Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 31 (Part 6)

Marta's home has a washer and dryer.  No more laundromat but now we have to deal with the pain of broken machines. I think someone put way too much soap in, it's being soaping up for ages.

Marta got up early to make breakfast.  That's a sweet sight.

Until she set fire to the kitchen.  She grabbed the extinguisher while I was dithering about what to do.  She's quick and brave.  But not a great cook.

By the time the fire department arrived, the fire was out.

I mentioned that Wyatt Walker married.  This is his wife - Marceila maybe?  I should visit his place, their child is likely to be cute.  I'm surprised they haven't had any haunts yet, I think I've been to over half the homes in town now.

I am still meeting new people around town.  Zayne has a partner and I think she has a baby at home.

I went back to the library to study chess again.  It's nice and quiet here.  I'm improving my game quickly.

Making out with Marta, such a good way to relax. 

Perhaps a bit more than just making out too.

This is just the sweetest song.  I love it.

Back to work. I was back to Star's place.  This area must just attract the spooks.  This time she has three ghosts.

Here are two of her ghosts. 

This one has the coolest clothes.  I wonder where he got them or how long he's been dead?  Still, I did convince him and the others to move on now. 

My turn for breakfast.  Ok, the stove is dirty but at least I didn't try to burn the house down.

Marta wanted to try this game.  I won the first round but she got the second.

I was called out to the Hunter residence for more ghosts.  This is Zayne's little boy.

She had several active ghosts too.  I convinced one to move on but

I used the banshee banisher on the second.  I don't think I'll do that again to a ghost, it scared her.  Getting them to move on doesn't scare them.

My new uniform by daylight. Much slicker than the old one.  I'm a ghost hunter and I look good.


  1. Wow, that's some uniform you have there Sammy.

    I see Marta didn't turn you down that time. ;)

    Sammy, you do make a mess cooking but I'm sure marta didn't mind. Those pancakes look delicious.

    Did anyone get hit in the head by the stick while playing? I love watching them play that game.

    Sammy, you sure are being nice to those ghost. I love the clothes they put on those ghost. it's looks like some of them have been around for a long long time.

    Wyatt did latch onto a pretty one and Zayne's little boy is so cute. Did he start out with pink hair?

    I love the update PiB. The pics look great and so does Sammy standing there at that stove.

  2. His uniform is pretty cool.

    Marta was very happy the second time. Sam didn't forget to romance first. But neither of them are asking to move to a permanent relationship...damn.

    No one hit by the sticks, yet. :)

    Wyatt's girl is quite pretty. I didn't have to change the hair colour of Zaynes boy.

    Sammy does make a handsome chef...especially when he forgets to dress first.

  3. He is looking good in that uniform. Those clothes are from the past. Those ghosts surely spent centuries there :)

  4. Yes, the ghosts do have some very old fashioned outfits. I hear if my Sims time travel, we may get them.

  5. Marta is no cook. *laugh* They do look good together making out. No want for marriage? I'm not surprised at Marta. I'm not sure she's ever thrown up that want with anyone. She definitely has lots of kiss and flirt wishes, though.

    Sam's uniform is very cool and he looks great in it. Zayne's baby is gorgeous and Wyatt's wife is very lovely.

    Sammy and the music box. I don't think I'll ever tire of that.

  6. Looks like Marta's training as a fire fighter in one life became especially handy in this one, haha. Looks like they may need to hire a maid, too...

    Oooh, those are some cool lookin' ghosts. :) That's a pretty awesome uniform, too.

    Though I was wondering... If he's a yellow ghost, and yellow ghosts die from electrocution... Does that mean that a bolt of lightning hit the top of his helmet and fried him? It does look like a good conductor...

    My husband and I were joking about how knights must've faired in thunderstorms, the other day. Perhaps this is the answer. ;D

  7. Chrysame, Sam has definitely decided to volunteer for cooking till Marta learns enough not to set the stove on fire. :)

    Sam may have to propose without a want. Won't be the first time for him.

    Sam looks so sappy swaying to the music box. But happy and content too.

  8. Kaleeko, the minute Sam starts earning enough money, he hires a maid. He doesn't do clean but he will pay for someone else to do it.

    That ghost might have been struck by lightning. We'll never know since he's moved on. But he was a cool looking ghost.

  9. That was a very cool looking ghost. Now that I know that's a possible costume option with the time machine, Marta will be working overtime on her inventing.

  10. I know what you mean. I wants a time machine now. I wants to see other ages.

  11. I want a time machine too. I keep reading about things that happen with them and want one so bad.

  12. You should be able to get a time machine fairly quickly since Reed started inventing early. I haven't seen one in game, yet. Or a miner. I want both!

  13. I haven't seen any of that stuff in the game, but that's cause Sammy and I are stuck in ghost busting.

    Maybe Marta can take up inventing since she isn't the family cook? Hmm...

  14. Marta is better with a wrench and hammer than a frying pan.

  15. I thought miners could be bought. Darn, they are making us work for everything these days. :)

    LOL, oh Marta loves her wrench.

    Right now Reed has only invented one thing but he's still young.


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