Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 31 (Part 4)

Well, Mum, I went back the consignment store. I wanted to see if they had any unloved treasures for me. While I was there, I started chatting to this really cute girl Marta.

Marta shares a house with three other Sims. One of them is in a chair in the back. What'sit...hmm I don't think I was really listening to Marta talk about her roomies.

Because I was distracted when I decided to try a little flirting.  Marta definitely enjoyed the attention and made it clear that I could keep it up.

But alas, it was late and time for some sleep.  Her number is in my little black book.  It's an outstanding number too - it's the only number.

The next day, I visited the fire station.  It wasn't very busy so I amused myself by climbing up the pole.  That was tougher than I thought.  My first try didn't work at all.

Can you believe it?  A big brave fireman scared silly by a floating mailbox.  I hope he is braver at fires or I get someone else if my house catches fire.

Star Matlock married.  I think his name is Cary.  He called me when the bed started shaking - by itself and not because Star and Cary were indulging in a tumble.  I cleared their place of poltergeists.

Ok, this next picture is really really startling.  I hope you are sitting down somewhere.

Yes, I decided to do some laundry at the laundrymat.  They were running a special that day to encourage slobs to clean up their lifestyle for once.  Malcolm is just as big a slob as I am and we were the only ones doing wash that day.

Someone left a radio on and we did some dancing to pass the time.  Anything is better than laundry.

Poltergeists and spirits.  Poltergeists and spirits.  I long for a bit more challenge - these are so easy.

I caught up again with Marta at the local gym.  We chatted a bit.  Then flirted a bit.

Oh yes, score!  Marta and I shared a first kiss.

I'm glad her housemates haven't realised what a great girl she is.  They have so much more time with her,  I'd never compete.

So I asked her if we could start dating regularly.  She's agreed to be my girlfriend.

I'm so delighted.  We are really hitting it off so well.

Got a new device for work.  This one let's me scan for ghosts on the lot.  The science lab is spirit free.  That makes sense, ghosts would avoid this place.

I scanned my house and found I had one spirit.  I wonder if it is the one I freed one night.  I went to bed rather than try to catch the little guy.

Marta has strange tastes.  She wanted to meet up and she picked the dump?

Ah well, it is the ultimate in cheap shopping.  Though we didn't actually do any dumpster diving or other activities.  I quickly convinced Marta to come back to my place.

I went to get myself a little snack and look where Marta ended up.  A man could get used to company in his bed.

Alas, all too soon I had work to do.  Would you believe that the police station had spirit problems?  It took hours to sort out and Marta had left before I got back home.

I'm determined now.  I'm going to get her to move in.


  1. Author's note: Chrysame - has your jaw recovered from being on the floor yet? :)

  2. I don't know about Chrysame but mine is still on the floor.
    Sammy did laundry. I can't believe it.
    Ooooh Sammy, good choice there. :)

    Those two little eyes in front of that scanner thingy are so cute.

    That looks like Wyatt's old nose on that fireman.

    Love this. Oh jeez, wish I had more time.

  3. I wanted to see how the whole laundry thing worked but why make Sam buy a washer/dryer? I was amused when the other customer was my Malcolm - I know he's a slob too.

    The scanner is pretty cute. And now he can work any time, that let's him scan during the day.

    Wyatt also still has Wyatt's old nose. In this game.

    Thanks for popping by. I hate heading for bed before I get any comments.

  4. I have just a few more minutes. I wasn't sure that was Wyatt until I enlarged the pic. The nose was a dead give away. :)

    So he doesn't have set hours anymore at all?

  5. He still is on the clock from 5 pm to 3 am. But his job performance is based on logic skills (which he can work on during the day), capturing spirits (which he can now do day or night) and paranormal investigations - we still only get those at night.

    No the fireman isn't Wyatt. Something Kayes. I just meant that I still have the old Wyatt. He's sitting on a chair but you can't see him for Marta in the consignment shop.

  6. My jaw was on the floor for a bit. Now, I can't stop grinning. I knew that was a guy sitting in the chair in the consignment shop but I was too busy looking at Sam and Marta.

    Sam did laundry. Sam did laundry. At least he got a dance and a nice relationship boost with Malcolm. Even if cleaning clothes was completely against his nature.

    Marta wanted to meet up at the dump? She's a cheap date. Not easy but cheap...wait...she got on his bed to read. Sure, that's the reason. She was reading. Right. Eh, whatever works, Marta.


  7. Just downloaded Create A Pattern. I won't be able to try it until tonight.

  8. :) I thought you'd be a bit stunned. He's never had a chance with Marta before.

    Even a sloppy Sim gets benefits from clean clothes and sheets.

    Yep, Marta got in Sams bed to read. If that isn't a hint for further activity, I don't know what is.

  9. Marta certainly made herself comfortable at Sam's place. That was actually pretty subtle for Marta.

    It should be interesting if Sam gets grumpy with her. Although, Marta doesn't have nearly the temper as Ripley. Even if she does wield a wrench.

    This should be quite the ride.

  10. It's pretty rare for Sam to get grumpy with friends or lovers. So it's probably not going to happen.

    She does seem interested in Sammy. :)

  11. BTW - now pretty much caught up with the game. Finally. I had a lot of pics before I decided to go ahead and write it.

  12. I really thought that fireman was Wyatt. :D That looks so much like Wyatt's old nose.

    I forgot you had a pony tail on Wyatt.

    The night work hours would be the only thing I don't wouldn't like about the ghost hunter career. I never liked the night hours for the criminal career. I know they only make sense but it's hard for the sims to meet everyone.

    I have noticed lately though that more sims are out late at night now. I've had Carolina run into other sims at all times of the night. I like that she is able to "report back" no matter what time it is.

  13. There's a lot going on at all times of day and night in the Sims, now. Makes it harder to steal things for my kleptos sometimes.

    Have either of you tried CAP, yet?

  14. Carolina has had a hard time being a klepto too. I'm not complaining though. I am just glad they aren't rolling up the sidewalks at dusk anymore.

    I've been playing around with CAP. I just downloaded it a little while ago. I like it. I keep trying to design a rug pattern. Maybe I should try a wall pattern. I think I wil try a wall pattern.

  15. It's surprisingly easy to use. I just didn't have the patience for it today.

    Still looking at Marta/Sam pictures. Heehee.

  16. And I'm still trying to figure out why I thought that fireman was Wyatt.

  17. *laugh* Wyatt is much better looking.

  18. Thank you. Don't you think those little eyeballs in front of that scanner thingy are cute?

  19. I had to look back at the picture. I just thought they were little lights. Now, I'll think, "Get out the Eyeballs, Boys. Thar be ghosties about! Argh!"

    I think it's time to get back to Marta and Wyatt and see what they're cooking up. Are you caught up with blog and game, Dee?

  20. LOL, Oh jeez. She's at it again.

    I still have a ton of pics but I can't seem to brain. I'm having one of those work weeks where I should be yelling, "nobody move, I dropped me brain". Arrgh! :) Where's me rum?

    Those could be little lights but they look like eyes.

    I'm going to have to go to bed early again tonight. Maybe it's the heat. I have central air at home but our AC at work hasn't worked all week. They were working on it when I left today. They usually keep it so cool in there that I have to wear a sweater at work.

    I need a brain! Somebody find me a brain!

    I'll try to update tomorrow. Won't promise though.

    I wonder if Marta has saved any more babies.

    I wonder if Sammy has asked Marta to move in with him yet.

    I wonder why it took 20 minutes for your comment to show in my email.

  21. LMAO. Brainnnnnn! Dee has turned into a pirate zombie!

    Have a good night, Dee. Sleep well. Dream of pirate zombies, rum and work AC.

    I am, unfortunately, wide awake. And, I just realized The Child is still up. Argh! Time to make her walk the plank!

  22. Hate to leave you all alone but am going to say goodnight now.

    Tomorrow night I'm going to drink a ton of coffee and be awake.

    Of course she's still up. Schools out for the summer. That was supposed to be sung, not said.

    Maybe PiB will appear soon.

  23. Alice Cooper. "Schools out for Summer." That was the first thing that popped in my head when I read your post.

    Time to play!

  24. Glad you guys were having fun reading this and speculating on Wyatt and the fireman + Marta's new conquest.

    Dee dropped brain...not good! LOL

    Busy weekend ahead and not much play time. Sad but true

  25. Oh, that's a shame PiB. About the weekend, I mean.

    I love watching Sammy as a ghost hunter. Can't wait to see what else he will discover.

    I found the brain for the moment. Hopefully it will still be available when I get home tonight.


  26. I hope you're busy because you have so many fun things to do this weekend, PiB. Not because you have to steam clean the carpets or regrout all the tile in the house. Much different weekends there.

  27. Great update, PiB. I have so much fun reading it. Those pics and narration were so enjoyable that I do not know which one to comment. But, ROFL at Marta who picked a place for dating at the dumpster.

  28. Thanks MJ. I was having lots of fun writing this one. Like Marta being an outstanding number in his little black book because she was the only one there. :)

    Marta called to ask Sam to meet up and then it took me ages to work out where she was. The dump, interesting choice indeed.

  29. Great screenshot of them dancing in the laundromat.


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