Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hi Mum, It's Sammy (Clone 63 - Part 11)

Felipe showed us the area his German Shepherd usually stayed in. It was outside, without even enough of a fence to keep the dog in but definitely nothing that would keep a human out, other than Rex himself.

“I was thinking that we should leave one camera a little more obvious and camouflage the others,” I mentioned to Howie.

“That’s not a good idea. Spotting one camera is likely to have any crook who knows these systems on the lookout for more. They all have to be hidden fairly well, so that the pet nappers don’t notice any of them at all.”

Felipe and I both nodded. “I’ve never thought about it. That does make sense.”

Howie spent the next 1/2 hour installing and checking the system. Two cameras were recording activity in  the front garden, the other two covered the back. “That should do it,” Howie finally said. “I’ve tested and the system is recording fine. This particular system only holds one days worth of recordings, so don’t go away all weekend or anything.”

“I guess the next step is to enter Rex in the Pet Show and make sure no one is home some of the time.”

“We already entered Rex. My wife has been wanting to do it, but I was putting it off. Well, now is the time. She and the baby go out to the park in the mornings so there is time for the pet nappers to find Rex on his own.”

God, I hope this scheme works. I don’t want to add Rex to the ever growing list of missing pets. Felipe has been my mentor since day 1 and I’d rather not risk a friendship. We waved goodbye and headed home.

When I walked in the door, my first thoughts were of Jericho. The closer I am to him, the more complete I feel. It's kind of funny, I don't need to ask or look around for him now. I just know approximately where he is compared to where I am, nearly all the time. At the moment though, I don't need to look for him when he's already coming to greet me.

"Things go well, love?" He reached for my hands. I closed my eyes as his love washed over me with that touch.

"We've set everything up, Jericho. I hope the scheme works, it would be nice to return those pets." I sighed softly as he let go. "Damn, love, I don't know how I'm going to leave you to go to work during the week. It's hard to move away from your touch."

Jericho nodded, then looked thoughtful. "Do you know what you've done to my future plans, Sam? I was thinking that after the birth of my 10th Strider baby, I might go back to the sea. Ask another Strider to continue on." As he spoke, I could feel a wave of sorrow pass through him. His longing for the sea is strong.

"Back to the sea? I really don't think that's a long term option for me, even with our bond." Somehow I don't see living for centuries if I'm trying to breathe water.

"That's what I mean. When it came down to it, I could either have a future with you or a future in the sea. I've definitely made the right choice. The sea I miss, but I can live without. You? Once I knew you, I was never going to be able to live without you." He gently stroked my cheek. "You are without any doubt the future that I need."

"God, Jer, I hope I was the right choice. I can feel how much you miss the sea sometimes." As I spoke, Jericho turned his full attention to me. There was no trace of longing for the sea now. There was only love, a huge surge of love for me. As a reply, I sent all the love in my heart spinning in Jer's direction. From the blissful look on Jericho's face, I'm fairly confident that he felt it.

"Now, Sammy, I have a new problem."

"Can I help?"

"I doubt it, since the problem is about you. You see, I don't care so much about my original reason for coming to the land, having lots of children with lots of different Sims. I still want a big family, but I want every last one of them to be our babies."

"I told you, Jer. Who the other parent is will never make a difference to me. Every baby you bring home is our child." I kissed him softly. "You matter the universe to me. The rest is all bonus."

"Seriously, Sam, how would you feel about a really big family?"

"As long as we have the space and the money to provide for them properly, we can have a dozen kids if that would make you happy."

"How about two or three dozen?"

Jericho felt my shock and he started to look disappointed. "Just give me a few minutes to process that idea," I protested. "That's kind of ... unexpected ... for me. Were you truly serious about living for centuries?"

Jer nodded. "Yes, barring accidents or serious disease we will. I expect that we will live 5 maybe 6 hundred years. That's about the Strider average."

I mentally filed away the whole idea of living 500 years, that's going to take some time for me to get used to. Maybe I'd believe it after the first hundred. "Ok, so we don't actually have to have a baby a year to get two or three dozen. We can have them slowly and still have ..." My mind kind of blanked again. Three dozen children? Goddess that would be so many.

Then again, Jericho has given up ever permanently returning to his people just for me. If this is something he really wants, how can I deny him? "Four babies a decade would be 3 dozen in 90 years." I shrugged, "It sounds slightly insane to me but if you want that many, we will have that many." I smirked at him. "I will, of course, expect you to do an unfair share of the child raising."

I suddenly had both arms full of Jericho, not that I minded in the least. "Oh Sam, you don't know what that means to me."

He jumped down again and started nibbling my ear.  It was just starting to feel really good when Jericho stopped with his eyes wide. "Goddess, that was odd."

"Jer, why the hell did you stop?" I protested.

"I can't explain. I don't have the words. Just try something like what I was doing."

I started with a few kisses on Jer's neck and then gave him a love bite. I could feel him shudder slightly from the bite and then I was both biting Jer and feeling an echo of the sensation of my teeth on his throat. I kept at it for another few moments before the effect overwhelmed me. I blinked a few times as I tried to clear my head.

"That, my love, has some very interesting implications for any love making. Almost double the fun."

The rest of the evening was spent experimenting with this discovery. We ended up in bed, taking things very slowly that first post bonding session. That dual sensation made everything we tried much more intense.

"You know, Jericho, the bond does ensure a couple is faithful, doesn't it?"

"Does it?" asked Jer sleepily.

"Well, for one thing, making love with anyone else will never measure up to what it's like with you. It was always great but now it's just mind blowing." A shiver went up my spine at the thought of it. "And the other is, well, you'd have to be a very very long way away to successfully cheat on your partner." If Jericho knows I'm getting nervous from half way across town, we'd never miss knowing if the other were cheating anywhere in this city.

Jer eyed me. "Does this mean you've been thinking about cheating on me? Already? The goddess won't be pleased with you." His voice was serious but his mood was playful.

"I was thinking about joining a male escort service," I teased Jer. "You did say we need to earn extra cash and I've heard the better the 'service'..."

Jericho's mood changed in a flash. He growled softly, pushing me into the bed as he climbed on top of me to stop that sentence with a savage kiss. The forceful kiss soon turned to one of absolute passion. "Mine. All mine. Only mine," he said when he finally paused to let me breathe.

"Yours. All yours. Only yours. Forever and ever yours," I finally managed to gasp out. I tapped him on the chest. "You know very well I was teasing."

"Part of me did but base instinct won out. I think you should make a note, that is one topic that you should always take seriously. Maybe I can stand being teased about it when we are old, wrinkly and grey. After we've shared a long and wonderful life together."

I nodded. "I believe I will take it far more seriously. Although," I paused. I was about to say that if that's what it takes to get Jer to throw himself on me but I decided that might sound a bit too deliberately provocative. "Any time you want to fling yourself on top of me, please do." I licked the nearest nipple. "Can never have too much of my love throwing his hot bod on me."

"Sammy, you are a wicked, wicked man. And I love you dearly for it." With one final soft kiss, he rolled off me and to his side of the bed.


Bonus pics

A day in the life of Monica Grant

"Hello Mr Turtle. What are you hiding under here?"

"It's not fair. We had to do the work and grow up. The adults get all the cake."

"I'm not talking to you, Daddy. Where's my cake?"

"Are you sure you're my other daddy? Cause you don't look like me."

"If you aren't my daddy, can I trust this?"

"I told you, you can't be my daddy. So why should I come to you?"

"Ok, I've decided you are my daddy too."

"I can bite mine harder than you can bite yours."

"Goby, why did you get the fun toy?"


Twallan is a serial baby napper. This is the second time the babies have had their birthday and the second time Twallan has grabbed babies.

In Sims 2, the party guests *usually* noticed the main event. Not so much in Sims 3

See what I mean about Twallan? The good news is, he went home and married altheaquin's simself so he'll have a few of his own soon. Very soon.

Again, the house but no guests for the candles. They did start showing up for cake later.

Ice Crisp dancing with his creator Thea. Ice wasn't looking enthused, not a good idea when dancing with your creator.

Sammy and the babies. Sammy always loves his little ones. Or, in fact, any little one he can grab.

"Why do I have to learn to walk? Shouldn't we be swimming?"

"Oh, all right. If you insist."

Things get scary on the inventing bench.


  1. Jericho can be the one to change 36 diapers! Hahaha. XD I love the way Sam thinks. The babies are turning out to be so cuuuute. This was a cute update overall!

    Also, I think you should start a male escort Sammy one of these days. *innocent whistle*

    BLARGH stop eating my comments bloggerrrrrr

    1. Sammy wasn't telling the truth. If they eventually have 3 dozen babies, Sam will help with all of them. He can't resist them babies or toddlers.

      But since Jer is a family Sim, he can train them toddlers at about 3 times the rate Sam can. He taught Goby potty in *one* session. I've never seen that before.

      Male escort Sammy - maybe his next clone. This one is very happily attached to his mate.

  2. I hope Rex will be okay. Loved the details about their bond - so romantic with a touch of spice :D Good to see my Eddie. Looks like he's doing fine!

    Never had a guest pick up a baby for their birthday. Naughty Twallan ;-)

    1. Rex should be fine but they kind of have to let him be pet napped so they can find the guilty party. It's been fun writing the Jer and Sam relationship up. The hard part has been getting the snaps to go with the text.

      Two babies - very naughty Twallan. But I've had it before. Sam and Amelia had a guest take one of their spawn to the cake. Actually it happened twice to them. :)

  3. Those two are awesome together. And gosh do those kids look like Sam!

    1. Sammy and Jer really are the cutest couple.

      And yes, those kids are Grant babies - barely a Jer influence at all. But they should have another couple before I'm done with them.

  4. 3 DOZEN!!!? Whoa! They have a long time to accomplish it but

    I hope Rex bites his pet napppers when the time comes. German shepherds are big, beautiful doggies...who could take someone's hand off if they were so inclined lol

    1. Well, due to the way Hi Mum runs, they'll be lucky with one or two more. Given Jericho is originally a 100 baby challenge Sim, a mere 3 dozen is just a fraction. LOL

      We'll see about Rex. But I'm afraid he will get napped. Soon.

  5. Finally finished reading (I am a very slow reader - just ask Cami :P)! Great update! I couldn't imagine playing a pair of sims long enough for three dozen babies! Monica and Goby are cuties!
    With all that security, they should surely be able to keep Rex safe!

    1. Hi Rob, and welcome

      No, they won't actually get Jericho's 3 dozen babies. Sammy stories don't tend to last that long.

      The security isn't really to keep Rex safe. It's to record who steals him. :)

  6. Awwww! Steamy and romantic!! Hehe, I think you might be getting a little too attached to this couple... careful, you might be lured into starting yet another blog! /tease

    Goodness gracious, though. I did realize they'd be living so long, but even so, that many babies just seems... O_O. I don't blame Sam, lol!! But, at least this way they might have a break from kids every so often!! 500 years is a long, long time... It's gonna take a while for that one to sink in.

    lol, and Twallan sure does love showing up to these birthday parties. O.o *giggle*

    Super sweet post, dear <3

    1. Yeah, it was getting very hot in that last bedroom scene. LOL - I do swear that the boys just take control when I'm not looking. But they will be disappointed by their lack of new blog. Poor babies.

      I asked Avanis specifically what centuries meant, I was think 2 or 3 of them. 5 or 6 is significantly longer! Jericho has cut his baby quota a lot for Sam - that's about 1/3 of the original. Still, it's a lot and surprised the hell out of our poor Sam.

      Twallan is a toddler napper. Do not invite him to baby parties! LOL

      Awww, thanks.

  7. Ok, now I am dangerously looking on the Eddie fan possible groupie stages. Shh, please don't tell Sammy!

    That man jamming his guitar, oh my, besides for men in uniform, musicians.. oh boy.. anyway, moving along, it was nice to see he had some tips in his case.

    I loved the pic of them holding hands in bed. Monica is so adorable!! Sigh, I really miss toddlers.

    Thanks for adding the extra Eddie/Howie pics.

    Once again, you captured the essence of their love for each other beautifully.


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