Monday, May 10, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 22 (The fourth eviction)

Mum, it must be time for

Welcome back to Desperate Bachelor. This is day four of the event.  I'm your host Rory Upyurs. 

That dud Lolly Upyours.

You will regret that.

Nice to see you all sitting to a group meal. Ripley?

I'm a bit worried about flies.  This is a lovely house and I'd hate it if someone left the doors open and bugs got in.

So once again we have a game of foosball.

Can we move this table outside?  I love the outdoors.

I presume you want it near the sprinkler.

That would be perfect.

Kacyn is our odd woman out, since she would be alone at the other table, we left her to do what she likes.

Sam's task for this afternoon is to simply go around and "Get to Know" the girls.  Rachel?

We had a lovely chat. 

 About what?

Just this and that.  I think he admired my experiment.

How about you Ripley?

He is very easy to talk to.  He seems to have charisma.

Your impression AJ?

I stopped playing in the sprinkler long enough to talk to him.

For you, that is impressive.

Finally Kacyn.

This was nice.  No pressure on us, just getting to know each other better.

Any other comments?

We don't seem to have much in common but we are getting along well.

Rachel, I see you have developed some sense and are avoiding the bachelor.

Oh no, I'm just thinking about my next experiment.

 Which might be?

That would be telling.

Sam didn't distract you for long.

This is the most fun thing ever.

 Go to bed AJ.

Our four lovely angels in bed.  What will tomorrow bring?

First another round of flirting.  Damn you Sam, get dressed.

Leave him alone.  He's fine as he is.


More then fine, he's downright adorable.

Ha, then what about this?

We started well, I came down to flirt with Sam and then...

I argued with her. We've been cooped up in this house for days. I went stir crazy and snapped at the first person around.


I got mad. What else can I say? He did start the argument but I won't put up with any nonsense.

Good for you.

Since the household was going stir crazy, the producers authorised a trip to the library. We used the Acme cab company, the only way to travel.

Didn't matter to me, we met up outside.


Sam is one hot guy when he puts the moves on a girl.

How about you?

Yep, he's a great guy.  Very charming when he is exerting himself.

Not you too Ripley?

He gave me a look.  We chatted for a moment and I was hooked again.

Damn, I thought one of you had escaped his influence.

We got over the argument.

Sam, did you already send AJ home?

No, she got distracted and had to take a different cab.

So, who is leaving the house today.

Ripley. It is my fault that we argued, but it did drop our relationship quite a bit. I'm sure that we would have made it up in another day or two.

Ripley, any final comments?

It's a damn shame.  Sam is a fine looking Sim, I love how he spends most of the day in undies but he does have a temper.  So do I.


I guess look for a job and try to find a few items to liberate from their current owners.


  1. Heehee.

    I'm not surprised in the least! Ripley has a temper and she won't tolerate a sim in a bad mood.

    Oh, this rocked. Ripley in her cute little tennis shoes and hair pulled back so innocently can hold her own.

    Well, that leaves three. Who shall it be? I'm still betting on AJ, sprinkler and all. Although, Kacyn seems to be staying under the radar.

    Very sneaky, that one. Loved, loved, loved this.

  2. Sam caught me by surprise with the argument. One moment, Ripley is flirting and he is loving it. Next, he yells at her.

    I am glad he picked a Sim who will hold her own. And it was obvious that given a couple of days, she would have been right back on the radar. She was gaining ground fast.

  3. Ripley doesn't do anything half way. She and Sam would never be boring as young adults together. Heh. I need to play her, again.

    I've got my eye on little Rachel, too. She seems the most devious of the girls.

  4. I haven't seen Ripley and Sammy together as young adults. She certainly fit in well to his existing life with Brooke though.

    Rachel - never underestimate the science geek. They can be very tricky - in the name of science.

    Do you think Dee died laughing?

  5. Still loving it. Still LMAO.
    It's all Mr. voice-over "dud" "Upyours" fault that Sam and Ripley had an argument to begin with. He's always getting on Sam's last nerve and then Sam takes it out on the first one he sees.
    Sam just took it out on the wrong one this time.

    Upyurs is just jealous. Bet he doesn't look nearly as good in his undies as Sam does.

    I just don't trust Rachel and her experiments.

    That ACME company must be making a fortune.

    AJ got distracted and had to take another cab. Must have been a sprinkler nearby or a pool.

    I agree chrysame, Kacyn just may be the one. Aj gets distracted too much and I'm not sure Sam is going to go for all that experimenting.

  6. I'm still alive. I was just slow.

  7. ACME! Poor Rory Upyurs. Lonely, sad, bitter and forced to watch Sam get all the girls. Someone has to create him.

    Rachel is tricky. It's okay. Ripley can be Sam's side chicka. They can meet at the theatre or city hall.

  8. LOL at Dee's comment. I'm sure Rory is jealous, he's probably been the voice-over man for several shows but he never gets any action. :)

    The ACME company is always making a fortune. And they are major sponsors, can you tell? LOL

    Actually AJ didn't make the first cab so decided to read a book. Inside. Weird.

    If you think this episode had drama, just you wait for the next one. :)

  9. Rory Upyurs
    Middle aged, never married, never dated, unflirty, loner, dislikes children, hates art,couch potato.
    That's Rory Upyurs.

    Oh yeah, Ripley and Sam can do all those tour things.

  10. Wow, AJ passed up going back to the sprinkler for a book. I'm impressed.

  11. It was a good book!

  12. Nice description of Rory. But are you sure he hates art? I could have sworn he was mean-spirited. :)

    Ripley and Sam, dating on the side. And possibly his other girls as well. As I said before, they are all pretty fond of Sam at this point.

  13. Do you guys think it's worth another try at advertising on the forums? Maybe in general, not enough people read the Story section yet.

  14. I must have been a book about water. :)
    That's a better trait Pib. I didn't think of that one.

    Uh oh, Sammy the .... aw what's the word? You know the play boy?

  15. If you do advertise on the forum someone will probably make a rude comment. I was there earlier and if it had not been for you two drawing me back here, I was close to getting into trouble. Almost every time someone makes a nice post, there are a few that jump in and just have to make rude comments.

  16. PiB, it never hurts to advertise. I'd try in general.

  17. Ah, the trolls are thick there, Dee? That's a shame. I don't have time for that nonsense.

  18. Trolls stopped worrying me many years ago. I've even deliberately inhabited flame filled forums - but you have to have a tough hide. The only hard part is that you can't respond in kind on the Sims 3 forums.

    A good flame war in an forum meant for such nonsense is actually therapeutic. Get out the knives and look out! :)

  19. I have bit my tongue several times. I know on that forum if I say what I want to, the ones who started it will report me and I will be the one getting into trouble.
    I got a tough hide.

  20. The Sims forum is pretty lightweight for trolls. Gaming forums and comic book forums are much much harsher. It's not a matter of having a tough hide. Play in an online MMO and you develop one quickly. I'm just not interested in flame wars for the sake of flame wars.

    So, you sift through the garbage to get to the good stuff.

  21. Yeah, I usually just ignore the trolls and rude people. Lately, it's hard to find a thread that doesn't have them entering and causing trouble. Aggravating thing is they don't go far enough to get kicked off, but just far enough to upset the thread.

    Back to the fun stuff. I saw your update Pib, I'll wait until it drops down before saying anything.
    some stick with certain catagories. I have a habit of clicking recent topics.

  22. Rory Upyrs has been uploaded for your tormenting pleasure.

  23. I have to leave in a minute. Don't take him down.

  24. Rec and downloaded. Every game needs a villain. Rory looks like just the man!

  25. I just got him downloaded. Been having internet trouble.....again.

  26. Glad you guys did. I'm thinking about doing a self-cull, and remove any Sim downloaded less then 10 times. Which means that after approximately forever, little Tanya Pole will be deleted. And Hans and a few more.

  27. That's what I did recently. That means it looks like Simon will be disappearing soon if he doesn't get a move on.

    I'm sure you will see my little note about missing emails in your email so won't type it all again.

  28. Yep, saw note.

    Was hoping to get up next episode but way too tired. All the pics are in place but no dialogue.

    And that will put the blog in phase with the game. I know no more about what will happen next then anyone reading the story.


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