Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sammy 5's family album

Mum, Mum, I give in.  Here are the family pics you've been writing about so much.

Our boy Cedric as a toddler

The babies Sandy and Sally coming home from the hospital

Cedric grown to child

Sally as a toddler

Sandy as a toddler

Sally as a child

Sandy as a child

Our completely gorgeous Sally as a teen

Our wonderfully lovely Sandy as a teen

I saved my favourite picture for last, Cedric as a teen

Do you think he takes after his dad?

Note, the poor kids just got zapped multiple times with age transition.  Once Cedric turned teen, he and Sammy were doing some serious bonding as father and son between the birthdays.  It was good to watch the two of them together.  I think my game was last saved just after the twins came home so I could go back and play them properly.  That would put a bit of a stop to the Sammy blog though.


  1. They are all beautiful and Cedric does look just like his dad. Thank you for updating so we know how they look when older.

  2. Thanks Dee. I just love the girls, they are so very pretty. When I saw Cedric and Sammy standing like that, I knew that was the shot for the album. They do look quite a bit alike.

  3. They are gorgeous. Cedric looks so much like his father! What a sweetie. The girls are so pretty. Sammy and Celia made beautiful children.

    Thanks so much for posting these pics!

  4. Well, since a couple of you said you downloaded the family, I thought you'd deserve to see what you can expect.

    Damn they make cute kids. Are you as proud of Celia as I am of Sammy?

  5. I'm very proud of Celia. She's got a great guy and had lovely children with him. She's making a good life for herself. What more can you ask for your Sims?

  6. I told you Sammie made pretty babies. The girls are beautiful and Cedric is going to be a heartbreaker just like his daddy. Thanks for the pics!

  7. Here I thought you patiently played them up to the ages.. hehe


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