Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 17 (part 10)

Hi Mum.  In my last letter, I was in very bad shape.  River was gone and her passing left a hole in my life.  If I were alone, I might have given up.

But I couldn't give up.  I had Brooke to take care of.  Here we are in the library.  Those children's books are expensive to buy but free in the library.  We read two.

This was the painting that River was working on just before she died.  I'm keeping it as a memorial to my lovely wife.  I wonder what it would have been worth if she had completed it?

I finally started to recover and decided it was time to fix the computer.  I'll never write regularly without it.

I was looking through my address book and ran across Ripley.  Ripley has a boyfriend but unlike so many of the women around, she doesn't have a family or a serious relationship.  So I thought I'd ask her over and see if things developed.

You know that I'm nearly an elder and I'd like someone else to be here for Brooke.  You never know when the Reaper is ready to stalk you.

I did tell Ripley everything.  Small house, small income, small child.

It seems that she's still interested.

Oh Mum, I didn't think my heart would ever heal.  I still long for River but Ripley is very special.

I've asked Ripley to be my girlfriend.  She agree to that and to moving in with us. 

I'm finally writing again.  It shouldn't be long before I finish my new book.

Ripley decided to play with Brooke.  Aren't they so cute together?

I gave Ripley a reward for being cute.

Teaching Brooke to talk was my last big want for her as a toddler.  I taught her about some of the fun things in life.

And about some of the unpleasant things as well.  She's read a couple of toddler books, maxed the logic toy and the music toy and mastered the toddler skills.  She's ready to be a child.

My birthday.  There was no way I was having a party or cake this time.  I wonder if Ripley likes older men?


  1. Great update. I'm so glad he met Ripley. Hi Ripley. It's good to see you again. I just know you will be great with Brooke.

    Oh, I'm sure Ripley will still like you as an elder. Still looking good there Sammy.

    You've done a great job with Brooke.

    I love the teaching Brooke, pictures.

    When I first looked at the picture of Sammy having his birthday, standing in front of that railing, I thought he had a glass in his hand.

  2. It does sort of look like Sam has something in his hand in that last picture.

    Ripley has been in a picture in this Sammy story before during one of his parties. Just another guest at the time but left as one of Sam's friends. She didn't seem to mind an elder Sammy when we left.

    Sam can be proud of how well he's done with Brooke. She still have 2 days before she will automatically become a child and she has learned everything a toddler should learn.

  3. I'm so glad they made learning at the library faster. Before I found that out, I was really missing the smart milk.

    I'm betting Ripley will have a little brother or sister for Brooke before it's over.

  4. We'll see about another baby. Depends on their wants and what Chrysame may have to say about a forced button press if they don't want. :)

  5. Oh, you know what I'll say about the button pushing! Do it!!

    Ripley seems pretty happy with the situation. Nice reward for being cute. *waggles eyebrows*

    Sammy and Brooke are so cute together. And I like that Ripley sat down to play with her step-daughter.

  6. Ripley doesn't have a step-daughter yet. But next time around, we'll see how fast we can get them married. Sammy is properly smitten, his wants have included making out with Ripley and massages. :) Ripley does seem to be quite happy with her new home...other than Sammy left it go back to feral without River.

  7. I'm not surprised he let it go back to "feral" LOL. Glad to hear Sammy is a smitten kitten. And that he found someone to take care of his Brooke.

    See, Ripley held out for a Grant and eventually got one.

  8. Well Ripley has 2 ex-boyfriends in her list of people. One was Cyclone, she dumped him at some point in the past. One was a townie called Vance, the guy Sam asked her to dump so they could be a couple. So Ripley upgraded from random townie to an original Grant. :)

    I think that Sam is going to have to fork over some cash to get the place clean. Ripley isn't a neat Sim and so cleaning is not something she enjoys.

  9. She'll paint for him, though. And she'll give him good looking babies if he wants another. Ripley loves her Grants. Sam is certainly an upgrade from skinny Cyclone!

    I hope she's got a decent job so she can bring some income to the family. Especially if she doesn't want to clean up after Sammy.

  10. She's level 4 in journalism and earns a bit more per day than it would cost to have a maid.

    We'll see if they want some babies. You know they would care for them properly.

  11. I should mention, if it hadn't been for River's sudden death, this would have been the end point for this Sammy story. He would have finished another novel by now, be earning 4,000 a week in royalties and basically have proven that he managed to have a family and home by his art.

    Then River died and so his life went back to flux. We have to have a nice stable Sammy (or dead which is very stable) before we move to the next story. Ah well, we move onward as does Sammy.

  12. When you do end it, I'd love updated pics of Brooke and any other kids he may or may not have.

  13. Wonderful update, PiB. Finally, he able to mend his broken heart. Although he is still not able to forget his River.Sam, some women do find older men are more attractive ;)

  14. I don't think you guys ever let me get away without final grown up pics of the family except for Sammy's golddigger story. :) I know not to try.

    Thanks MJ. It is nice to see Sammy happy again. And Ripley certainly didn't seem to mind him getting a bit more ... distinguished looking.

  15. Well, I see River's death helped us, by keeping the story going for us.

    I hate it had to be that way, but we get to see more of this one.

    I agree Chrysame, we must see grown up pics.

    Watching Brooke grow up is going to be fun too. She's so cute.

  16. River's death certainly added a lot of drama to a story that was just settling into a dull rut.

    You'll get to see our Brooke grown up, never fear.

  17. Have you noticed what Sammy was was telling Brooke about? They had a party for her, Ripley died, and Sammy was broken hearted!He's telling her the story!!!!


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