Every time Carolina meets up with him he wants to argue one minute and then he'll chat and then he'll yell at her. They just can't seem to get along. Maybe someday.

    I want to have a fire fighter just so I can hopefully see those disasters.

  21. Congrats to the new great aunt. :)

    Sammy arguing a lot suggests that he is on the unhappy side of life. Grumps get worse if they don't have a life with lots of things going their way. I rarely see a grumpy Sam in my games cause he's pretty happy with things.

  22. I've just never seen it in bed when she's invited him to live with her. At least it seemed quite civilized. And Sammy has a cuddle plan to implement. Use the uniform. She's a sucker for hot guys in uniforms.

    Firefighting has been fun. I want to try the new medical field next.

    Sam is tradtional. Snag the cute chick, woo her, her into bed, woo her some more, propose, marriage and then WOOOHOOO! Baby spawn!

  23. I wonder who Wyatt married?

  24. Grumps fascinate me as I've been accused of being one in real life.

    Hugo was a grump in the game that created him and he was funny, grumpy but not mean. When he was in the house, he never got into with anyone. He's seethe and look frustrated but then someone would talk to him and he'd settle down.

    But, I think that was just the way he was with the Tomasi's as I'd seen him rip open someone else. It was glorious.

  25. Got a pic of Wyatt's wife for the next post. She's a pretty townie girl - and they are going for baby 2.

    I can definitely be a grump in real life. Hugo's usually quite sweet whenever I'm with him and whatever household he is in.

    Damn, Sam went to work without changing into his uniform. And I forgot that I can set the uniform as a alternate clothes - maybe tonight I can get a nice picture of him in that spiffy new getup.

  26. lol... i can see why she would tell him hands off mister... just check out what he's reaching for. oh boys.

  27. Hahaha. I didn't notice that, Marty. I can't stop laughing.

    Get that picture, PiB!

    Grumps gotta stick together. I've just fallen for the inappropriate trait. It is fun. Although, the dramatic trait is a hoot, too.

  28. I hope you get the pic PiB.
    Two babies? Wow, Wyatt!

    LOL @ Marty. I did not notice that until you mentioned it.

  29. LOL Marty - he wasn't really reaching that direction, he was moving back at that point in time. But it certainly does look like he was reaching for... um yeah.

    BTW - I think Marty's blog and Kaleeko's blog are on my lists. If I have forgotten any blogs - my apologies and remind me to add them.

  30. So where are all the updates? Where, I is missing you guys.

  31. It was my anniversary today! Now, I can't sleep so I put up a small Marta update. Still can't sleep, though.

  32. The heat has been exhausting and I just haven't been able to think of anything to say in an update.
    I love summer but the work AC must be freezing up or something. 80 degrees in a stuffy room just wears me out. No windows to open. Fans will just blow stuff around. Can't have receipts flying everywhere.

    I'm going to try to update soon.

    A belated Happy Anniversary to you Chrysame.


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