Sunday, November 20, 2011

Celebrating Sam Grant's careers (1)

Some pics to celebrate some of the careers of Sam Grant.


  1. Lookin' nice there, Sammy! :D

  2. thanks flyingAce - I needed a break from novel writing and Sammy was just the ticket.

  3. I have another Sammy career for you. I started a new Marta game and she had a burglar. His name was Sammy and one of his traits was grumpy. I was giggling so much.

  4. LOL - Excellent Chrysame. I was thinking that Sammy needs a cop clone and a crook clone - sometime. Both careers will be a bit tough, they both require logic and that's just not Sammy. :)

  5. Pfft, Marta is going to be an astronaut this time around. If she do that then Sam can be King Crook.

    Okay, Marta being an astronaut makes me laugh. I'm imagining her tossing her wrench around and saying in her Betty Boop voice, "Houston, we have a problem."

    Sam "King Crook" Grant. I like it!

  6. Marta the astronaut. I am so sure I don't want her on my crew, not that wrench wench. LOL

    Thinking of Marta, she's thinking about dating Sinbad Rotter in Shrimp's world. Got any preferences for her?

    Sam Grant, criminal mastermind...well, after his acting stint I know he looks good in the uniform. :)

  7. Sinbad Rotter is easily manipulated and not too bright. Probably why Marta wants him. Let her do what she wants. If she ends up hating the choice, it's her own darn fault.

    I think she could do better but you know Marta. She thinks she always knows best.

    Sam in uniform. Yep, that's incentive for Sam Grant, Criminal Mastermind!

  8. Well, she's already been down a rabbit hole once, should we let her do it again.

    I am vaguely tempted to throw Ted at her. He's good with kids, and she already has one. :)

    As for Sammy, well, someday there will be a crim Sam. I just hope he can use his brains, cause we know brawn isn't that good a career choice for them.

  9. Haha... I am back to the posts I have not commented yet, though I have read this. Love to see Sammy. I can only say.. "wow" to all those clones and wow too for you able to get him into clone 63??!! My applause!

  10. Hey MJ, just remember that I skip numbers - lot's of them. I think if you count Indiana Sam, we are on clone 13 or 14...nothing like 63.

    Mind you, even 13 is a lot of Sammys hanging out.


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