Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (finale)

After the way Georgia has been feeling, it wasn't a real surprise that we are expecting another little one. She was a little reluctant to tell me, we hadn't really talked about having another baby.

I love the idea of another child, she didn't have a thing to worry about. I'm hoping for a boy this time. A son would be great.

Savannah is a good girl. She does her homework every day. Though she did leave some of yesterday's work to bit late given school is in about 2 hours.

Saw Hugo Hawke out with his toddler Derrick the other night. Looks like his son is growing well.

We are both still hoping for a boy. There's an old wives tale that eating apples helps ensure a boy. Georgia is giving that a try.

I had another one of those offers to spend some time in a club on the dance floor for cash. Georgia came along, a little fun is just what she needs now.

Fun is what we had. Not a big crowd there, I wouldn't expect one if they pay me to dance here. The music was good, and there are a few people here.

Georgia is dancing along well. Why on earth does the woman keep going on about beached whales? She's gorgeous preggy.

She's definitely too worried about her appearance.  A fan wanted to take her picture and she was immediately panicky about how she was going to look.

Honey, just smile for your fans. No one is going to say anything rude about you in print. They try and we'll be suing before the ink dries.

That guy was in a mood to collect photos that night. He decided to grab mine as well. It's been ages since anyone other than paparazzi did that.

I decided to have a cool drink after the dance session. The lights are very intense out there.

Frankly, I should have picked something else if I wanted a cool drink. It's another of those torched drinks. Stupid drink menu, doesn't have anything with normal names. Something obvious like "On the rocks" versus "Flaming" would have been nice.

Savannah being silly with the big mirror in our room. I don't remember mirrors being fun when I was her age.

Come to think of it, I don't even remember being her age. Guess it's just been too long ago now.

We have a number of mirrors around the place. They make Georgia happy. Happy Georgia makes Sammy happy. It seems like a simple enough thing.

Savannah brought home a new friend from school. She has a tiny class, 4 kids total. Her and 3 boys. I doubt she'll ever bring the third one home. He's a vampire, son of the Hemlocks. I'm surprised he goes to a normal school.

This kid seemed nice enough. Even Benny played with him awhile.

My very exclusive actor's trailer, the sign that I have made it. I've just been promoted again, I'm a superstar and the studio will bend over backwards to make sure I stay happy. I'm planning on a daily temper tantrum. Just to give them something to worry about.

Yes, I've finally reached the top of my profession. Mathew Hamming is the only guy around in the same league, and he's an elder now which leaves me as the main leading man in town.

Poor Savannah. How many kids get no customers for their bake stand, but do get paparazzi taking their pictures?

She's learned a lot about cooking from the toy oven. Not a lot about selling the baked goodies though.

I interrupted my sweety for some romance. She does love to paint. But I know how to get her attention away from that canvas.

I spent a little time chatting to our son-to-be. Then I proved to his mommy that she is the most gorgeous creature in this city. This usually takes a bit of effort when she's at this stage in the pregnancy.

She said something about being a walrus. I offered her a bit of raw fish and got a gentle shove for my joke. Thank goodness the baby is due soon. I'm not sure how much more either of us can take.

I did leave her alone long enough to finish her latest painting. It sold for quite the pretty penny.

Savannah decided to try her hand at painting. What programs has she been watching? I don't recognise those characters at all.

I asked and got a long garbled story about a boy wizard and one of his best friends. Savannah says everyone knows this story. I must not be part of everybody, I have no clue what she's on about.

Part of staying a film superstar is staying in shape. I'm finally putting our treadmill to good use.

Benny made breakfast while I was working out. Working out makes me starved so I sat down to eat before grabbing a shower. Georgia didn't seem to mind the stench too much.

I had just finished my shower when Georgia told me it was time for the hospital. Now. Right now.

So we headed off to the hospital. No need to panic, we know the drill this time around.

Cornelia Grant coming home for the first time. Look at our beautiful baby girl. Isn't she so sweet? Such a charming little princess.

All right, I was a bit disappointed when the doctor told us it was a girl. That lasted about as long as it took for her to be put in my arms. She gave me the sweetest little smile and now I'm her biggest fan.

[Sigh] We are going to have to do something about the house again. The baby is in Savannah's room, not ideal for her big sister. And the furniture is threatening to leave no space for the kids to play in.

Our current plan is to get the renovators back, build Benny a small room off the kitchen. Then use his room for the baby, maybe expand it a little bit more into Savannah's room. Then save money like mad for a new house.

I'm playing catch with Savannah. She's playing miss, she hasn't been very good at catching the ball yet.

The time has come for this Sammy to say goodbye. I've reached my goal in life, Georgia is approaching hers. We have plenty of friends, some money in the bank account. We have two lovely daughters, but we might still try for a son. I'd love a boy. The band didn't go anywhere, but I've heard that happens to many bands.

42 - the ultimate answer to Life the Universe and Everything. Too bad no one knows what the question is.


Bonus pics

Our kids grown up

Savannah Grant - does show a little of her mom's influence - the eye colour and the chin shape. Mostly Sam though.

Cornelia Grant - Very much a Tomasi girl. Looks a lot like her mum.

Dianne Monroe - Macy and Ben's daughter - I left her as a teen, just gave her clothes to make her hair style work better.

Stephen Lee-Slayer - Ben and Elvira's son.  Ben isn't a vampire but his son certainly is.

Guy Kane - Travis + Cassidy first child

Bethany Kane Travis + Cassidy One of the twins. Eww, she got that really awful hair colour. Nice face but you'd want to color the hair before playing her.

Tania Kane - Travis + Cassidy - The other twin. This is the hair and outfit she grew up in. I thought it worked well enough for her. Quite the cutie.

Caleb Kane Harkness (Twallan baby)  Note - Jack and Amelia loathe each other at this point. I was switching households to do the pics and completely utterly red. Definitely Jack's boy except the hair colour.

Shaun Kane (Twallan baby) - Bradley and Marina Kane. Kaleeko, Brad seems really prone to kids with the Kane eye colour. I think all but one I've had have the same colour. Couple not doing well but I don't think that are at the mortal enemy point.

Derrick Hawke (Twallan baby) - Hugo and Kacyn I quite like him too.

Charlotte Anderson - AJ Anderson and Big Hartley - AJ and Big loathe each other as well. If I were to play her, I'd definitely give her darker hair. The blonde and the skin tone just don't go well together.

Carolina is the girlfriend of Jon Lessen - she hates him.

Antonio and Shannon - I didn't check on their relationship levels. They had no babies.


  1. Ah, Antonio, you're doing very slow at that :)

    Anyway, Lovely update, PiB. So, Sammy didn't get a boy, but he will get another baby? Hmm, I'm hoping that's fine for Georgia.

    She's a gorgeous preggy, definitely.

    I believe that painting is about Harry and Hermione :P. Wow, what a trailer!

    Hmm, making friends with vampire boy. Could it be that there will be a vampire Grand in the future? :) Cornelia is beautiful, reminds me so much of Marta.

  2. Could you please add me to your post list, PiB? When I lost my internet connection at home (when my PC got broke), I could only check my emails. At least, by that, I won't get far behind.

  3. Hi MJ,

    I most certainly can add you to the post list. I just never do it without requests.

    Just this blog or all that you read?

    Antonio and Shannon were a bit slow. But I'm sure they would have had a lovely baby, Antonio always has gorgeous kids when he has them. So does Shannon.

    We'll never know (officially) if Sam and Georgia have that boy. But I might give them one via Twallan's mods just to see who it takes after.

    Cornelia is a Tomasi, she does look like Marta and Georgia.

  4. Awwww, bye Grants. The girls are lovely and I'm sure Sam will get his boy. Georgia can't deny him. Especially after seeing him dance. :P

    I have a lot of catch up to play with blogs. While Savannah is mostly Sam with a little Tomasi (the eye color although that's really Wyatt Walker...hi Dee!), Cornelia is a little Georgia clone.

    I adore Derrick Hawke. What a cutie! I'll miss this family, PiB. So cute and so fun.

  5. Aww, finale. :( The trailer looks so neat, though!

    The girls look good, as well as the Kanes.

    One thing's for sure, even if carrying sextuplets, Georgia will never have to worry about looking like a beached whale.

    Cornelia is definitely a Tomasi, no doubt about it.

  6. Hey Chrysame,

    It was that dance session when Sam's skill level shot up. I'm sure Georgia is very impressed when Sam dances now. I know I am. :)

    Yep the girls each take almost entirely after one parent.

    I'll probably save Derrick, Stephen and Tania to my Sim bin. I like them.

  7. Hi Cheezy, It's nice to see that no one likes a finale, but we have to stop one clone to start a new one. And this Sam is a happy Sim.

    The trailer is pretty cool. There are a lot of places in town that Sam can place it - instant bed, place to change, place to woohoo, and he can throw tantrums - come to think of it, I have to make sure I see that!

    Georgia is a snob and neurotic. The combination means appearances are important to her and she'll worry about it. But Sam is there to keep her calm and happy. :)

  8. Awwww, such a happy ending. :) New baby girl, top of his career, still both fabulous celebrities--the only thing I'm surprised is that you didn't get a shot of them woohooing in Sam's new trailer. ;) Hehe.

    Lots of interesting looking kids spawned off this round, but alas I notice that Brad yet again has produced a kid with an issue--except this time, with the lips. I think the Kane line may be forever doomed to small edits in CAS just to keep from showing how bleh EA's genetics are.

    Also interesting to hear that both Brad and Amelia have ended up unhappy with their spouses, yet Travis is still doing well... That's just... *facepalm* So backwards.

    lol, Oh well. XD Lots of fun things this clone (bubye, 42), but a new story can't begin until one ends. And so, dear Sammy--until next time! :D

  9. Woohooing in the trailer so they get that baby boy they want. :)

    Actually, both Bradley's son Shaun and Stephen have an issue with the depth of the underlip area. I fixed Stephen before I uploaded.

    LOL Travis is just determined to show that he's not all bad. At least in my game. Brad married in haste - repent at leisure kind of thing. Amelia - well, Jack isn't exactly the world's most faithful spouse...

    I still do think it was funny that Travis married so fast and started in on a family instantly. Plus twins.

    Yep, if I run the story to the death of Sammy, then you guys can get attached to the next generation. And I really really don't need *another* Grant game running long term. LOL

  10. I managed to get through another generation of Sammy. I especially liked the bonus dancing video. Some people complain that a man dancing that way is too, well, feminine? But I like it, it always cracks me up.

  11. Hey Seaweedy,
    :) Another Sammy clone done, and the next one doesn't have much story yet.

    I love that club dancing by guys, too too funny.


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