Monday, April 11, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy (clone 47 - part 4)

I might now be a vampire. However, I've found though that in many ways, it's like nothing changed. There's a rumor there are special beds for vampires and yet this one does just fine. I sleep like the dead, when I can break the habit of waking at 10 am.

I still find myself studying skills when I'm awake.

Because I need those skills. Stupid freaking shower broke and I don't have cash to spare for a repairman. Time to borrow a wrench and work on the faucet.

It took a lot of playing around but I finally stopped the annoying spray.

Then it was time to mop up the swamp the shower created.

This is going to add to my water bill for the year.

RRRrrrrr. I just finished the shower and now the sink has broken. Why does everything have to break at once. Can't a vampire cut a break around here?

Well, at least I'll know a lot more about plumbing by the end of the day.

And mopping. I hate cleaning. Really really hate it. Stupid housekeeping chores.

Why do I suddenly care about the house? Well, I hope that I can get people to come. I have a feeling they'll never come a second time if the house isn't a little tidy the first.

I had mail. Someone sent me a package of plasma fruit. I wonder who did it?

They smell good. They smell like something I can eat. But I should save them for emergencies; three in the morning, there are simply no humans awake emergencies.

Thinking about that reminded me, I am getting very thirsty again. That seems to be a major point of this vampire gig. I seem to need to feed quite frequently.

I invited that cowboy Luke over. He's a good friend now, he should be willing to help.

"Hi Luke."

"Hey Sam, how's life treating you?"

"Well," I started.

He held up his hand as he checked a new phone message. "Sorry mate, I have to go."


"The wife wants me to stop by the store and grab eggs and some veggies for dinner."

"Now?" I was too late and he was out the door.

Damn, I hate it when food runs away. I'll have to find someone else.

So I went out. I went back to the swimming pool.

It usually has a good crowd. It's also inside, I am trying to be careful about avoiding being outside during the day.

Then I spotted Lucille again. I so nearly had her last time. Yum, I see my dinner at last.

"Ah, my lovely friend. How are you this fine day?"

"Sam, you charmer," she gently slapped at me.

"No, you are very lovely. Don't let anyone tell a soul tell you otherwise."


"Lovely lady, I hate to ask such a thing, but may I some of your plasma?"

"Are you sure?"

"Please? I would so appreciate it if you would be so very kind."

It was with some reluctance but Lucille did offer me her arm.

"Only for you, Sam."

"Oh my sweet. I so appreciate your offer."

Success. Finally the sweet taste of success and of the very sweet taste of plasma. Lucille was a very tasty treat.

Well Mum, I'll bet you were a bit surprised by how much charm I could muster. So was I, but this is a matter of survival.

While I'm here and there are so many people, I should look for my next plasma donor. A hunt now should be very interesting.

So many of them look yummy. I can see that there is a lot of potential here.

So who is the yummiest of them all?

I heard one or two of the humans complaining in the background. They can sense a hunting vampire in their midst. They must learn to cope.

Excuse me for a moment, I'm having a bit of drool problem. Too many tasty bodies, it's all very overwhelming.

Oh, I found her.  She's the one. She is the most drool worthy of them all. Both in human looks and in her plasma content.

"Hi there gorgeous. Has anyone told you how hot you are recently?"

"Not recently, no."

"They are all slack. My name is Sam."

"My name is Ripley."

"Oh?" I raised a suggestive eyebrow. "Can I rip something off you?"

"Slow down tiger, what kind of a girl do you think I am?"

"Gorgeous. Breathtaking. Hot. Do I need say more?"

I sent Ripley thoughts of me. Followed up by as much charm as I could master.

"Oh, sweet Temptress. May I kiss you?"

"Sam," she giggled. "You are too much."

While Ripley was still protesting, I moved in for the kiss. She let me do it.

"You look so ... enticing. So very ... delicious. My sweet Ripley, may I drink the nectar from your veins."

Ripley started to offer her arm.

"No, not the arm, my Sweet. Let's try something else."

I reached to gently stroke her cheek.

She tilted her head and neck in my direction. Then she froze, not sure of what to do.

Well, I wasn't positive myself. I let the vampire instincts take control.

Nuzzling her throat was so natural. It felt so right.

Vampire instinct told me the spot. A small bite on the neck and I had a feast.

I found that drinking was easier from the neck. More blood, more easily reached and Ripley wasn't moving at all. She was content, not traumatised by the bite.

Oh yes, a very yummy feast.

"How was it for you, my Sweet?"

Her eyes were still half closed. "Good. I feel tired but that was, the most amazing experience."


"Almost as good as woohoo but you can do it in public with your clothes still on."

I must remember this. Drinking from a lover is more satisfying for both of us. That might make the hunt more interesting.


  1. The pool is good hunting ground for Sam. He makes a good vampire in the old tradition of studly, manly vamps. Not a sparkle anywhere to be found!

    I have no doubt Ripley really enjoyed that "nuzzle." :D

    The shot of what Sammy sees during a hunt is very cool.

  2. Yes, we don't want no stupid sparkly vampires here. Sam is the old school dark and deadly ones.

    Ripley certainly did enjoy her 'nuzzle'. She'll be back for more. I promise. :)

    I agree. The body heat thing is pretty cool and you can see which are better targets because they stay coloured longer. I was pretty sure Ripley was one of the last.

    Thanks for popping by. I didn't think you'd mind if Ripley donated to Sammy's cause!

  3. I love how Sam's like this totally charming vamp, he's so polite about it!

  4. Awww, thanks Angiebeno. He's polite and going for seduction if he can. A "love" bite seems to work much better for both of them.

  5. When Sam found that Ripley was the best prey item at the pool, I knew that he'd married her before but I couldn't quite place when.

    Then I remembered she was wife 2 of Sam Grant the author - mom of John Edward Grant. I'd kind of forgotten since that family moved on since. Most Sam clones sit in my game bin hoping that they too can live out their little pixel lives sometime.

  6. He is pretty successful as a vampire. Charm seems to be his specialty.

  7. Amazing update, PiB! He's a charmer indeed and love the writing also.

  8. Yep, Ripley was John's mom and a poor mother at that! So get all the plasma you need, Sam!

  9. *takes a few minutes to ogle the shower pictures*

    Bahaha, he may be a vampire, but he still has to deal with broken shit!

    Hmmm, I wonder who sent him the plasma fruit?

    Hehe, your food is too fast, Sammy!

    Vampire!Sammy is such a charmer! Pesky humans, complaining about Sammy's eating habits.

    "Can I rip something off you?" LOL Sammy. Well well, from the neck? Sam, you hussy!

    Great post, PiB! *goes back to shower pictures*

  10. Oh, wall of fresh comments when I get up. I love that.

    @seaweedy - his success as a vampire is growing and he is finding charm to be quite an effective tool to getting his next meal. :)

    @MJ thanks for the kind words about the writing. Vampire on the prowl makes for interesting conversations.

    @Chrysame, in the long run, it did John no harm that his mom wasn't the best parent. Sam will remember you've offered Ripley though. LOL

  11. LOL at Amelia ogling shower pics. You do know he's wearing his undies? Not a nude vampire.

    He does have to deal with broken stuff. And at this time, no cash to just get it fixed.

    Poor Sam. Luke agreed to come over, walked in then turned around and walked out. His food was really too fast.

    At the rate he was charming Ripley, the only reason he couldn't rip clothes off her was that it was a public area. LOL But they were both happy with the love bite.

    Thanks for popping by. Have a towel for any extra drool while you ogle.

  12. Hahaha... He's got quite the little armada of ladies coming in. I have a feeling that now he's seen how easy it is to seduce and conquer.. Ripley will not be the last lady in his harem. >: D

    I love how the guy at the beginning wanted to run before Sam sucked his blood. LOL. Niice.

    The animations are so pricless. Sammy is quite the smexy lookin vamp, that's for sure!

    Great screenshots and writing, PiB. :)

  13. Hey Kaleeko.

    Sam wouldn't mind a nice harem of lovers on tap, that would save him the time of hunting.

    Sam was not impressed when Luke left before he could even try a taste. That said, he found some tasty ladies so it wasn't the worst thing.

    Sam does make a nice vampire. Those eyes are quite hypnotic.

    Glad you enjoyed it. Posts take longer but they are a lot better in quality.

  14. That was interesting, google helped me find

    The original post which proposed the Sam clone idea. For some reason, the clones were always Sam. There was never an official original Sam, just clones. :)

  15. But sammy I was so willing... *pouts*

  16. How dare that Don?!!!! But what of me? what of me?

  17. Poor Rae. I'm sure you can find a vampire somewhere.


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