Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 5 - part 7

Sept 18

I bet you had a good laugh when you saw Celia's picture and I said she had gained a little weight.  The next day, she let me know that we were expecting a baby.  A baby of my own, that's so exciting.

Late Sunday night, the triplets grew to children.  First Mark

Then Nathaniel

Finally Gordon

I had a chat to Malcolm and we decided that now the boys were children, the Landgraab's didn't need a permanent live in servant

So I moved to a new place, and asked Celia over.

We got engaged then had a private wedding so she is now Celia Grant

A few hours later, Cedric Grant was born

Well, Mum, I think this is my last update.  I'm happy, have a family of my own and things are looking quite bright for me.  Wish my other clones luck when they write.


  1. Sammy's album if you want to see all of his pics.

  2. I so want to see what their boy looks like all grown up. Celia sure did seem to like that big shiny ring Sammy gave her.

  3. :-) That can be arranged. Just not as part of the Sammy series.

    Zayne, Celia and Sam are in the big Free will game. We'll see how things happen when there's a much bigger set of potential mates out there.

  4. Sammy, A happy Sammy, with his own wife and child. Loved this one too.
    The kids turned out great. I still have a soft spot for Gordon. Yippee, no more potty chairs. I'm a big boy now.

  5. Awwwwwwwwww, *squee*

    I'm so happy for Sammy; finally a family of his own. The triplets turned out very good looking, and Cedric is adorable.

  6. Thanks guys, I didn't want to tell you earlier that Sammy was getting to move out when the triplets turned to child. That had been my plan all along though, the Landgraab's just needed someone there for the boys as babies and toddlers since triplets are hard work.

    Dee, I'm pleased you like Gordon. My fav is actually Nathaniel. I think he's just the cutest of them.

    I will hit Cedric with a few age up and see how he goes. Along with a baby sibling from another Try for baby who should be popping out soon.

  7. Yay! I want to see what this pairing produces. Yay! I keep having to suppress my desire to say woohoo knowing what it means in this game.

  8. I'm so glad we get to see what Sammy's baby looks like when he ages.
    Go for it, Chrysame, say woohoo.
    I've almost said it a few times myself.

  9. Say woohoo, we know what you mean!

    Poor poor Sam and Celia. I wanted a little sibling to see how the 2 children grew up.

    The family is now Sam, Celia, Cedric and the new twins Sandy and Sally. Sammy does at least have some skills and a lot of parenting practice but twins? What did he do to deserve multiples of his own?

    You can own your very own Grant household. Yes, download Sam and family from the Exchange today.

  10. Downloaded and recommended!

  11. I'm going to download them and save them for my next game or when I go back to Riverview.

  12. Yay I'm so glad he got to retire


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