Friday, April 22, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy (clone 47 - part 8)

I had an unexpected bonus. Don had a decent car, I found the keys on the ground after the Reaper had gone.

Since Don is in no condition to use or appreciate a vehicle, I may as well have some wheels of my own.

I'm not sure I mentioned. My hard work and dedication to the team moved me up to one of the starters.

It's good for both me and the team. My skills and speed are hard for any other team to match when they only have mortal players.

Robert Newbie retired, Angel Lobos is my new boss. I think that's great, we've been friends for some time.

It's not too hard to get Angel to visit. He lives across the street. It only takes him a moment to walk over.

We chatted about a few things, including work. Angel agreed to give me a raise.

He also agreed to help me with a more physical need before he went home to his wife.

It's 8 in the morning and some idiot human wakes me up with a phone call. Don't they know I should be sound asleep now?

"Yes what?"


"I think I could arrange some time this evening?"

"I'd really rather not at this time in the day."

"The mayor insists? Well, I guess I could go over for a short time."

I hung up and sighed. The mayor wants some sort of ceremony and he insists on now. So I grabbed a shower, got dressed and walked out of the door.

And straight into a cage. Someone had set up a cage just outside my front door.

The cage had a keeper. George Dean was standing just on the other side.

I'm not sure if I should be flattered or worried that the highest ranking cop has been seconded to watch over me. If it were night, I would never worry. During the daylight, I have no special powers of persuasion, speed or strength.

It took a truck and 6 burly men to move the cage from outside my door to here. I'm trapped in the center of town in full sun. Oh god, that sun is intense.

"George, my dear fellow."

"That's Mr Dean to you, vampire."

That's not a promising start. "Surely Mr Dean, there's been a dreadful error. If you could just let me..."

"I know what you want. It's worth my job and my pension to let you out of this cage without proper authority."

"And proper authority would be?"

"The orders were signed by the mayor. He must countermand them."

I tried for awhile but Dean pretended I no longer existed. He didn't react to anything I said.

It wasn't long before I was desperate to get out of the sun. The now familiar feel of my skin sizzling slowly grew more intense.

Finally, the mayor arrived. If Walter Grisby will have the cage opened now, I'll be fine. I might smell a bit like a roast dinner but I'll be fine.

"Mr Mayor, my dear sir. There seems to have been a small mistake."

"Mistake, Mr Grant?"

"The police feel that I need to be held here. But I've done nothing wrong."

"Nothing wrong, Mr Grant? You consider the death of Don Lothario nothing?"

Oh, shit. "Death? I know nothing of a death."

"We have proof that you were in the graveyard in the company of Don Lothario the other night. We have proof that you bit him. There was a photographer there, he was interested in seeing if he could capture ghosts on film. He caught you and Don on film instead."

Damn, was that who I smelled?

"It took us all of yesterday to dig through the city laws, Mr Grant. What we eventually found was very interesting. We have a custom of trial by ordeal for determining the guilt or innocence of a vampire. The vampire is placed in a cage for one full day outside. If they live, they are innocent. If they die, they were guilty."

Grisby continued, "Many of our fine citizens have been complaining of vampires in their midst. They know they're being hunted. They don't like it."

"But I take only from the willing."

"That might have been true once, but you crossed a line. You are a danger to the community at large."

"I could leave town."

"It would be irresponsible of me to allow you to terrorise another community. This ends here." With that, the mayor walked away. I watched my hopes of survival go away with him.

People wandered by the cage all day. Most acted like there was an obstacle to avoid, sparing no glance in my direction.

A few came by to jeer, including members of the opposing team.

A few came by to offer me what comfort they could. MJ was one of the latter.

Ripley also visited me in kindness. Ripley has promised to deliver this last note to you when I'm finished.

Eventually, I was overwhelmed by the hot sun on my skin. I fainted. I have no idea how long I was out. It must have been for some time, someone managed to place an old lawn chair in one corner of the cage and my bass near the center. I suppose that someone decided I didn't have to spend all my time standing and bored.

When I woke, I felt very weak. One of the smallest toddlers from the toddler coaching class could have easily bested me in a fight.

My skin was extra crispy and my thirst was starting to build.

I was grateful for the bass. It gave me a way to distract myself.

I played for hours.

It was finally evening. No more sun beating down. At long last, no more sun.

I had been very badly damaged by sunlight during the day in the cage. I could feel myself recovering slowly from the sun, however I still didn't feel like my vampire self.

Thirst was beginning to truly plague me. And it is building fast. Much faster than usual.

"Hello? What?"

"Yes, I would be very interested in life insurance. Could you get me signed up in say, ten minutes?"


"In that case, I don't think there's time. Goodbye."

It's time to set this note to the side for Ripley. Thirst is beginning to drive me insane. If I cannot drink soon, I die.

The death of a vampire

If they have been badly damaged by sun, the end is much faster. Sam had the Very Thirsty (24 hours) and Madly Thirsty (24 hours) moodlets. However, these moodlets counted time very very fast. He died well before the end of his first day in the cage. Nothing like the 3 days it should have taken a healthy Sim to die.

Death by thirst wins points as a spectacular death. Now I've only actually seen death by age, fire, starvation and drowning. So one of the others might be interesting but a vampire death by thirst is quite impressive.

First your poor Sim crumbles to dust.

Then the Grim Reaper shows up.

And you get a very spooky ghost because you can hear and see their heart beat in their chest.

All up, one of the coolest ghosts I've seen.

Sam usually just shakes hands with the reaper. I can't remember him ever pleading, though it could have happened at least one.

Ah the irony. The Reaper decided to stay and clean up Sam's ashes. Now in spite of him being able to enter a cage with no door, he's now complaining that he can't leave again.


  1. A few notes - I'm trying a few new gadgets and so forth. If any of them are particularly good or bad for you, please leave a message. It's always hard for me to tell what works for others.

    This Sam got to do several firsts. First vampire I've played, first Sam clone not to get married, and the first Sam to go evil. All up, it was entertaining.

  2. Great ending and what a surprise! I always liked George Dean. But, I wasn't ready. I kept thinking that MJ or Ripley or Lucille would save Sam.

    That is one cool looking death and ghost. Can you hear the heartbeat? It reminds me of the Tell Tale Heart.

    It was indeed a very entertaining story.

  3. Don't tell Sam but this clone was *always* going to die of thirst as a vampire. I heard that vampire ghosts were very cool and the pulsating heart ++ heartbeat was.

    Also he got to kill someone, which is something that Sam has never done before.

    I was hoping it wasn't obvious that this Sam was heading for a nasty fate. Or at least, not too obvious.

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. Lmao he took Don's car. I am loving this Sammy.

    Someone caged him in? Niiiiice! And to think, I thought there wouldn't be any repurcussions for Don's death. Who cares about silly Don Lothario? Mortals, man.

    What a way to test the innocence of a vampire. Recalls the Salem Witch Trials, to me! He's kind of gonna lose either way.

    Oh man, I didn't expect him to die at all! :( Very sad. I agree with Chrysame, I kept expecting someone to save him, but when you mentioned Ripley and the note, I knew he was a goner.

    Side note: Walter Grisby is one fugly dude.

  5. Hey Amelia. Course Sam took Don's car. And it was a nice one, not a clunker.

    Yep, caged and in daylight when he has no special abilities.

    I took the inspiration for the trial by ordeal straight from witch hunting. My fav was dunking the witch. If they drown, they were innocent. If they lived, they were guilty and burned. Yikes!

    Poor Sam, it's never actually that easy for me to kill a clone but it was very instructional to kill a vampire this way. Once they have been in sun too long, they have 2 days of being extra careful or else.

    The Grisbys are all fugly. Walter, wife and daughter.

    Thanks for commenting.

  6. The Grisby's are fugly but they're such a happy, devoted family. :D

    I know another Sam clone will rise up and do something new but I'm gonna miss evil vamp Sam. I'd ask what's next but I think I'd rather be surprised.

  7. I know that the Grisby's seem nice enough under normal circumstances. Walter wasn't so nice now but how can you be sure a vampire who has killed once won't keep it up?

    I don't miss evil vamp Sam - since the game was saved from before things started rolling seriously downhill on him. :) Like Sims 2, I'll never have a lot of vampires but having a few helps mix things up a bit.

    Actually, next is most likely a second tale with Jerod "The Shrimp". I still haven't picked a villain for the piece though.

    Sam's next is likely to do with the SILC competition.

  8. Saaaaaaaammm, oh Sam! This is why you murder people in PRIVATE PLACES! Don't drag your prey into graveyards where anyone and their uncle can spy on you!

    Srsly. Sam needs to commit more crimes, or at least read the Murderer's Handbook. ;)

    I am pleased, though. Sam went a VERY different way this time! Death by thirst... Tragic, but oddly satisfying! Poor guy, locked in a cage... What a penal system THAT is. Srsly. XD

    Muy <3. Was a bit short for a Sammy story, it feels like, but that's okay! I enjoyed it, and was pleasantly surprised at the ending. ^^

  9. Sam is seriously under experienced at being the evil doer. Plenty of experience at being a victim of someone evil.

    I am very thankful that a vampire who spent the day in sun dies *fast* from thirst. When the Very Thirsty moodlet popped up saying 24 hours, I was "No, not days of tormenting Sam again!" But it was more like 6 hours, not a couple more days.

    Blame Don for the length of the story. I knew Sam would die, but once Don stole Ripley, the date of death was suddenly much much closer. Well, Don and the paparazzi who happened to witness it.

    But some of the more recent stories were a bit too long. It was good to create a shorter one with more punch.

  10. Aw poor Sam, but a pretty cool way to go!

  11. Thanks angiebeno. I will have another evil Sam who might survive longer. But it was a very cool death scene.

  12. Hey PiB,

    I'm starting my own little clone challenge using Gwen Mayweather.

    I've just started and the first challenge is self-employed. Painting is obvious as one of her traits is artistic. She should be fun to take through this process!

  13. Poor Gwen, I'm glad she's from a tough bloodline.

    She is allowed to skip the triplets...she and Jack did have a nearly infinite number of babies. :)

    Have fun with the Gwennies. Keep us updated from time to time.

  14. Oh my what an awesome and tragic ending! I didn't expect this to happen. I feel sad though, knowing that vampire Sam had died.

    :( Maybe that's why MJ was a bit upset the other day.

    It's a really strict punishment.

  15. Hey MJ,

    You can feel sad for the vampire Sam, but you know there will be another Sam sometime. I'm glad I wasn't being too obvious with where the story was going.

    Never did find out why MJ had been upset before. First MJ to catch Sammy's eye and he died before he could get serious.

    Well, from the mayor's point of view, Sam was unpredictably violent. He killed once, he may well do it again.

    Thanks for the comments!

  16. So long to this clone, looking forward to meeting the new Sammy.

  17. Thanks Seaweedy. Many clones live much longer than this one but he had a very interesting death.


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