Monday, April 18, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy (clone 47 - part 6)

I was invited to a party by Lucille. I accepted, of course. A house of potential snack material, it will be most entertaining.

I don't know why it was a swimsuit party. There is no pool or even a hot tub in the house or even close by. Well, since I'm here, I should see who looks tastiest in the house.

Hmmm, such a tasty morsel.

"Hello, I'm Sam. You could call me the Beast. And you would be my Beauty?"

She giggled. "No, I'm MJ. Pleased to met you, Sam."

MJ truly is a beauty, and I look forward to making her acquaintance further.

However a guest should always pay their respects to the hostess.

"Lucille, my dear, dear lady."

"Sam, you came."

"How could I refuse the request of a lovely lady?"

"How do you like the party?"

"Simply delightful, dear lady. But I was wondering."

"Yes Sam?"

"Might I have a nibble, dear lady?"

"You know I can't refuse you, you lovely lad."

I left the party and headed straight for work.

I've already worked my way up to the Minor Leagues now. Thank god for leaving the toddlers behind. There seem to be a few adult around who are sensitive to a vampire but fewer of them randomly scream when I'm close.

Of course, there are exceptions. Constance Shelley always does scream if I walk up behind her. It's rather fun, actually. Sneaky is quite good.

I decided it was time for me to have a party of my own.

I invited all of my friends and co-workers. Lovely ladies. Handsome men. All of them delicious, in their own unique ways.

"Moe, my friend. Welcome to the party."

"Sam, thanks for including me."

"My pleasure, you handsome fellow." I paused for a moment. "I was wondering if you would be so kind, Moe? Would you offer me your arm?"

"Oh Sam, if you need it."

"I do, Moe, I truly do."

Lucille thinks its funny that I'm taking plasma from Moe and not her.

Look at all that lovely plasma in my house. So yummy.

Another day, another promotion. I'm finally a true team member. I'm the latest rookie. Ok, not a great thing yet, but I get some game time at long last.

After the game, I went to the Water Hole for some fun. I ran across MJ again. Now this could be a lot of fun.

"Greetings, my Beauty."

"Oh, hi Sam."

"Where is the man I must challenge for the pleasure of your company?"

She blushed. "I'm here alone."

"Alone? Such a waste, my Beauty. May I keep you company?"

"Oh Sam, can any girl resist you?"

"A few have, my Beauty." She didn't protest when I leaned in for a kiss.

We soon went home to my place.

It was only a little more persuasion required to get MJ into bed.

I knew we would have a fun night together.

We slept well but she woke early to leave for work. I got up as well. There was something I needed.

"Beauty, my beauty. May I?"

"Sam, what?"

"Ah my Beauty, I thirst. Your plasma will be just what I need to cure my dreadful thirst."

She tentatively offered an arm.

"Beauty, I have a much better idea." I gently touched her.  So soft and smooth, her precious skin.

And oh so delicious to many senses. The perfume of her skin. The feel of the pulse just under that soft skin. The warmth of the plasma.

"How was that for you, my Beauty?"

"Oh Sam, I think I could let you do that forever."

"No, MJ, you could not." I sighed. "Your heart may be willing but your body would collapse oh so quickly."

I was on my way to work when I spotted Don Lothario.

He is shameless, now he's after Mary Kay Shallow, daughter of one of the wealthiest families in town.

I laid into him the moment I know who it was. He tried to keep Ripley from me.

He must learn not to meddle in the affairs of vampires. For we are strong and quick to anger.

Quite frankly, a mere stylist never had a chance again someone who trains as often as I do.

I had to head in, it was game night and I must not miss any of the game.

When the game was over, we were all pumped over our victory.

Lothario was still there. That was typical stupid human on his part. He should have left while he could.

I yelled at him about Ripley.

Then I proved to him that even after a game, he was simply no match.

I doubt that will stop him from romancing every female he can in town. But he may think twice if he founds out they have been seen in my company.

I went home after my triumph over Don and taught myself a new hobby.

The bass is fun and not at all difficult to learn.

Come to think of it, nothing has been difficult to learn since becoming a vampire. Every skill I try, seems to come quickly and naturally.

The same has been true with painting. I can feel my skill increase by the hour.

I am using this time to contemplate the problem of Lothario. I really can't do much about him in daylight in the public eye. But perhaps there is a way to meet him elsewhere.


  1. New banner courtesy of Kaleeko!


  2. Wow! The banner looks amazing and the title really match with this blog! Hmm... I'm so jealous now ;)

    Now for the story. Wow, Sam... you've made MJ_Rose there hopelessly helpless. That was very hilarious.

    And oh, how high his ego was - wanting to have all the women for himself especially the ones with blood type O ;) What will he do if Ripley knows about it?

    Sam surely has a temper, especially if it relates to his woman. Don should have known better than to meddle in.

  3. Sammy certainly made short work of Don Lothario.

  4. MJ, your banner has been lovely for ages. Sammy finally has one!

    :) MJ_Rose didn't have a chance once Sammy decided to seduce her. Poor girl. She seemed pretty happy about the attention.

    Poor Sam has to spread himself out a bit. He needs to feed twice a day - his donors can only give once.

    Sammy always does have a temper but vampirism has made it worse.

  5. Thanks Seaweedy. Sam has a lot of athletic skill now, taking down Don wasn't hard at all.

  6. Lovely banner! Woot!!

    Favorite shot: Lucille giggling at Moe getting nibbled.

    Sam is being very possessive of his food

    "The problem of Lothario." Don, I suggest a long distance move. Very long distance.

  7. *snort* I'm playing Marta and had her woohoo with Cyclone in Town Hall. This must be a new moodlet...Disappointing experience. Apparently it was bad woohoo! *snort*

    I downloaded Sam for her. Bad woohoo puts Marta in a very foul mood. Hopefully, Sam can perk her up.

  8. Yes! SEXY BANNER! ;D

    Hehehe... Sam on the hunt looks hilarious. Seriously, all I can hear when he's sucking someone's arm is, "NOM NOM NOM..." Yes. Sam is, indeed, a vampire lolcat.

    I agree with Chrysame, the one with Moe where Lucille is laughing is HILARious.

    Of course, Sammy's off to seduce MJ Rose. And who wouldn't want to?! Mrowr! *tease*

    Hahahaha--Don Lothario, you've met your match! Match being... someone insanely more impressive than you. Bwahahaha.

    I can see things may not bode well for poor Don, after now. ^^

    Also, I love how Sam kicked his butt so hard he fell into a new outfit. ;D

  9. Oh man, PiB, I can't tell you how many "pool parties sans pool" I've been invited to. They're rather creepy.

    Sam's pickup lines amuse me to no end. Such a charmerrrrr-

    OH NO, MOEEEE. Well, he was bound to give in at some point. But being laughed at? HOW DARE THEY.

    Oh my, working his magic on a new girl already! And that fight with Don Lothario- he had it coming.

    Ooo, musician Sammy. Amelia likes.

    One thing I wish Late Night had done better is to allow for more "vicious" vampires. I mean, all it really allows for is going around taking blood from willing victims. But I digress- I'm curious to see how he deals with Don Lothario.

  10. Well, I meant my sims have been invited to. It doesn't happen in real life.

  11. Hey Chrysame

    Sam is very possessive of his food/friends. He does have some reason though, from a friend it's a simple request. From a stranger - not so easy. :)

    Oh, Marta and Sammy? Tell Marta that Sam comes with a satisfaction guarantee - if he fails, she should kill him. LOL

  12. Kaleeko - brilliant banner.

    Sam liked seducing MJ Rose. His Beauty and a lot of fun to play with.

    Don decided to change clothes at the oddest time! And things don't seem to be going well for him. :)

  13. Amelia,

    I'm glad someone finally specifically mentioned Sam's lines. They take time to write up.

    That's at least the second time Moe gave blood. But he's not given in to Sam's romantic moments.

    Agreed on late night vampires being a bit whimpy. They should be able to force someone to give blood, but no such luck.

    Thanks for the comments.

  14. Oh the banner looks amazing!

    Great chapter - by the time this clone is done he will of had a bite of everyone in town ;)

  15. Thanks Angiebeno

    The banner is amazing - it helps to get a good artist to do it instead of my usual hacks. :)

    Sam would love to have a bite of everyone but he has a long way to go there.


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