Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 5 - part 4

Hi Mum,

Sunday went a lot like Saturday.  After a good sleep in, I went to the park to meet with Zayne.

We went over to check out the neighborhood grill-a-thon and we were both soon distracted by chatting to some new Sims

I made friends with Celia

And the most beautiful girl in the world?  Has to be Deidre

Not sure when I'll have a chance to write next.  The triplets and the baby take a lot of time and Darlene is supposed to go back to work soon.  I think all three boys will be done with potty training so it will mostly be giving them hugs and bottles and put to bed as needed.


  1. Ooh! What fun this entry is. Why is it so exciting to see your own sims in somebody else's game? I've never played this before and I really love it.

    And why is it so incredibly endearing to see these sim men cuddling and loving on babies and toddlers? You'd think I'd be over it by now, but I just go "awwwww" every time.

    P.S. I love Zayne's blue skirt, but for some reason I'm silly pleased that you didn't give her shoes. LOL

  2. I know exactly what you mean. No matter how many times I see Thomas or Tanya or now Sam in Dee's game, I love seeing them again.

    Sammy is particularly endearing just now cause they aren't even his babies. But he loves and cuddles them all the same.

    I decided to go a little easier on Zayne's pink fetish but the no shoes I like as part of her character.

  3. BTW - I noticed you guys commenting on Sue's blog that Sam is a slob. Sam's characteristics are based on Malcolm Landgraab IV from Sims 2. Malcolm was one of the most interesting pre-made Sims I'd ever played. Deeply devoted to his family, always the first to tend any baby or toddler in need. He accumulated friends and money without much real effort. And Malcolm IV was a slob, active, grouchy, out-going and serious.

    The closest I could get in Sims 3 was slob, athletic, grouchy, charismatic and I picked ambitious to replace serious. From how Sam has acted in this game and Dee's, I'd say that the choice of character is working out well.

    Frankly, Malcolm in this game just isn't close to as interesting as Malcolm IV was. But I have a few generations to breed up a good entertaining Malcolm. And this one does well under the pressure of large family + career.

  4. I just posted and something happened and the comment disappeared. I'm about ready to give up tonight.
    To make a long story short.
    I love Sammy, watching the men with the babies, at least when they have the slob trait, they don't gag when the tub gets dirty.
    It always fun to watch a sim I created in someone else's game, so know how Sue feels.

  5. BTW - I don't if you guys noticed but Zayne started chatting with Jon Marsh at the park and she seemed much more interested in Jon then Sammy boy.

    Fortunately Celia is responding to Sammy's first foray into flirting quite well.

  6. What is it about Jon? I just learned that he and Abigail have a baby together in my game. I know thatat least one of them will fall for Sammy. How could they not?

    Be sure to post us a pic of Deidre when she ages.

  7. Girls must love a guy who plays hard to get. I know it can be tough to get him to agree to committing to the relationship.

  8. Celia knows a good thing when she sees it. I have hope yet for a Sammy and Celia hook-up and baby.

  9. I think you'll love the next Sammy letter then. :-)


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