Sunday, April 18, 2010

Goodbye Mum, from Sammy clone 17 (part 14)

Well, Mum, I think this is the final update from me.  Life is going very well for the Grants now.  Little Johnny has his own room.

Two of my favourite people.  Perhaps it's just as well that Ripley didn't ask about more children because I'd never resist her for more than a few seconds.  Probably not that long.

Brooke's first work of art.  She's artistic so she's already learning a lot about technique.  And we could afford to send her to art class when she asked to go.

Our decorating elves have finished the house.  Our bedroom was redone next to last.

And now we have a hallway upstairs with the three bedrooms and bath all closed off from each other.  We all feel much better about our living space.

Brooke has been meeting a few teens around town.  No steady boyfriends but I expect that to change.

I had to get out of the house so I took Johnny to the park for his first lesson in talking.  I let myself stay at home a bit too much.

I finished my tenth novel.  It was another best selling fantasy, worth 1630 per week.  On Sunday my next royalty check should be very nearly 7,000 Simoleons.  But this novel was so hot, it broke the computer.

I tried to fix the computer with less than stellar results.  Ripley called for a repair man rather than risk me doing it again.

I wish they would stay this age forever.  He's so cute right now.

But it was Johnny's birthday and we had to celebrate.  Our son is now a child.  He looks a lot like me, barring the hair colour.  That is definitely his mum.

So I think it's safe to say that you've seen us through the bad times and good.  The children came out well.  I have proven that you can survive as a writer but be prepared for some lean days in the first few weeks.  I've had two wonderful wives and we've taken Mosquito Cove from a hovel to a nice little home.


Note that you can follow Brooke and Johnny in Art Flows Through


  1. Ohhhhhh. I hate to say goodbye. I guess everyone must move on sometime though. I still hate to say goodbye.
    I'm sorry, but you do look funny stairing at that computer as if to say, "What the hell just happened?"
    The house looks wonderful.
    Johnny, you're going to get all the girls.

    I'm going to miss you all.

  2. I know they can't be "stairing". Meant staring.

  3. I hate to say goodbye so much that I have a saved game from every Sammy story but the gold digger one. I still have Sam, Celia, Cedric and the twins.
    I still have Sam and Thomas with their two children.
    And I'll probably keep these family around too. :)

    I just don't play them long but they do make good test areas after patches/updates.

    Johnny is going to look almost exactly like his dad when grown. I aged him up and it's stunning. Sam's genetics tend to be so strong.

  4. Maybe you could make a story about Brooke and Johnny. You know, they could move out together on their own and make their way in the world.

    I just can't hang on to the old ones. It seems to make my game slower and mess up more. it also makes loading slower, or it seems to.

  5. Ok so which blog do I ignore in favor of Brooke and Johnny? Cause I'm not sure I can manage 4 of the little buggers. :)

    If old saves made my game load slower, it would take forever to load. I have about 6 or more copies of the Indiana Sam game - from when it was getting unstable as hell. I need to delete them, I even have them backed up on the external drive. But I'm bad at deleting things...always have been.

  6. "Cause I'm not sure I can manage 4 of the little buggers. :)"

    Why not? :D

    You can do it. I have faith in you. :)

    I can't manage but one at a time. My old brain would be so confused. I get confused enough as it is.

    I delete. I do the same thing in real life. If I haven't used it in a year or two... it's gone.
    I keep things from my family forever, but other things are gone.

  7. aacckkk it's midnight and tomorrow is Monday.


    I'll contemplate it. Come to think of it, I have to play that game at least one more game day. I'm running a SuperComputer test to see if that mod really does mean a male can be forced to be pregnant. If so, one is about to have a baby soon.

  8. OMG and there aren't even aliens to abduct them and get them pregnant. LOL

    Night PiB.

  9. Goodbye, Grants. It's been a rollercoaster life. The death of River really spun this story into another direction.

    John is his father's son. Grant genes are surprisingly strong. After four generations, Sam's influence can still be seen in my game.

  10. Poor River, I was so stunned when she wouldn't put down the baby and Sam couldn't do anything about her being on fire. A bit more drama then I anticipated.

    Not going to join Dee in a "But we must know what happens to Brooke and John" protest?

  11. Nope. I can only handle one blog so I can't very well ask you to deal with four. I would like to see a pic of them as young adults. That will satisfy me.

  12. Brooke doesn't change much at all from teen to young adult. But you haven't seen Johnny as a teen so we'll have to see...

    I do need to finish the last round of pregnancies and see if that guy successfully gives birth. Supercomputer allows one to be so cruel.

  13. I can't live with out the Supercomputer now. I'm still not sure about trying the Careers mod. I do think it might solve some of my school crowding issues. It's becoming a problem.

  14. School crowding. I have to use supercomputer to set Brooke's school performance to something reasonable after the first day because she spent nearly all of it trying to get in. I expect I'll have to do the same with John Edward if I play this save again. There is a horde of neighborhood children all trying to go to school.

    I should update both of Twallan's mods and see what he's tweaked lately.

  15. Okay, I'll be nice and settle for pics of the kids when they grow up. Doesn't mean I wouldn't like to see a story about them.

  16. :) We'll see what you get...who knows.

  17. Drat that play just a little longer...
    Little Brooke is getting involved with one of the other teens in town. He's the son of Byron Montgomery and townie (I think pizza delivery girl) Autumn Cusack. Poor boy inherited his mom's bright red hair dye.

  18. Yay for Brooke! Her first romance. You know her looks combined with a boy with bright red hair and Byron's genes could make for attractive and interesting kids.

  19. She threw the want for her first kiss from Hans Cusack-Montgomery so I went to check him out. All I can say is the girl shows good taste. Cute boy but his father does have excellent genes (Christian Montgomery and Celia Pendragon)

  20. LOL. I'm sorry but "play just a little longer" never works for me. My little longers always get me involved with somthing new too.

    I can't wait to see pics of Brook and her new beau. :)

  21. Hans Cusack-Montgomery is a great name.

  22. He's got great traits so far too. I forget exactly but one is definitely virtuoso. Another I think is genius. I forget the third one Brooke discovered.

  23. He sounds like a keeper. I can't wait to see him and Brooke together. First kiss!


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