Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 17 (part 8)

Mum, please sit down before you start reading this letter. I'm afraid that it's not one of the happier ones I've ever sent.
The weekend started well enough. River went to work on a new painting, it looks quite interesting.

River changed Brooke's dirty diaper.  And gave her some love.

I was on bottle and love duty later in the day.

Urgh!  the sink is broken again!  There are times that I hate this place.  Nothing works for long.

We spent a fair amount of our cash getting the bath redone.  River doesn't cringe when she goes in there now.

And we ended Saturday night with a small party.  Several of the people became my friends by the end of the night.

Sunday morning and we are both woken by the baby.

I got to play with Brooke first thing in the morning. Can life get better than this?

I started work on a new book.

Then I went to the local business centre to teach them how to be more charismatic.  Let me tell you, some of those suits really need to learn a lot in this area.

So it was time for Brooke to have her birthday.

The cake exploded!  The cake, the table, a chair AND RIVER were all on fire.  Since when was a birthday cake dangerous? 

I wanted to extinguish the fire on River first but I couldn't do anything while she held the baby.  She just would not put down the baby Mum.

So I tried extinguishing some of the rest of the fire and hoped that the fire department would get here in time to help.  Even one of the guests was on fire by now.

River went outside after a bit, put Brooke on the ground and died.  My River is gone!  She only put down Brooke when it was too late to save her! 

I had to go ahead with Brooke's birthday, even though River is gone.  God, how am I going to raise our girl by myself? 
Brooke Grant, my daughter. I wish River were here to see her.


  1. Oh my. Poor Sammy and Brooke. This story sure took a turn. Brooke is so cute and sweet. Now she has to grow up without a mom because of her birthday cake. I still haven't had a cake catch on fire. That's awful. What a way to remember your birthday.

    I don't know if it will stay the same or not, but did you realise the ad at the bottom of this page is about putting out fires?

  2. I was so so so tempted to reload and try again. Sammy and I tried to save River. But he couldn't extinguish the fire on River, I assume because of Brooke. Poor Brooke is so young that she'll never remember much about her Mum.

    Worse, for a little Brooke's icon disappeared just after the Reaper had left. Fortunately, that was a glitch fixed by switching households. Came back and Brooke was back.

    The ads are Google and Google is pretty intelligent at looking at content to decide what ads to put. :) I'm not surprised that fire related ads dominant this post.

  3. Bedtime here. Catch you tomorrow

  4. That's an unexpected turn! Even Cyclone was on fire. River was determined not to put down that baby. At least Brooke is okay. Sammy must be devastated!

  5. At the moment,I'd say Sam is in shock. Poor thing, widower with toddler, not easy.

  6. His first wishes post Brooke's birthday - buy a high chair, buy a toy box. I think he's going to really focused on Brooke.

  7. That's not a surprise. It's Sam, the original great Daddy. Now, that's he's the only parent he'll probably work extra hard to make his little girl happy.

  8. At least it's not a choice between a career and the baby. He can do both, writing means he is at home.


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