Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 17 (part 13)

Another update, Mum, this one is a bit longer.  A couple of birthdays have gone by.

Brooke decided to ask Ripley for help with her homework. She doesn't know her step-mom too well yet, a bit of socialising should help.

In case you were wondering, yes, I did get to cuddle John after we got home. His mom has to sleep sometimes. My wonderful son Johnny.

What a handsome baby he is too.

Ripley does claim her fair share of time with the baby. Not long before she'll be back at work.

Brooke convinced me to play tag. I think I need more cardio training at the gym, this is exhausting!

Our decorator elves were back. They replaced the wallpaper, did the floors and replaced the bookcase. Our funds were getting a bit low or the desk, radio and sofa would have changed as well.

Then it was time to throw Johnny's first birthday party. Susie was one of our guests, but she was very depressed because her husband had recently died. She brought along their second child, who is a cute little thing.

Ripley wasn't impressed when one of the guests tried to flirt with her.

I haven't liked this part since the one cake killed River. But the guests expect it and at least outside means it won't burn down the house.

John Edward Grant is now a toddler. What a handsome boy Johnny is, he has his mom's hair colour.

Oops, didn't mean to send you this pic.  We do still have a good time in bed.

And I just finished my 9th book.  It's bringing in 1,500 in royalties for the next 6 weeks.  My weekly earnings from books has jumped to 5500 Simoleons per week.  I'm now established as a fantasy writer, this was my second best-selling fantasy book.

Ripley insisted that she potty train Johnny.  I don't know why, I can cope with potties a bit more easily then she can.

She's also teaching him to walk. I'll teach him to talk while she's at work.

Oh dear god. Already? It's already Brooke's birthday?

A teenager. I have a teenage daughter. And a stunning one at that. Let the boys of Sunset Valley be warned. Break her heart and I'll break some of your bones in return.


  1. And he means it boys. He'll break your bones and then Ripley will chop them up. :)

    I see a beautiful young lady and an adorable toddler. Brooke looks so much like her mom and Johnny looks like his dad.

    That's Ripley. Doesn't take crap from anyone. He best be careful flirting with her.

    I see a lot of novels sitting on that book shelf and the living area looks great. Now they won't have to worry about falling through the floor.

    You posted right when I was just about to shut down for the night.

  2. Glad you happened to catch the post just before you left for the night.

    Sammy can be very proud of his children. Brooke is lovely and is already showing her talent at the easel. And Johnny is a cute little fellow.

    I caught the tail end of party guest attempting to flirt with Ripley. She definitely gave him *a look* in return.

    They are nearly done with the house remodel. It's certainly a more attractive place now that they've put the money and time into getting it updated.

  3. Brooke is very lovely. And little John is his father's son. It's nice he inherited Ripley's hair.

    Ripley loves her Grant men. Someone else messes with her and she'll show her disgust.

    The house looks great.

    And it certainly looks like Ripley and Sam are still happy together.

  4. I think it's sweet of Ripley. Sometimes flirty Sims accept flirts even when they are in serious relationships. Ripley let that dude know it wasn't welcome. She has Sam and that's who she wants.

    Thanks for the comment about the house. I've been making a bit more effort than sometimes. Sammy can't afford to move (or couldn't when I started the remodel) but he can afford to make his house nicer for his family. They all do appreciate that it's nicely decorated now.

  5. How far into his elder stage is Sam now?

  6. He's on the halfway mark. 80 days young. :)

  7. He's got time to see his children fully grown then.

  8. I'd probably let he and Ripley have another if they want one. But it needs to be soon. Ripley would have Brooke to help out after... urk.

  9. Brooke might have her own family by that time. Urk...that's descriptive, PiB! *laugh*

  10. Brooke is only just a teen so it's some days before she'd be old enough to have a family.

    Urk...well, I don't like to talk about Sammy dying again. Poor Sammy, how many times will I kill you? This time it's age though...

  11. And he's in a good spot. Have you decided on your next It's Sammy story?

  12. I'm going to have a think about that. I do have some other blogs that need attention though.

    Anything you'd like to see?

    Sammy has proven that a Sim with no natural talents can still make a living as a writer. He has supplemented the income with wives and a bit of collecting but he definitely made more than enough to survive on without any assistance.

  13. I'll have to think about it, too. A while back you gave us a few options you were considering. I wish I could remember them.

    I'm glad you turned back to this blog for a bit.

  14. One option was starving artist - which was the basic idea of this story.

    One option was murder and mayhem - which I refuse to divulge any details of.

    One option was ... forget what I called it. But I was going to give Sammy his young adult life span to father as many babies as he could with as many females as he could. I think Dee and Josh have this idea covered. :)

  15. Right! I'm sure you'll come up with something if you don't go with murder and mayhem.

  16. Good, Sammy's 5500 in royalties are in. Now to finish off remake of their bedroom

  17. Cool! Hey, did you see that part of the Career mod is an optional Gangster mode?

  18. Maybe Brooke will be the one to make a living as an artist. I know whe will paint different if she has different traits. I love seeing what the differnet sims paint.

  19. Now now Dee? Are you trying to corrupt the spirit of the Hi Mum blog by going generational? It's already spawned off the World Adventuring Grant blog. LOL

    Brooke probably could earn a living as an artist. She has the artistic trait and does pick up the skills quickly.

  20. Would I do that?
    I did see her painting in the next update. Forgot to comment on it there. She would make a great artist. The one she was working on there was very pretty. That's one I don't recall seeing before.

  21. "Would I do that"...Yes, I think you might. I have a temptation to go onwards always, it's hard to stop as it is.


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