Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 4

Sept 15
The big day has arrived, the baby is due today.
I still feel so lucky to have found Amy

The baby is coming and I wasn't really ready for this

Our son Sammy

(Sorry about the pic, someone took it when Amy had a plant just behind her...looks like it's growing out of her head.)

Sept 16

Seems like just yesterday our boy was born and it's already his birthday.  I took Sammy to the cake and he is such an attractive toddler now.

Clipping from the Newspaper of Sept 17
Tragedy struck the Grant home when Sammy Grant drowned in the pool.  "I don't understand it" sobbed his grieving widow Amy.  "I even had a new wall put in around the pool to keep anything from distracting a swimmer."  She went on to say, "I was delighted, umm, devasted when the Reaper arrived to take Sammy away."  Sammy Grant is survive by his widow Amy and toddler son Sammy.

To her credit, the golddigger did miss her Sammy.


  1. Please tell me he's haunting her.

  2. Well, he was haunting the house. But in the interests of not having a billion saved games, I'll be deleting this one soon. I feel so guilty about Sammy.

  3. I've deleted so many games that it isn't even funny. I understand about deleting them. I don't keep a lot of saved games because I don't want the game to slow down.
    I only have 2 saved games, and those are the two I have blogged about.
    Thankfully they are all pixels and we don't have to feel guilty.

  4. Don't worry about the plant through the head. To be honest, I thought it was just one of those shaggy hairstyles.

    It's the best pic of the bunch; in fact, it's just perfect. It shows how pretty the baby is, the devious glee on Amy's face, AND how poor Sam has been shut out behind the doors, watching his new family symbolically walk out of his life. It's an amazing shot.

  5. LOL at the nice wall around the pool as not to distract the swimmer... :D


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