Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 5 - part 3

Sept 10
Saturday has arrived and I went into town for most of the day.  Actually, I thought I'd sleep until afternoon since we been up nearly all night with birthdays and a new baby, but I suddenly felt 100%.  The whole house was like that, Malcolm and Darlene were up, the toddlers were up, it was amazing.

First I went to Central Park and got to meet some of the other Sims around town.  Emma is quite the cook apparently and Cycl0ne is a local journalist

But I heard a rumor that a couple of hot chicks had just moved in so I thought I'd stop by their place.  One is Zayne and the other is Celia.  Wow, they are gorgeous girls.

I hung out with them for a bit.  I wanted to help them when their sink broke but Celia told me that was an inappropriate thing for a guest to do.  I didn't want them to get angry or throw me out so I had to leave the sink pouring water everywhere.  I'm hoping to get much better acquainted with them, maybe we can hook up tomorrow.

I went over to City Hall to study charisma but joined in a protest there first.  By the time I finished my class, the protest was over.

I was going to go home but this strange compulsion made me go to the graveyard.  It was very spooky at night then I explored the catacombs.  It was going really well until I met up with a zombie bear.  Ouch.

Malcolm asked me to pick up some toddler training books.  It turned out that he and Darlene had all three boys walking.  When I got home, two of the boys had been tucked into their cribs but one still needed to be put in his crib.

PS Forgot to take a picture of the other really cute girl I met today.  I got to finally hold baby Deidre, she is just the sweetest.


  1. Yes, tired dirty Sammy took Nathaniel to his crib first. Sammy is definitely ace dad material.

  2. Oh, so that's where Zayne went! Yay! I'm so glad you've got her so I can watch her in your game.

    Gosh, I'd be thrilled to have a good looking guy come over and fix my sink. Silly girls. Oh, that Zayne! A crush on Sam already?

    Wow, Sammy is one fantastic guy. I am sooooo getting him when I have a game I want to put him in.

  3. Yep, that's where Zayne has gone.

    I agree, I'd love having a hot guy volunteer to fix stuff around the house for free. I don't know why the girls would complain.

    Zayne doesn't really have a crush on Sammy yet. And Sammy is not the Sim to ask about developing great love relationships, he's not very successful at them. LOL

  4. Heck, I'd like any guy to fix stuff around the house for free! Silly Celia scolding the hot guy. Don't scold him, Celia, flirt with him! Jeez.

  5. Worse, Celia was threatening to throw hot guy out if he kept it up. Poor Sammy, just trying to be helpful.

    That was my first protest rally. Don't know why they were protesting cop cars though.

    I threw in the pic of Malcolm settling one toddler in a crib because I still find that whole sequence to be sweet. And Malcolm did that on his own when quite tired.

  6. I'm still loving the Sammy Clones.
    He has his kids now and when you see the pics, I did not tell him to do those things. He did them on his own.
    The protest against always has a red slash through it. It looks like they are wanting more cops in town or maybe the cops in town need more cars.

  7. I am not surprised by how Sammy was with his kids in your game. He tends toddlers very well without any prompting in this game and they aren't even related. But I am scared how those babies will look by teen, their mom is not very promising.

  8. I'm concerned about how those kids will look too. I really really hope they don't take after their mom.
    I didn't have time to go see him tonight but I know they are still toddlers. I looked at everyone from edit town. Playing on epic is making everyone age very slow. Later I'll change it to long. If I don't they will all be toddlers for the rest of my natural life.


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