Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hi Mum, It's Sammy (Clone 63 - Part 10)

"I'm glad you came home early," Jericho told me. "Eddie's still home so I'd like to hold a household meeting."

"What's this about?"

"Let me get Eddie and Howie. I'd rather get this over with and have all three of you here." Jericho motioned to the couch and I collapsed on it. Jer's mood had turned rather somber, whatever the household meeting was going to be about wasn't pretty.

It wasn’t long before Howie turned up, followed by Eddie and Jericho. Eddie and Howie took seats on the couch.

Jer rubbed his neck for a moment before he finally started. “Guys, we are having a bit of a money crisis. It’s not dire yet, but I think we only have cash for at most two more mortgage payments before our funds dry up entirely.” We looked at each other. “I don’t think we need to go for drastic measures but we do need to stop buy things because they seem like a good idea and we have to stop going to the adult education courses until things are a bit better,” continued Jericho.

“Does that mean I can’t have the sweet drum kit I’ve one eye on?” asked Eddie.

Jericho shrugged. “For the moment, no. If you can earn the money for it through tips, I won’t complain. In fact, you and Sam are more than pulling your weight. You two have regular jobs. It’s mainly Howie and I that need to bring in more money.”

Howie chimed in, “I know that none of my inventions so far have been worth that much. It’s just a matter of time before I develop something cool that will be worth a lot.”

“I know, Howie, but we need something more in the meantime. I love fishing but I’ve yet to catch any of the really large valuable fish.” Jericho turned his blue eyes on Howie. “The problem is this moment in time. I have faith that eventually we’ll all do well, but we need more cash now. My plan is to try and charm more wild animals into captivity. Our parrot is actually worth a nice sum, if I can find other animals regularly, it will ease our finances quickly.”

Howie was still deep in thought about what he could do to earn some quick simoleons.  My mind suddenly flashed to the missing pets. “Damn, that’s a pity,” I muttered.

“What’s a pity?”

“There have been several missing pets reported at the station, and I had a plan to try to catch the thief. But it’s going to require a small surveillance system, and my co-workers pointed out that I can’t use police equipment. I was hoping that we could buy it but I guess it’s going to be well out of our budget. I think they cost a couple of thousand.”

“Not necessarily,” replied Howie. “We should be able to get the components for around 200 or so. I can put it together for Sammy. When he’s done, I should be able to install it somewhere else for 1500 to 2000.”

Jericho nodded, “That sounds quite reasonable. I’d heard those systems were expensive too, but it makes sense that the cost is getting them installed and working properly. Our budget can stand that, and if we can sell it again at a profit, that would work out well. I’d say, yes, we can buy that but everyone gets a say. Howie?”

Howie looked over at the pup he brought home. “I’d hate for our little guy to go missing and if he did, I’d want him found. I say yes, even if we have to go hungry a couple of days.”

“Thanks Howie. I don’t think our finances are at the ‘go hungry’ stage but it’s good to know.” Jericho turned to Eddie. “Eddie? What’s your opinion?”

“I want to know why no police equipment?”

“Our senior officer doesn’t think it’s worth police time to find the pets. But he hasn’t been the one talking to the owners and they are soon going to be ringing up to find out about their pets.” I shook my head, “I really don’t want to be telling them that their pets aren’t worth our time. Especially given they are pedigree pets. That’s why we can’t get official equipment from the police.”

“Ok, I’ll agree. And if you can sell that gear for a serious profit, can I get my drum?”

“We can’t look at spending extra money on goodies like drums until we have a few months worth of the mortgage available. Besides, Eddie, you have a guitar and a piano. Won’t they do?”

Eddie sighed. “Well, I want that drum but I can work on improving my style with the instruments we do own. Yes, I still agree, even if I have to wait for my drum.”

“Thanks guys. I appreciate it and so will several people if we can return their pets.” I got up to move closer to Jer. I felt this need to touch him. Even just my hand brushing past his was enough - the sensation was almost electric.

It must have been obvious that something had changed in our relationship. Howie and Eddie looked at each other. “So, are you guys engaged or something?” Howie finally asked.

“We are engaged,” I started. “And something more,” Jericho finished.

“Damn, totally out of circulation?”

“Totally and forever out of circulation,” Jericho replied. “I’ve found that Sam is the one true love of my life.”

“Well, congratulations. The two of you are looking very happy about it,” said Eddie.

I looked at Jer who was looking at me. “We are,” we replied simultaneously.

“By the way, Jericho. My pay is 100 short this week. We are going to the police ball, it’s apparently a job requirement.”

Eddie turned to Howie, “They get to go to the ball. Does that mean we are doomed to turn into pumpkins?”

“Probably,” replied Howie glumly.

“If it will prevent pumpkinitis, then we’ll find a way to buy you two tickets too,” promised Jericho. “That’s only another §100, and it would be nice to get out and meet more people around town. It’s not like classes which are §400 for just one or drum kits which are even more. That’s really all I wanted to talk to you guys about. Any reasonable ways to raise money fast should be considered.” Jericho gave my hand a light squeeze as he left the room.

“Hey, Howie. Where could we get the stuff you’d need to put together a security camera system?”

“Well, Sam, I think the consignment store had a boxed kit last time I was there. Probably someone bought it on SimsBay who then discovered that they couldn’t put it together properly. You have to be fairly competent with electronics to work with those kits, they are complicated as all hell.” Howie buffed his fingernails against his shirt. “I am very competent so it should be a piece of cake.”

“Before we go looking, let me ring Felipe and see if we can head over to his place to set it up.” Howie nodded. I pulled out my phone and rang Felipe.

“Hey, you home? … Yeah, we might have a security system to set up. You still be there in about 1/2 hour or so? … Good. You ok with this? … Great! See you soon.” I turned back to see that Howie was already heading out the door. Well, it was obvious that we were going out to get the equipment. Or at least try, it might not still be at the shop today. I caught up with Howie before the taxi had arrived and we went to the shop.

I could tell that this was a place that Howie frequents a lot. The cashier knows his name and Howie headed straight for a particular shelf without pausing. He grabbed a box.

“Here it is, Sammy. For a mere 200 and it’s a complete outfit. Four cameras and a central box that those cameras all record to.”

“Are the cameras water proof? Because all the pets stolen were in backyards, and it might rain before the thief crosses our path.”

“If we want to sell this kit again, we better not get the cameras wet. But they do have plastic shields to keep the worst off of the camera,” Howie replied. “I don’t think we can do better on price, so I’d recommend this.”

I nodded and Howie took his purchase to the cashier. As luck would have it, the shop had just sold a couple of Howie’s gadgets so we made a small net profit of 140. We hailed another taxi and headed off to Felipe’s house.

Bonus Pics

So, Sam is worried about lack of money and Jer wants babies. Not surprising

Here they are finally getting engaged.

Without shirts cause who need clothes for a moment like this?

As always with Sims in love, they are extremely content with this.

Jericho did spend some time catching birds and improved the family finances a lot. Over 2,000 with 3 birds.

Sam actually has been promoted to real officer. Don't know when that will come up in the story.

I ended up not being able to save so here is the birthday party for the babies that didn't happen. You may recognise some of the guests.

Twallan, why are you stealing Goby?

Well, eventually Monica had her birthday and so I could do a sneak peak.

And this is how she'll grow up. She does show a few things from Jericho (eye shape, cheek shape) she is mostly a Sammy girl.

And when I grew Goby up, the first reaction is My God, Sims seriously can't dress themselves.

The second was - this is Sammy standing here in Jericho's skin. If it wasn't for the blue, Goby is a Sam clone.

Goby as a pirate.

Trying to keep him from looking so clonish.


  1. Well, babies are expensive these days, guys. XD

    Half the pictures weren't showing up for me for some reason but I think I got the whole story, haha! Hopefully, this surveillance system is worth it. And maybe he'll get a nice pay raise for catching the pet stealers! Fingers crossed for them.

    Adorable bbieees. He really does look like Sam, man!

    1. It's a big expensive house and the guys only had 10,000 spare cash when they moved in. Since they only have starter/self employed jobs, they've been burning through it.

      Sorry about the pics, I hope they usually work. The words should be fine.

      Yeah, Goby really is a Sam clone.

    2. The pics are loading tonight so I went back and reread!

    3. Such dedication to Sammy. Reading again with the pics.

      I should send him to give you a big hug.

  2. Hope they can work on their money issues, they seem to be on the right course :P. Hope they can get those pets back!

    1. Poor guys. They do have to do something about their cash flow (lack thereof)

      And yes, we are on course to retrieve the missing pets.

  3. I so agree about Sims dressing themselves! Always a disaster! I hope the money issues come together for them.

    1. I've had Sims pick clothes that weren't an utter disaster a few times.

      Goby wasn't one of them.

      I'm pretty sure that the boys will be able to straighten out their finances now that they are aware they are going broke.

  4. The pics are showing fine here :)

    What's better than a shirtless Sammy pic? A shirtless Sammy *and* Jer pic ;)

    1. Glad the pics are mostly working. Thanks for that report.

      LOL yep. Shirtless male pictures FTW. Shirtless Sammy and Jer == good times.

  5. Poor Eddie waiting for drums :( Ah well, it's all for a bigger and better cause. I hope they find out what's happening with the missing pets! Goby is definitely Sammy in blue skin - very handsome indeed!

    1. Hey Mikezumi,

      Eddie will survive just fine with the two instruments that he does have.

      The mystery of the pets will be unveiled soon.

      I know, Goby is a handsome lad. I wasn't expecting him to be quite so much like Sammy though.

  6. Love it! Can't wait to see what is happening with the missing pets!

    Shirtless male sims... Mmmmmmmm. :D

    Also, that little owl that Jer caught is really cool looking! :D


    1. Glad you are still loving it, SimChick.

      :) Shirtless Sammy proposing to shirtless Jericho. Oh yeah.

      That particular bird is a) cool looking and b) valuable!

  7. Awwww.. that last picture of Sam and Jericho embracing is heartwrenching. T_T They're so sweet together!

    Man, all that money talk has my head spinning in circles, lol... But at least they got it all figured out!! Really awesome of all the guys to be willing to help pitch in for that!

    Aww, and they're all going to go to the police ball, too. I'm really looking forward to seeing that!! I have a feeling it's gonna be special, they keep bringing it up all the time, hehe. ^^

    Aaaaand--onwards! ♥

  8. While I have to say that Sam has been very much in love with every single spouse he ever had, Jer and Sam have inspired the best love story. They are indeed very sweet together and are looking forward to being married. They do make an excellent couple.

    Eddie and Howie are nice guys too. They would be willing to help with any reasonable cause.

    The police ball, you're the first to mention that you've noticed it. And yes, there will be something special about that. [evil grin]

  9. Firstly, I am so glad you featured Eddie and Howie more in this one, they are really sweet, and do grow on you.

    I could just picture Howie buffing his nails and bragging about his electrical competence as I read.
    I had a good giggle about the pumkinitus, then went awwwww, at the engagement pics.

    Sigh, these two.

    Thanks so much for the man in uni pic :P groupie status elevating to stalker levels now.

    Then I scrolled and read this...

    And when I grew Goby up, the first reaction is My God, Sims seriously can't dress themselves.

    ROFLCOPTERS I laughed so long and hard, I had tears streaming down my face and misted up my glasses LOL

    At least he kept the nautilus theme with the hat though... LOL


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