Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 17 (part 7)

Well, Mum, you might have guessed it already. River is pregnant, that's why she was spewing.

I didn't mind cooking for myself but now it seems like a much nicer chore.  Something about feeding the person you love that makes it better. And River needs her rest just now so I want to help where I can.

We did buy a slighter bigger table and two more chairs.  Now we can both sit to eat.

I've been working hard at my 3 fantasy novel.  I hope to get some good news from the publisher about it.

We spent a little money for the baby.  Did I tell you I'd love a sweet little girl?   I'm sure she'll be just as wonderful as her mother.

I've been talking to River's tummy and giving her massages.

I finished the new book.  It's a hit.  The publisher sent 1294 simoleons and I'll be getting that for the next 6 weeks.  My royalty check should be around 3,000 per week now.  I feel like a real author.
River and I were dancing together to celebrate when...

She stopped to tell me that the baby was coming.  Oh no, a baby...

River decided to drive.  She didn't think I was in a fit state to do anything.

And here we are, coming home. Meet Brooke, our daughter.  Isn't she just the cutest sweetest little baby you've ever seen?

I took the first baby tending shift that night.  I finally got to snuggle Brooke. And gave her the first bottle.

It's still work but adding a family to my life is very rewarding.  I adore Brooke.


  1. LOL @ spewing.
    I love the name Brooke. Oh Sammy, I'm soooo happy for you and River. I know you don't remember it, but you have great baby raising skills. ;)
    Woohoo for the great book. Looks like you're making a decent living there as an author.
    I wouldn't have let you drive either. I know how you guys panic.
    Great update Pib.

  2. Ever River must have a Brooke. Heehee. Sammy got his little girl and a nice fat royalty check. Way to go!

    Of course he took the first shift taking care of his Babbling Brooke. River needed her rest and Sammy loves his girls.

  3. Yep, I knew it was going to be a girl and what better name for a child of River than Brooke? They have a crib and Brooke will have her teddy for cuddle time as a toddler.

    It was a definite bonus for the family that Sam's newest book was a hit. His previous highest earning book was 818 so the jump to 1294 is very good.

    Note that in the first pic, his kitchen is clean. River is neat, perfectionist and a snob. She loves cleaning and hates anything less then spotless.

  4. Oh Sammy, you are so lucky to have someone to clean for you. Now you won't be inhaling flies.

  5. Neat sims are a treat to have around at times. Instant lifetime happiness reward points? Make a bed!

  6. LOL,I love it when a net sim has a wish to make a bed or clean something. I don't have to do anything but save the wish.

  7. Plus she has FUN cleaning stuff. Unlike poor Sammy who definitely doesn't think it's fun at all.

    Sammy is so very very happy at the moment. He wanted a girl, which he got. He still has about 2 days of happiness left from meeting his LTW. He's still exciting from the birth of a baby. Just really happy.

  8. I like a happy Sammy. It's so cute.

  9. I love when Sammy finally got to snuggle Brooke. He was dying to from the moment they left the hospital but it was late and River put her in the crib. He just looks so content with her. Even if he had to get up in the night to do it.

  10. Yep, get to her before River does Sammy. Even if you have to lose sleep to do it. He always takes good care of the babies, even without being told to.

  11. Yes, if there is one thing I'm sure of, little Brooke will never lack adult attention as long as Sammy is there. He adores his little ones every time.

  12. That he does. No wish for a second one yet?

  13. I switched games and so it's still Brooke's first night home. Sammy hasn't had time to want another yet. :)

  14. PiB, what if there is another baby? Have you thought of a name to go with your theme?

  15. I've having a slightly hard time with water and boy names. The next baby may have to cope with being Pond or Ocean. :) Oh well, not like real life if you have a weird name.

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