Monday, April 4, 2011

Hi Mum, It's Sammy (clone 47 - part 2)

I did make it home and found the postman had left bills.

Stupid post. I don't need no stinking bills. It's not like I have a lot of money now.

Now I have even less money. I better work hard, I really need that promotion.

I only had a few more places left to check out in town. The consignment shop was one.

I stopped to talk to Luke McDermott who seems to think he's a real cowboy.

I checked, we don't have any real farms or cattle around here. And Luke is one of my fellow team mates. So who does this guy think he's going to impress?

Finally got up to the counter and had a look at the items available. Got a nice deal on a book I should read. Martial Arts, that could be interesting.

I wonder how far book learning can take you on that sort of skill? It seems like you need practice more than typeface.

Chatted to Billy while I was at it.

Finally had a chance to go into the Water Hole Juice Bar. Not a big crowd tonight but there are a few ways to entertain yourself without anyone else. I suspect that foosball is more entertaining with others. If only I could find some nice girls to play with. Or some naughty ones, that could be even more fun.

I tried inviting a few friends over but none of them were available. [sigh] Sounds more like none of them like me enough to come actually. Either that or they know I still don't have comfortable furniture yet.

That bite from the Mausoleum is still a bit painful. Warm and tender to the touch.

The next morning, I indulged in a making a nice hot breakfast.

Single serve only, the fridge is ultra cheap and barely keeps stuff for a day. Even then it's always off tasting.

Then I sat to eat my food on the only seat in the house.

Maybe I should save some of my pay for a bit more furniture?

Nah, this will be fine. Since no one wants to visit anyway, what the heck would be the point?

After breakfast, it was time to head for the gym.

I so seriously need to build up. It's the only way I'll get promotions that I really need.

It's definitely a major part of my routine. Get to gym, get sweaty.

I am improving little by little.

Then head home. Followed by going to work.

I finally had my first promotion, up to snack hawker.

Why the hell did they put us through so much to get these jobs if selling junk food was all I was going to be doing? Anyone wandering down the street could do this.

Will this bite never stop bothering me?

It's starting to make me feel feverish. That really can't be good. Practically like my blood is on fire.

Maybe I just need a bit more sleep. I'll turn in early, it will all be better in the morning.

Another day, a burnt breakfast and still no better place to eat in the house.

I know this bit is going to shock you. After breakfast,  I went ... to the gym.

Yep, a real shocker that.

Have to get those reps up.

The coach has heard about my training and he wants me to start mixing the strength work with cardio. I'll have to think about that.

After my workout, I met someone else new. Dude is called Moe Pesce I think.

We hit it off fairly well, I'm hoping that we'll get to be gym buddies soon. Working with someone means you have to try even harder.

More stupid bills. How is a man ever to get ahead in life if people demand money from you every day or two?

After paying the bills, I headed for bed.

I suddenly woke up and climbed out of bed.

What the hell?

I feel odd. Very very odd.


  1. Uh Oh, i think we know what's happening next!

  2. "Stupid post. I don't need no stinking bills. It's not like I have a lot of money now."

    Ah, Sammy, you and me both. You and me both.

    Naughty girls? Sammy, this is how you get into trouble. But poor thing, no friends. :(

    Oh my gosh, he has to eat on the toilet XDDD Poor guy!

    *takes a break to ogle half-naked Sammy* Some of us don't mind that he spends all his time at the gym. Hehehehe.

    OMG MOE! YAYYAY! Okay, done fangirling. I'm excited to see him in someone's game! He needs a shower though, doesn't he?

    Uh oh! That bite means SRS BSNS, doesn't it??

    I'm excited to see what happens! I love your Sammy stories.

  3. Aahaha. ;D Oh Sammy. He really needs to get out and, you know, do something other than work out! Some friends would definitely help... But he's very dedicated to his job, isn't he? Hehe.

    Eating on the toilet... lol. That's all I can say. ^^ I have to say.. I've seen it before, but never had it happen in my own game, so every time I see it... ;D

    Yay, Moe! :D Haha yeah, he definitely needs a shower... It's great to see him, though--but I imagine it won't be the last time we do!

    OH YOU LIE. YOU LIE PiB! That bite SO was rabid... Just maybe not rabies-rabid! Oh man. I can't wait to see what's going on... though I have a pretty good idea, methinks. Hehe. ^^

    Can't wait til next post! :D

  4. Hey Angiebeno, I do expect some of my readers to know what is about to happen. But there may be some that don't. Depends on what you've been doing in your game or what blogs you read. :)

    Thanks for stopping by

  5. Poor you and Sammy. It's like that postman has nothing better to do then stuff bills in his box.

    Sammy does have a couple of friends but not many and not good friends. He'd love to meet some naughty girls though.

    LOL Ohhhh, Sammy, you definitely have a new fan. She likes you in just underwear.

    Yep, Moe, Jane and family are in a home somewhere in Riverview. And Sam is the smelly one, Moe hasn't worked out yet.

    Yep, the bite is a bit more serious then Sammy realised.

  6. LOL He really wants those promotions and he'll get them faster if he has athletic abilities. So it's gym first, socialising if he's got time.

    Not the first Sammy clone to end up eating on the toilet and I doubt he'll be the last. You have to have a Sim with virtually no furniture to see it so I'm not surprised it doesn't happen to Kanes.

    Glad you guys are happy to see Moe. It was time for a change of background Sims.

    Not a rabid bite, he doesn't have rabies. LOL But I expect your idea is right.

  7. It's okay, my dog gets our revenge on the postman ;)

    Do you blame me? He's all muscular and tall and dark and handsome... Hehehehe.

    I'm glad you decided to use them! This is the first time anyone's used my sims so I'm all giddy. And really glad it was Sammy and not Moe ;) What an embarrassing debut that would have been.

    It looks like he's going to be all VAMPIRESAMMY.

  8. Good for the dog. My dogs used to try and get revenge but they are old and indoor doggies now.

    :) It's good for Sammy to have a fan club. He's had one before but the members have drifted away from blogs. And he is a fav Sim or I'd be tired of using him by now.

    Welcome to the fun that is seeing your Sims in someone else's story. It's always a blast. Even the black and white pic of Thomas in Kaleeko's last post makes me smile.

    Drat, you let the kitten out of the bag. That was going to surprise all of - hmm - apparently none of the current commentators. Angiebeno has definitely seen in her legacy. Kaleeko umm, yeah, just last season. LOL so much for suspense.

  9. D'aww, I was just throwing theories out there. Sorry PiB! I'm still looking forward to seeing it. I'm always interested in vampire Sims- done well, of course. And I'm sure yours will be! Especially with it being Sammy. This definitely is an interesting turn in the story!

  10. LOL, as I say, I'm pretty sure the others picked that one up already. You were the one I was trying to protect. :)

    Sam has grey eyes. Vamp == silver.

  11. Hehehe! Well, what I'm really curious about, now, is how you got him bitten.. Did you move a vampire into Riverview? ^^

  12. Really? XD Idk why I'd need to be protected, as I've made plenty of vampy Sims ;)

  13. @Kaleeko, you haven't seen his one neighbor yet for good of Sam's three friends is a vampire. :)

    @amelia - didn't know if you did vamps...some people avoid supernatural stuff and your blog doesn't show much signs of it at the moment. Course that is still pretty new.. :)

  14. Well, I don't have any in my story. I've got vampires turned off in every town but Bridgeport. And to be honest, I really DON'T do the supernatural stuff in my games. I did when LN first came out, but never really got into it. But they can be fun to read about ;)

  15. I personally don't like the supernatural stuff all that much--I got to play with vampires for all of like 30 minutes!--but they can add interesting twists to stories. I don't think I'm gonna make a habit of it though, unless they start adding *really* cool sim-types to the game.

    I'm excited to see your impressions of dealing with vampires, PiB. ;) And a vampire Sammy? Mmmmm... ^^ Hee!

  16. It took me forever to start doing supernaturals in Sims 2. Eventually though, I did get around to trying - I think all of them - and some I liked way more than others.

    In Sims 3, this is my first real excursion into the supernatural. Playable ghosts, mummies and what the heck was Ambitions? didn't really sound that great. But I'll try vampires, I had some good ones in Sims 2.

    Vampire Sammy hunting O_o

  17. Gah! Sammy's been bitten! Sam already is Mr. Smexy. Think of what he'll be able to do with all those vampire powers. It boggles the mind!

    It's good to get a Sam Grant fix. *hug*

  18. Chrysame!!!

    Kermit flail! Big hug! So good to see you pop by.

    I'm glad you came for a Sammy fix. Those are important. As for what he'll do with the powers... for that you must wait and see.

  19. Oh, no what will happen next?!

    Hmm. what will Sammy do?

    Poor Sammy, he even has to eat on the toilet.

  20. Hi MJ

    Next post should be up in a day or two. I have the screenshots I need, just have to get them ready and online.

  21. Sammy you should nibble the mailman(woman). Make them a thrall who'll never bother you again.

  22. You know they'd only get replaced Rae. :)


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