Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 15)

My little SweetPea. Savannah is such a joy.

I only work 4 days a week so I had plenty of time to spend with Savannah. That's good since the early years are both critical for them and when they are so adorable to be with.

Georgia decided to get to know Benny the butler.

She told me that Benny seems a bit on the quiet side, but very willing to work for his pay. The combination makes him a winner. We  have had so many maids that barely enter the house,  it's a relief to find someone who accomplishes the tasks he gets paid for.

Not only has he actually cleaned the place properly, he repaired the broken sink. So for the first time in ages, there are no dirty dishes. The beds are made. The bathrooms and the kitchen are all properly clean.

The maids never actually cleaned the house to Georgia's satisfaction. Benny has worked a miracle getting the house to this stage.

Check out Super Villain Sam. Now I just need to get that evil laugh down.



Bugger. I'll get it right soon. It's my most important role to date, so I have to really make the most of the part. I have moved from being a television Feature Actor to a movie Supporting Actor. And finally earned a ride to work in the limo, not a clunker.

Once upon a time, it was a long way to the top. There's only the shortest of climbs left.

Georgia went out for a bit, and we found that Benny will also happily babysit for us.

He cooks, cleans, repairs and babysits? Why on earth did we wait so long before hiring a butler?

Oh right, he's not cheap and you have to have a bed for him. There never would have been space in the apartment.

Ha, ha. I have captured the beautiful maiden and I will force my affections on her.

Where is your hero now, my lady? I have you in my power.

hmm. I hope this movie gets a better script writer before the final take. I think this is probably a bit on the lame side.

Evil super villains should not have to queue behind the butler when it comes to the baby.

Few things make Georgia more relaxed and calm as painting.

I didn't know she was still going through this period. I thought she had moved to new styles of paintings by now.

We are taking advantage of the new butler to get out more. It's good to have a jam session with Georgia. There weren't many people in the club but we wowed the couple that were there.

We finally replaced the old table and chairs with something a bit more fitting. We haven't paid off the loan yet but we do still have some extra cash. People are willing to pay celebrities for all sorts of things.

No, I'm not doing the Nearly Naked Chef now. Benny provided breakfast.

Had a party and all the unmarried girls were a bit clucky over little Savannah. Never saw one baby with such a crowd.

See, Georgia gets all the attention. Travis never asked for my autograph when we first met. But Georgia? He was all over her.

I think our baby is the most spoiled in town. She has to pick between the new book, the toy and the teddy bear. She loves that bear so much.

I love watching her snuggle her bear.

Hugo and Kacyn are still such a loving couple. I've heard they had a baby recently.

I was on my way to an event when the paparazzi asked for just a few pictures. Had to let him get a few good shots.

I was invited to a party by Amelia Kane-Harkness. Yes, she married Jack, which came as a surprise to everyone. The baby was another surprise, even for the couple.

Georgia and I jammed for the guests. They all seemed to have a good time.

Amelia introduced me to Bradley, her other brother. Her favorite brother is what she actually said.

He seemed a nice enough guy, but Travis is a bit more of a natural pal to me.

First she delivers bills, then she kicks our trash can? What kind of a postman is this?

Poor Georgia had one of her moments when she found the trashcan kicked over.

Another day, another party. This one is special, our little girl is growing up.

This time our Savannah gets a proper party and cake for growing up.

Look at our girl. Isn't she growing up well?

Bonus pics

The second wife of Ben Lee (now Lee-Slayer) - the vampire Elvira Lee-Slayer. They got married and decided on having the baby on their own.

AJ Anderson with her daughter by her boyfriend Big Hartley. Big and AJ actually hate each other.

Cassidy and Travis decided that one child wasn't enough for them. So there will be another baby in the lobby soon I fear.

Guy Kane - who doesn't seem to resemble either parent at this stage in his life.

Jack and Amelia were a surprise marriage indeed. When I last checked, she had 3 romantic interests, he had 4 or 5. Then I did the patch plus update my mods. When I came back to this save, Jack and Amelia almost immediately got married and they had no romantic interests beyond each other. I did force the baby on them since they did the marriage thing on their own.

It took 2 cakes to grow Savannah up. Don't know how the first glitched, I tried 3 times to get her to the cake. We finally made it before the last party guest left so the party was a success.


  1. I don't have time to properly comment right now (I will later!) but I wanted to say that Sammy practicing his evil laugh *totally* made me lol. XD

    I'll BBL!

  2. Glad that made you laugh Kaleeko. Kind of reminded me of a sing-along blog...

    The Emperor of Evil outfit really suits Sammy. And that was the first day he got the limo which suits an Emperor of Evil as well as a distinguished actor.

    I'm going to hate it when he switches outfits for his next part. This one was entertaining.

  3. Maybe Georgia has more fans because of her choice of undies. ;) btw, I love her dress!

    It's so weird to read one blog and see Amelia almost getting kicked out of her apartment, and then switching blogs and seeing her walk out of the hospital holding a baby. It's a cool kind of weird.

    I hatehatehate Elvira. That little....

    Georgia is spoiled indeed. A bear, a book, a toy, an animal-themed room, AND a butler all to herself? When I was her age...

    Loved this update! :)

  4. Well, most of her fans see her dressed. But she has had more discounts, more photos taken and more autographs requested then Sammy.

    Amelia is bad enough but I think I've over Bradley-ed my blogs. There are two married to Em, one toddler, and this one married to Marina. My brain will get fried at some point.

    What did Elvira do to you/your Sims?

    Savannah does have a special room and lots of toys but she has to share the butler. :) She can be as messy as she likes, Benny will tidy it for her.

    Thanks for popping by Cheezy!

  5. Awww, did Elvira try to steal Beau from Angie, Cheezy? ;)

    Almost forgot to come back and comment. Blah! I get so easily distracted when I'm trying to do too many things at once.

    Anyways, cute post. :D So weird that Savannah is growing up already (d'aaww!), but at least she got lots of snuggles while she was still so little. Even random chicks loving all over her! Ha! Looks like the Butler may be a bit happy about it though, since he probably had to do a majority of the work once Sam and Georgia went off to experience some night life...

    I can't blame Travis for getting excited over Georgia. Sam may be famous, but Georgia is *hawt*. It's the difference between my husband seeing Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie at the swimming pool. Which one would he be more excited about? ;)

    I agree that it is kinda weird to see my Sims doing so many different things over the various blogs, but it is amusing. Especially seeing Amelia with a baby. That's *really* weird, to me--more weird than Travis, actually.

    Guy actually isn't too bad looking at all--but then, it doesn't really "show" until they reach teenager, but neither Travis nor Cassidy have genetics that would look poor mixed together.

  6. Too many things at once? Poor Kaleeko.

    Yep, Savannah is growing up fast in this blog. She did get lots of loving from her parents, the butler and random chicks from the party. Of course, some of the growing up fast was just that I've been pushing ahead trying to finish the story off.

    Then I stopped because their lives were getting too dull and either another baby was going to be forced on Sam or he was going to run away with a lover. Trust me, you didn't want to see that.

    The excited over the autographs is so cute. The Sim getting the autograph is like a little kid, just bouncing with excitement. Travis certainly loved getting close to Georgia.

    :) Just think, Travis is going to have a second baby soon. And poor Amelia didn't get to decide to have a baby - she got pollinated after she decided to marry Jack.

    Guy isn't bad looking but he must have a real mix of genetics from his parents. He's not a clone boy of either of them.

  7. Wow, that's a lot of Bradleys.

    LOL, she hasn't done anything...yet. I've been suspicious of her, though. For some reason she detests Angie, maybe she did have a thing with Beau and I just didn't realize it.

  8. LOL cheezy, it is a lot of Bradleys. But the only one who is special is Phillip Grant's neighbor in the World Adventure blog. The rest are just part of the background Sims across my blogs.

    I have to admit, my fav picture in this lot is Emperor of Evil Sam looking very very grumpy with the butler about to read to Savannah. It was just a random grumpy expression but his timing could not have been better.

  9. What a fun blog posting to start off the new year with! Savannah is all Sam. It looks like she might have Georgia's (really Wyatt's) eye color but that's it. Those Grant genes are strooong. I take it neither of them have wished for another child?

    Is Benjamin Lee a vampire now, too? I bet he'd look good as one. Favorite pic is a tie between Grumpy Sam being blocked by the butler and Savannah giving teddy a snuggle.

  10. A wee bit disappointing that Georgia didn't pass off many genes this go around, since she really has such lovely ones--but I don't think I really mind female Sammy counterparts too much. That and her parents'll love her no matter what she looks like. :)

    That's an interesting question, if Ben's a vampire now--I've got a few vampires in my town that are married w/ child with a non-vampire, but I've also seen vampires autonomously turning random people on community lots. That seriously freaked me out the first time I saw it. XD

  11. Hey Chrysame, welcome back! Happy 2011. Savannah definitely has her eye colour. She might also have Tomasi hair. But the rest is Sammy.

    They haven't wanted another. Pregnant Cassidy came to the birthday party but I had such trouble getting Savannah to the cake that there wasn't time for Sam to interact with preggy sim.

    Ben wasn't a vampire last time I checked. Forgot to get a pic of Ben and Macy's girl Dianne who is a teen. As usual, she's very pretty.

    Grumpy Same is funny, Savannah snuggling her bear is sweet. Hard to pick there. :)

  12. Hey Kaleeko, you know me. The slightest provocation and they will have another baby. I'm sure that Tomasi genetics can come out, we've seen that before with Sam's other Tomasi brides. :)

    I'll be interested in whether Ben and Elvira's baby is normal or vamp. As I say, I think Ben is still normal human.

  13. I haven't played in a looong time. But, the last time I played one of my sims siblings married a vamp and a while later she turned. It was one of Ollie's great granddaughters and she had his hair and eyes. Those eyes as a vampire are just killer.

    I hope that Georgia and Sam want another little one. Two kids seems like a good family for them. I want to see what other Georgia names you have picked out for kids!

    Thanks for the New Years gift, PiB. My daughter is sim crazy at the moment and has my disk. As soon as I get it back, my new store stuff will be put to use.

  14. I bet Ollie's eyes turned vampire glowing would be spectacular. Ollie's great granddaughter, that's sweet.

    Well, if Georgia's creator (so to speak) thinks she should have another baby for the betterment of Sim kind... :)

    Hope you do have fun when you can use the gift. :)

  15. Oh, I think more grandbabysims are in order. :P

    Ollie and Mabel's great granddaughter. Mabel was a hoot and a half. I still miss her.

  16. More grandbaby sims shall happen then. I needed *someone* to want them.

    It's nice when you have a special Sim in the family. Even if you miss them when they've gone.

    Funny story, when writing this I was thinking - well, there's been some info on Dee's Sims and Kaleeko's Sims but not enough about Chrysame's... Then I remembered who Georgia came from. There's plenty of Georgia in every episode.

  17. I totally get what you guys mean. There's always that Sim that's really hard to lose and impossible not to miss. I could definitely list a few on my end.

    Hahaha, that's funny, PiB. Especially because I have a hard time separating the Sim from it's maker in my game. I swear, I see Marta walking up the street and I'm like, "Oh, there's Chrysame! Wait, no, Marta! Ack!"

  18. I'm quite happy to be associated with Marta. As much as I love Gwen, Georgia, Ollie, etc. it's always Marta I come back to. Although, Ms. Gwen sometimes tempts me to starting a new blog.

    Oh, I want more grandbabysims, PiB. Don't ever wonder about that!

  19. Of the Sims in my current games, the one I will miss is the original Phillip. I hope for his sake, he goes before Vanessa but man oh man, I will miss him.

    Hmm, so am I Sam or Thomas to Kaleeko?

  20. Chrysame, Marta has produced some memorable Sims for us, as well as being memorable herself. Marta, Ripley, Georgia, Camille.

    I do love Gwen. I have to check if I've downloaded her, I may need to infuse more fresh bloodlines to some neighborhoods when their current generations are growing.

  21. Definitely gonna miss Jeb. Pretty sure I might cry a little. Which is sort of pathetic, but I don't care. XD

    Hmmm... Well both, but mostly Sam. I still think "PiB!" when I see Thomas, but not quite as much--probably because Thomas isn't usually a very active part of your blogs. Sam, on the other hand, has a whole blog devoted to him!

    Though, I have to admit that when I see Jerod, I don't think 'PiB!' I think 'Evil Shrimp!' ;)

  22. Oh, and a world where Chrysame doesn't want more babies is a world I don't want to live in. ;)

  23. Babies!!

    PiB = Sammy with a side of Thomas and a pinch o' Jack (both Jacks for me. :) )

  24. Kaleeko, I've nearly cried over a few of my Sims. Not quite but nearly.

    Poor Thomas, not a blog star. Or maybe that's lucky Thomas, not a blog star.

    Ah Chrysame, that was one side effect of the saga of Gwen and Jack and infinite babies - I really want to play the triplets in adult life sometime. I didn't really get to know any of them.

  25. Hi PiB. This is a great update. Everyone is looking awesome. :) Little Savannah with her toys is juat an adorable picture.
    Sammy's daughter all the way. Babies everywhere!
    Only a short time to get around to everyone again. I read everything via my email and am jumping in to leave the comments.

  26. Hey Dee,

    Glad you liked Savannah and the toys.

    There are many babies everywhere.

  27. I loved it all. I got up a little early this morning so I could read all the blog updates and at least give comments.

  28. Great update, PiB! Love the picture of sam in a queue behind the buttler. I think there will be so many babies in the town, and probably there will be a new vampire there.

  29. Thanks MJ.

    Twallan's story progression must have suddenly realised how few kids the city has. It has kicked into overdrive to make babies. :)

    Be interesting if Ben's second child is a vampire, have to pay a visit when the baby is born.


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