Friday, April 8, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy (clone 47 - part 3)

This weird feeling is getting worse. Very much worse.

The core of my being was being ripped to shreds. I was broken into millions of pieces and then put together again. However I was put together differently.

It was agony. It was death and yet it was birth. I was me and yet I was different.

Then it was over.

I definitely feel - different - but exactly how different, I don't know.

Well, whatever that was all about, it can wait for the morning. I need some sleep after that.

When I got up the next morning, I was still feeling very different. My skin seems to look a bit different too.

Maybe I've been overdoing the gym thing. Working out too much, causing my body to just say no.

Fishing might be fun. Get out, enjoy some sun.

Damn, it feels like I'm running ten times faster than I did just yesterday.

Nice and relaxing. Just what the doctor would have ordered.

Someone has built a fire close by. Very close by. I can hear the sizzle.

No, it's ME? I'm on fire?

What the hell?

I hightailed it to the first place I could think of to drown the sparks, the local swimming pool.

But the moment I walked in the building, I started to feel much better. Cool relief just getting out of the sun.

I know you are supposed to use sunblock and limit your exposure but no one told me that the sun can be so intense it makes you catch fire.

This is one of the Spinster sisters. I think this one is Lucille.

I wanted to met her because she looks...

She looks...

Like prey?

Where the hell did that thought come from?

I made the mistake of saying something like that to her.

"Keep your fangs to yourself mister."

"What? What fangs?"

"Does the innocent line work on any of your intended victims?"

This was just too weird for me. I decided to stop by the hospital and have a check up.

I went in once and was almost immediately thrown out.

"We do not serve your kind here. Try the science lab."

My kind? Since when do hospitals refuse to serve men?

I decided to show them. I went back in to grab some stuff from a store room.

"Urggh, monsters. There are monsters here!"

I think Constance has been overworking herself. What monsters? It's only me and her.

I ended up with several packs of plasma from the plasma bank. I don't quite know why that's what I wanted to grab but it was. This has been the weirdest day.

So I went to the science lab.

"That will be 3,000 simoleons please."


"Aren't you here for the vampire cure?"

"I'm here because the hospital said you people help my kind. I still don't understand anything."

She flipped out a little pocket mirror and handed it to me.

I very nearly dropped the mirror. Holy havoc, I knew my skin was looking a bit different today - but the eyes, the teeth. No, not teeth, fangs. I have fangs.

When I came out of the lab, it was dark and the difference was enormous. I suddenly felt a surge through my body, new abilities were mine to use.

I am a vampire and the dark is much kinder to me than sunlight.

Suddenly the day made more sense. The problem with sun, the feeling that someone was prey, the refusal of the hospital to even look at me and why I stole plasma. 

So I went over to the Spinster house. I had some unfinished business to take care of.

I tried a few of my abilities to convince Lucille to offer me her plasma.

When I met Lucille during the day, it was like normal. Like from before being a vampire. I could chat, flirt, and joke but there was nothing different about how I could interact with her. The main difference was that bit about thinking of her as prey.

At night, I can do so much more.  Now I can read minds and force others to think of me.

And yet, this still wasn't enough. I was annoyed that it still wasn't enough to get what I want. What I need.

I finally gave up on this for tonight. I need to drink and I need to drink now. So I pulled out one of the plasma packs I had stolen.

It was very late from a human point of view, so I left the Spinster house and headed for the gym.

Then I made the interesting discovery that vampires don't get fatigued exercising. Or at least not if they exercise at night. I have no idea if this works as well during the day. I'll find out eventually, I suppose.

I stayed at gym long enough to work up a huge sweat, then headed for home.

I slept away what little night remained and well into the day. It's going to be hard to switch to sleeping during the day. Habits are a hard thing to break.

The next day, I finally took a shower only to have the shower break.

It turns out vampire powers are no match for broken showers. My shower stayed broken in spite of what I tried.

Guess I'll just have to repair it.

But not now. Right now, I need plasma. Soon.

So I arranged to meet with one of my few friends in town, Angelo Averti. He's one of my coworkers and a nice guy.

I hope he's a very nice guy.

"Angelo, I have a big favor to ask."

"Yes, Sam?"

How do you put this? I need a Vampire for Dummies book. That would be useful. "Look, can I put the bite on you? Literally?"


"I need plasma, Angelo. I need to drink. Would you?"

I can't say that Angelo was exactly enthused by my request. But he did willing offer his arm.

"Ouch, can't you do that more gently?"

"I'm trying but it's not easy. Stop moving so much." I didn't tell him it was my first time. Nor that I was in trouble because we were outside and the sun was already hurting me.

But man, was that tasty. Way better than the plasma packs from the hospital.

"The monster. Someone save me from the monster."

Yes, there is a monster. And it's me.

Bonus pics
 The real bite that infected Sam. Friad that it wasn't some mysterious bite when running from the crypt

 But the vampire I put next door to Sam for the purpose of biting him.

No idea what this look was about but it was kind of cute.


  1. Fantastic post, PiB! The screenshots in this were amazing, and the writing was great. I love that he's so clueless that he doesn't even realize it until he goes to the science lab. (Though I don't blame him, "I've turned into a vampire" is hardly the first thing I'd think of when I'm feeling sick.)

  2. Aahahaha... "I feel different! ... But whatever it was, I SLEEPY. /conks out" Cracks me up. ;D Oh Sam.

    His obliviousness really is hilarious, but also worrying. Sam, did you forget to brush your teeth this morning? Tsk tsk!

    LOL, you really did get a lot of awesome shots this post! Great writing, too. Vampire Sam is very creepy... And lol! His expressions! Awesome. XD

    So how are you liking having a vampire so far, mm? :D

  3. I'm glad you liked it Amelia. Sam is easy to get good shots of, which is a good thing all up. :)

    Yeah, poor Sammy, back to being clueless. But he didn't see himself in a mirror and who would think "Now lets see, did I change species last night?"

    Sam's grey eyes are very spectacular when he goes vamp.

  4. Kaleeko, I was slightly annoyed that the first thing Sam did after turning was go back to bed. I actually made him get up to see what he could do but didn't save that version of events. :)

    He's got no mirror in his place so brushing his teeth probably wouldn't have been much of a clue. If he had a mirror, the eye change alone might have startled him.

    Wow, I must have done better with the screenies then I realised. Though I did like the expressions I managed to catch when Sam convinced Angelo to donate plasma. :)

    Vampire Sam is more than a bit creepy sometimes. The vampire hunting is a bit like "Where did the programmers get that idea from? Werewolf movies?" cause it reminds me way more of canine then vampire hunting style. The vampire abilities at night are certainly interesting to play with though.

    Not sure how much I like vampires yet but it's an interesting change of pace.

  5. Actually, I think there would've been more of a clue than scary eyes in a mirror if he'd looked--IIRC, vampires don't have reflections! ;D They might in the game though, I never checked.

    Hehehe, yeah, the expressions are awesome. EA outdid themselves with them, certainly! You definitely caught some great angles on them.

    It is a bit wolf-like, but then again, Vampires are portrayed in all sorts of ways in various movies and shows. Y'never know what type certain people will write about.

    Change of pace is always good to try out. :) Can't wait to see what else Athletic Vampire Sammy gets up to... >:D

  6. I think that Sims 3 vampires do have reflections. Sims 2 vampires did not, they were the old movie style vampires.

    Some of the expressions are awesome, others are a bit odd. I find the thing Sam does with tongue and arm after a good drink a bit freaky yet. It may grow on me, who knows.

    Vampire Sam's very next goal is to make pals with his boss and get an early promotion. He nearly went up a level in one try.

    And new friends == new food sources - if you are a vampire.

  7. Amazing update, PiB. Sam seems oblivious at first, but now.. I think he's enjoying it.

    He still looks hot too.

  8. Thanks MJ

    He didn't have a clue what happened. Not good for a new vampire to hang out in the sun like he did.

    He's a pretty decent looking vampire, I'll agree.

  9. The last picture was about every vampire felt -feeling so smug to have extraordinary abilities and being so powerful. :)

    Your screenshots when he was turning into a vampire were fantastic too.

    So funny about the whole Constance thing and him being so oblivious. Angelo's face is very funny when Sam drank his plasma.

    He's a monster and he's so proud about it :)

    Hmmm... let's see until when that is.

  10. I'm not so sure he's proud of being a monster. But after the day he just had, he has to accept that others will see him that way. He just is acknowledging that.

  11. Sammy can bite me any day.

  12. I'll send him right over Rae.


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