Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dancing with the Sam

Oh yes, still trying to kill Sammy fans everywhere.

The music was chosen from youtube defaults - the rhythm matched Sam's moves fairly well.
Twallan's mod reports that Sam can learn to dance a bit better than this. I'm not sure my heart could take it.

This is three quick videos combined to one longer one

Sam dancing 1

Sam dancing 2

Sam dancing 3


  1. Hehehe--very cute. Those animations really never get old... They did a fantastic job with them, I think. It's still weird seeing a guy dance like that, but... Hehehehe. Man, is it enjoyable!

    Good choice of music, too--it does seem to fit the flow of his dancing.

    Oh, and what I can see of the living room looks pretty good, too. I like that flooring much more than the worn wood it used to have. Yup, better living room > Butler bedroom! ;)

  2. I had a great time watching.

    He started in one of the dance clubs but you really couldn't see properly. So he danced again at home which is easier.

    The floor, the wallpaper and the furniture were all changed. You will see it more properly with the next (soonish) update.

  3. Love the music and it really fit with the animation. Nice angle too. It made the dancing looks very great!

  4. Thanks MJ.

    Sam club dancing was just too much fun not to share!


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