Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy (clone 47 - part 5)

Even a vampire has to worry about money, and I was pretty near my next promotion. So I decided to drop by my boss's house and see if I could talk him into giving me an early promotion.

My boss is Robert Newbie. Unfortunately, I barely know the guy, he's either on the floor with the team or in his office with the paperwork. I doubt he'll give me a promotion just because I asked.

I tried reading his mind. Hmm, he loves the outdoors and is a fisherman. Not sure what good that will do me.

"Mr Newbie, I know I'm one of the new guys, I thought I should come over and get to know you."

"And you are?"

"One of your snack hawkers, Sam. Sam Grant."

"Oh yes, the trainers were most impressed by your abilities so far, Mr Grant."

"Call me Sam. I think they'd be even more impressed. I've been working out quite a lot more lately."

"So, Sam, what do you want?"

"Well, I was hoping that I could have a better job then selling peanuts to the peanut gallery."

He looked away. "Umm, you seem like a nice enough guy but I can't promote you on that."

It had taken a good part of the evening to make him my friend. Still, no promotion. Stupid human.

Since it was about that time that humans decide to throw you out of the house, I wandered away.

I went to the gym and spent some time working out.

And some time at the Water Hole, where I had a chance to play with my pretty Ripley.

No, not that kind of play. She needs more time to recover from our last bit of that play. Just some foozball. It was fun. Not the most fun thing I can think of but there are times when you just make do.

The next day, I tried again with Newbie.

"Robert, my friend."

"Yes, Sam?"

"Have you reconsidered? Can I move up in the team?"

"No promotion now, Sam."

I sighed. Well, if he won't give a promotion, I damned well know something he will do for me.

"Robert, my friend. Would you like to be a lifesaver?"


"Oh yes, a lifesaver. Just a little plasma, my dear friend.  A tiny nip."

"Well," he paused then offered me his arm.

Ok, this time I could have been a bit more gentle with him. But I was annoyed that he twice over refused my promotion.

We went to work almost immediately after. Sure enough, it wasn't long before the team had admit that I had the talent to go up.

It's always pretty late when we end our sessions. I was feeling a bit restless. I took a stroll along the river bank. I'm still trying to break the getting up at 10am habit and staying up until very early morning helps.

"Moe, what are you doing out here this late?"

Moe looked around a bit startled. "When did night fall?"

"Same time as usual, I think. Been here long?"

"Oh god, Jane is either going to kill me or she's about to die of anxiety."

"Look, why don't you call her from my place, lay the blame on me for keeping you out so long."

"If she believes me, she'll be cross at you for days."

"I'll take that risk," I chuckled.

Moe made the call to Jane. Then I made my move.

"So Handsome, what else you have planned for the night?" He blinked, a bit startled.


"Yes, you, Hot Stuff. Do you have much else on for tonight?" For a moment, I thought he was mine.

Then he caught a glance at my clock and finally noticed the time.

"No, Sam, look, I really do have to get home. Our twins are teens and I don't know what they could be up to now."

"Moe, my dear friend. I'd love it if you'd do a small favor for me? It will only take a few extra moments."


"Just a little bit of plasma. That's all I ask."

Moe willing gave me his arm. And left for home the moment I finished.

A point to note, seduction doesn't work as well on the happily married.

I've taken up a new hobby, painting. I need something beyond exercise to fill the darkest hours of the night. The hours the humans fear to tread.

I miscalculated rather badly the next day. By the time I had my sleep, there wasn't time for inviting friends over or meeting them somewhere.

It was time to try that plasma fruit. Much better than the plasma in a juice box. But not really as good as fresh, warm, succulent plasma from a human.

After my promotion, I'm the local toddler coach. About half the kids seem totally oblivious to the fact that I'm not human. The rest are evenly divided between the kids that get a little nervous if I get too close and the ones that throw screaming fits when I enter the room. Apparently some are far more sensitive then others to a vampire.

I wonder if their parents will be shelling out for therapy sometime.

Still, even if it terrifies some of the kiddies, I have to go in. You don't get promotions by just staying home and hoping.

It was a long afternoon. Two of the little ones would not stop screaming. It would have been painful for a human to bear, it was excruciating for a vampire. I finally took them to a quiet corner and hissed at them to be quiet. They fainted, not what I expected, but at least we had some blessed silence.

Eventually to go home again. Home and thirsty.

I pulled my phone from my pocket. "Lucille, my sweet. It's been forever. Would you come over for a chat?" The phone is a good tool for a vampire. Less having to hunt all over town.

She protested that it had been nearly no time at all. Then she agreed to come.

"Lucy, I've missed you so. It's been years."

"Sam, you idiot, it's been more like 2 days."

"Every day without you is an eternity to me."

"You old flatterer."

"My dear, would you be so kind as to offer me your arm? I must drink."

Lucy gave me her arm. She is still very tasty. Not quite the tastiest treat I've had though.

Not long after that, Lucille left. I decided to see if I could get Ripley to stay the night. Ripley was my tastiest treat and having her stay the night would ensure my breakfast nom.

She was most reluctant to come over. Almost as if she didn't know me.

It took me a good part of the evening to entice Ripley to romance again.

"Ripley, my sweet. What happened since we last met?"

"Sam, I have a new boyfriend."

Grrrrrr "Boyfriend?"

"Oh yes. It's the local stylist, Don Lothario. He's so dreamy."

"It's so late, my sweet. Would you care to stay the night? Save you the long drive home?" I'll make sure she forgets that Lothario.

"Oh Sam. I'd love to stay here."

"I'm so pleased you stayed, dearest Ripley."

"I can't seem to refuse you, Sam. We seem to have a deep connection."

I very recently decided to sell the old single bed and buy a double one.

"Ripley, light of my life. Is the bed to your liking? It's quite new and untested."

She snuggled up to me. "It seems quite comfortable. How thoroughly do you want to test the bed?"

Let's just say that we tested the mattress and springs very thoroughly through the night. It was more than satisfactory.

The next morning and I had two needs.

The first was the thirst.

"Ripley, my sweet. I need you."

"I think I need you too, Sam."

"I fear my need at the moment is physical. I must drink, my dear. Would you be so kind?"

They say that practice makes perfect. The second time biting Ripley's neck went much smoother than the first. We both had a better idea of what needed to happen to make it a mutually satisfying experience.

Ripley's plasma is so very tasty. I wonder if I could get her to move in? It would be convenient.

My second need was a promise.

"Ripley, love of mine. Will you tell Lothario that it's over between you?"

"Yes, Sam. I don't know why I looked at him twice."

"You must promise me not to go back to him. He just isn't for someone like you."

"All right Sam, I promise not to date Don again."

Don Lothario tried to steal my Ripley. He will pay for that. He will pay dearly for that.


  1. For me, the disadvantage when I reach a certain point in one of Sammy's stories or the short story blog is that I really can't do much on the other blogs. They just don't have the draw that a 1/2 finished Sam story does.


  2. wow, it looks like he had a new nemesis now. :D Sam... quite a charmer he is. I'm glad Ripley had finally decided to move in with him. I guess at this point he's irresistible. And... he's also not only a charmer to women but to guys as well. Bad boy he was trying to flirt on happily married who had two teens. Lol, that face of Bob the newbie. He did look in a deep pain.

  3. He's still thinking about asking Ripley to move in. She hasn't done it yet.

    Sam is not happy about Don though, that is definite.

    Is it bad if you want to convert friends to lovers so drinking their blood is more pleasant for them? Because that's why Sam is starting to flirt with them all. :)

  4. Well.... at that point of course not. :) (especially looking back at Bob's face)

    I hope she will move in soon.

  5. We'll see how long it takes for Ripley to move in. Sam has a few things to attend to.

    BTW - email working now?

  6. I have to checked first. Yes, it's working.

  7. Oooo Sam's getting all evil - me likey ;)

  8. I really admire how much work you put into your characters' relationships, dude. Spending all night trying to get that promotion- that's dedication.

    Hehe, I love that he bites him when he doesn't give him the promotion.

    Oh man, Moe's out fishing <3 AHAHAHA he's flirting with him. Dying. Just dying. At least Moe wasn't too creeped out to let him drink. As a side note- the twins are teens already??? Yikes! Can't imagine what they're like ;)

    It's really interesting to see the effects being a vampire has on a normal career.

    So practical when it comes to Ripley, but I have to wonder if he's falling for herrrrr.

    DON LOTHARIO. Throwing a monkey wrench in the works, like always. TIME TO GO GET HIM, SAMMY.

  9. Hahah!! Guess this is the first time we really see the 'evil' side of Sam, mm? ;)

    Love that he made one of the toddlers faint at practice. Hilarious! ;D

    I'm amazed he got rejected so many times for a promotion! Sam is such a smoother talker, and with the vampire abilities, I'd think it'd be cake--but I guess the guy doesn't like cake. (It is a lie, of course!)

    Flirting with moe... Ooooh dear. ;D

    Bwahahaha--yes. Make Don pay. Pay for all his crimes of seduction! ... Ya big hypocrite, Sammy. ;) <3

  10. Yes Angiebeno, Sammy is finding the evil side of vampire. Glad you likey!

  11. @Amelia, Sam has heard (or maybe has a very faint clone memory) that if your boss is your friend, promotions are much easier. But it was around about now that I notice Sam needed his first charisma point, he had to work too hard at this.

    Moe was out fishing way late. And he nearly gave in to Sam's charms but not yet. Yes, the twins are teen, no idea what they would be like to live with.

    Sam will have to do something about Lothario. Soon. BWAHAHAHAHAH :)

  12. @Kaleeko - yes, first Sammy clone to turn toward the dark side.

    Don't ever leave a vampire alone with toddlers. Not good. <3

    Newbie didn't know Sam at all. And there was a little way up for Sam to go. If Newbie had been a good or best friend of Sam, it would have worked. If Sam had been closer to the top, it would have worked.

    Flirting with Moe, and Moe was liking it. LOL

    Sam wouldn't mind sharing but Don made Ripley forget Sam. So instead of having an easy meal/romance, Sam had to do it all again. He was seriously unhappy about that.

    Don't make a vampire unhappy. Not good.

  13. New - a poll - vote now.

    Or next week. whichever. :)

  14. That's tough. :P To be honest, I can't really pick any of the categories... I don't have much fascination with vampires to begin with, so I'm just not into Sim vampires really. More "Meh" than love/hate, I guess. I don't *dislike* them, just not gonna go outta my way to play one. ;D

  15. Made you a new answer - "don't care at this point in time."

    As a playable, it does add enough differences that you have to stop and think about a vampire. :)

  16. Lol! Same as Kaleeko. This is a tough question. I once wanted a vampire sim and had one, but I hated that he couldn't stand under the sun too long.. and he'l get a burning skin after that. To be exactly, I hated the smoke :D, but I love how they ran.

    But I do love Sam as a vampire. He's very keen to get the plasma, and I love the trickiest ways he did.

  17. First, I really like your background and color choices for this blog. It looks very sharp.

    Dang, Sam makes a very sweet vampire. Even with his charm and good looks, it still is a pita to find someone willing and available for a nibble.

    Ripley makes a fine snack. She doesn't seem to mind, either. She's fallen under Sam's spell!!

    I almost feel sorry for Don. He's really in for it now. Run, Don, Run!

  18. Aww, thanks Chrysame.

    Yep, it is a major pita for Sam to find someone to nibble when he needs it. He's been hard at work on the charm, it's getting easier for him all the time. Still, he has to be so careful about sun, it's not easy.

    Ripley is once again willing to be a snack. She wasn't for awhile after dating Don. :)

    Don can try and run but he'll never be able to hide in such a tiny town.

    For the record, back in time, when the Universe was young - I watched a version of Dracula with Frank Langella playing the lead role I have a feeling that Sammy is channeling this Dracula though I haven't seen this movie in decades.

  19. He was a great Drac.

    You guys are getting me interested in Sims, again. I'm thinking of reinstalling it and trying it out, again. And Generations looks pretty cool...

  20. Frank was a splendid Drac.

    Generations is looking cool. Lot's of stuff in there that might be really good.

    As for reinstalling, I'm still finding it fun but your mileage may vary. :) It still can do things like my game just now completely locked up when Phillip and family were about 3 or 4 days into a stay in China. Reboot the computer lock up. So they haven't been to china at all now. :(


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