Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hi Mum, it's Sammy Clone 5 - part 2

Sept 5
My first night working at the Landgraabs was very busy.  Here I am with...I think this is Nathaniel.  I was watching over the babies while Darlene held a house party.

One of the guests nearly stole a baby, I couldn't decide if I wanted Hank to keep the baby or not.

He did put the baby down on the lawn outside.

The next day, I got to use my handiness skill

and tended the garden

Darlene doesn't expect me to do all the baby care, she comes upstairs regularly herself

Sept 7
I've just discovered that the family is expecting again.  You'd think three babies would be enough for anyone but Malcolm tells me they both hope for a little girl.

I'm still doing so much work with the triplets

Darlene does help quite a lot with babies during the day, but I'm pretty much on my own at night

Sept 9
Thank god it's Friday.  Malcolm has promised me tomorrow and Sunday off.  I'm looking forward to getting out and meeting new people.

But today is the birthday of the triplets.  The first to age up was Mark and I had to sit and play with him after he turned toddler

then it was Gordon's turn

who got a different hair style

Finally it was Nathaniel's turn

And very early Saturday morning, a baby girl was born

Her name is Deidre.  I was trying to get the last of the triplets in a crib before I collapsed.


  1. Sammy is getting really used to this. He is tending the toddlers regularly including when he just finished jogging home. And he did sit to play with Mark all his own after Mark's birthday.

  2. These are great. I'll bet it's hard to tend the garden with water squirting in your ear. :)
    I loved all the pics and the story but I think my favorite is the second pic of little Gordon looking up at someone. It looks like he thinking, just because I'm a toddler now, you gonna make me sit on that little chair that has a hole in it? I should have stayed a baby.
    Keep on truckin Sammy.

  3. I think I liked Mark's expression "I'm a clever big boy now" best but they are all doing well.

    The family Saturday and Sunday should be interesting. I'm going to be taking Sammy around to all the usual places to meet and greet as many other Sims possible. Malcolm and Darlene are going to be doing as much toddler training as they and the triplets can take. It will be intense.

  4. You're going to be more exhausted than the parents and Sammy.
    I was reading your comment in my blog a few minutes ago, and you gave me an idea. I am going to, for the first time, turn story progression and aging off, just long enough to go to the different houses and find out who all those babies belong to. Tamara Donner was at Travis's house one night and they were flirting. I want to know who the father of that toddler is.

  5. Okay, I think I've finally caught up with my comments.

    OMG poor Sammy. I feel so sorry for him but he makes me laugh. I was ROFLing at "I got to use my handiness skill." He's always so cheerful and so willing to do everything and has no clue he's being taken advantage of. He reminds me of Steve Martin's character in The Jerk.

    LOL at Hank, too. Maybe the poor guy is desperate for a baby. Pauline kicked him out of the house in my game and got a new boyfriend right after she had Hank's child.

    Mark is very cute. I usually don't think TS3 toddlers are that cute. Maybe it's just that you captured a really great expression.


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