Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 16)

I haven't shown you what the decorator did with our living space. There's plenty left to redesign but this room is looking much more elegant.

My award still has its own spot in the corner.

Replacing the floor, the wall coverings and the furniture wasn't cheap. Not at all. But this feels a lot more like a proper home to me, so it's worth it.

Though maybe we should invest in curtains someday to keep the paparazzi at bay.

Savannah's birthday party unfortunately distracted Benny from the fact that he'd started cooking something. No one payed attention until the fire alarm went off.

To give Benny credit, he rang the fire department when he heard the alarm sounding.

Then he started using the extinguisher to dowse the fire. The blaze had been going for awhile by then, the counter and floor near the stove were also ablaze.

Our poor stove was never going to be the same though. We replaced it with a newer and fancier model since it had to be replaced. The insurance naturally didn't even cover the cost of the original model.

Next time I get insurance, I'll have to remember to pay more so we get more from these little accidents.

Georgia arranged to have the band meet at Waylon's place for a session. It's about the worst joint in town but they are open long hours and we don't have to worry that two of the band have no celebrity status. Georgia and I can go into any place in town these days but not everyone can do that.

BTW - I got another promotion today. I'm the Lead Actor now. Promotion and a good bonus, then to have fun jamming with friends. What could be a better way to spend a day?

So we finally had a proper, complete band session. Beau Merrick is a demon on that bass. He picked up the skill fast. Travis Kane isn't quite the best drummer around but he should learn soon. He has a lot of enthusiasm.

As a band, we are pretty damned fine. We need to play together more to get noticed.

Travis has his own fan club, his sister and mum came to listen.

Funny thing, we last *tried* to have a band practice at Amelia's party. It was too early for Beau to be out so he split. And Travis couldn't enter his sister's place. What was up with that?  Seriously. 

At home, Savannah took an art class and started a new painting. That one looks a little ambitious for her though. It's nearly as tall as she is.

Cameras love Georgia and Georgia loves cameras. Paparazzi and Kacyn Hawke were both taking her picture after the band had stopped for the evening.  Beau and Travis had to leave, they both had things to do. Still, it was an excellent session and we had fun.

Now that Savannah has grown a bit, it seems inappropriate to have her and the butler share the room. So we added a dividing wall. Benny doesn't have a lot of space but at least it is truly his own space.

Now that's annoying. Someone has put out a new rumour about me. They claim I've been arrested. I don't remember the last time I even saw a cop. How dare they?

I may give up on celeb friends, they drop you at the toss of a hat. I lost a lot of them from the rumour but my real friends like Beau and Travis don't care.

So I set to work dispelling the new rumour. I have to admit, I used this as an excuse to find some new friends. Like this guy, Theodore Ryan. I've heard he married Macy Monroe recently and I happened across him in the park. We chatted for awhile, became friends. He believes me when I say that was just a vicious rumour.

Georgia has had a tummy ache all morning. Poor thing.

Hmm, last time she had a tummy ache...I wonder if we'll need to replace the crib we sold?

AJ is dressed a little bit formally for the park at this time of day. I chatted with her quite a bit, and she also believes that I was never arrested. I've since heard that AJ is pregnant with a second child.

Unfortunately, while I like having new friends, this doesn't seem to be doing much for killing that stupid rumour.

Savannah has been chatting to the other kids at school. She rang to ask if she could go home with Guy Kane. I have no problem with that since his dad is a good friend.

I think she was a bit anxious about entering the building. I haven't seen her hold that bear so tight since she left the crib behind.

Savannah tells me that Guy has two baby sisters.  Cassidy had twins. They are Bethany and Tania. We probably won't be seeing a lot of Travis or Cassidy for a bit.

Georgia went down to The Grind and tried out a few of the drinks. One of them must have been very potent. Next thing she really knew, she was up on the counter dancing.

Hot, very very hot dancing. Wonder if the bartender knows which drink that one was? It would be fun to learn that recipe.

Poor Savannah. We told her Benny should *eventually* get around to cleaning the floor. But she couldn't take the mess a minute longer. Our girl is a perfectionist and some things drive her to distraction. Messy anything being one of them.

I was told that I earned a new award and should pop by the theatre to get it. So I went back to the theatre. Not a big crowd hanging out here tonight. Must not be a popular show playing at the moment.

I also had gotten rather sick of this new rumour and went to city hall to sue. This time, I won.

It's my new award, it's called the Green Orb Award. Not very green, is it?

Georgia took some time to help Savannah with her homework. My two favourite girls, working together.


  1. The living room redesign looks good. :) Club Vandenwhatsit set, right? It suits Celeb Sammy, I think. :D

    Good job burning the food, Benny. XD Well, at least that's his first slip up, and at least he called the fire department and tried to put it out himself. XD

    The band looks great playing in the Waylon--it is an awesome bar, despite how 'low class' it is. I always seem to have the most fun sending my Sims there, and the tips are always great for the band since a lot of sims always flock to it. ;)

    So funny seeing Amelia and Meredith there--oh, Meredith! You're so old! And apparently over-dressed for the occasion. (I've been noticing that a lot lately, seems people's outfits aren't being reset properly.)

    THe really is a massive painting for Savannah to try to tackle, but I'm sure it'll be beautiful!... Beautifully cute at least. ^^

    Rut roh.. Georgia's sick, hmm? *eyebrow waggle*

    I'm glad to hear that Sam was able to dispel some of the rumors, and that he finally won a law suit--it'd really stink to lose again, especially since they aren't rolling around in cash at the moment.

    Savannah is so cute. :) Cleaning up after their butler (ha!), carrying around her teddy bear... D'aawww. :D

  2. Yep, an awesome someone gifted me the Club Vanwhatsit set and it does make a lovely and dignified setting for a celeb family.

    Savannah became a 2 star celebrity when she grew to child. LOL

    Waylon place does seem popular and the layout isn't confusing. I hate the ones that have 2 sections to the joint and you have to figure out where to go. No fun.

    I was kind of surprised that Meredith and Amelia came for the show. That means one member from each Kane household was present. Brad and family live with Mere and Jeb. Amelia lives with Jack and baby. And Travis has his family with 3 kids.

    I've put Savannah to work on something a bit smaller. That one would take most of her childhood to complete.

    Georgia isn't sick. Just pregnant. :)

    Savannah is cute with that teddy bear. And she really hated the floor like that. Benny has been doing well at keeping the rest of the house clean.

  3. Saw the "Dancing with the Sam" video. So cool. :)
    Well, I just read about AJ's death in one update and here she is all alive and well. :D

    Love the house.

    I was just writing about Georgia's sickness and pregnancy when I looked up and saw you worte she isn't pregnant.

  4. Ahhh, I read it wrong.

    I read about the weather problems in Queensland, (Brisbane)Australia. Hope you are okay where you are.

  5. Glad you liked Dancing with the Sam. That was fun to do.

    AJ is alive, well, young and with a completely different Sim.

    :) Yes, she's pregnant, which I don't think of as ill so to speak.

    Brisbane and south Queensland is have terrible floods. We are well north of the trouble.

  6. I'm glad to hear you are not in the flooding areas.
    Dancing with the Sam is awesome.

  7. We have had a lot of rain. But around here, people build less in the flood plains because there is enough rain per year to remember us it isn't a good idea.

    Next time I have to do a few face shots. At one point, he's doing one of the more smokin' looks but it's a wee bit hard to see.

  8. Love the living room. It seems that Savannah inherited some personalities from her mother..


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