Friday, April 16, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 17 (part 12)

I'm afraid that this one is just a really quick update. I know you are anxious about Ripley and the baby-to-be.
Have you ever heard the fantasy stories where elves come in the middle of the night and do things while people are asleep?  They may not be fantasy stories. When we went to bed, the kitchen was looking like it has since I moved here.  During the night, it got bigger, new wall coverings, new floor, the door moved, the counters, sink, refrigerator and stove are all new.

Unlike the elf stories, we did pay for this.  We had 6000 in the bank when we went to bed and only 750 when we woke up.  Still, it is an improvement.

The exterior of the house also changed.  Now it's sturdy block instead of ancient wood that looks like it will blow away in the first breeze.

Ripley is enjoying her pregnancy and time off.  She's finally getting some time to paint.  She loves it.

She was craving ice cream and spaghetti.  I supplied the spaghetti.  My cooking skills are improving quickly with the new stove.
You can see that we have yet to do the main downstairs room and also our sleeping area.

No, it's time.  I hope Ripley will be ok.

We made it to the hospital with time to spare.  Ripley had an excellent pregnancy.  He's artistic and neurotic. 

Mum, meet John Edward Grant.  Our baby boy.  I wonder when I can get him away from Ripley for a cuddle?


  1. Welcome, John! I kept checking back hoping you were going to do an update.

    Ripley does love painting. I see her maternity leave gave her ample time to indulge.

    The house looks much better. A proper sink and appliances in the kitchen and nice exterior walls. Very expensive.

    Don't worry, Sam. You'll get your hands on John. Ripley will start painting and won't come up for air.

    I'm so happy you included a baby dance pic. :)

  2. That's why it's a short update. We just now got John home.

    Ripley is very happy. She had a great pregnancy, she is getting some painting in, she is in love.

    I'm glad you like the interior. That was about all I could do until Sammy and Ripley earn more money. I want them to have a bit of emergency cash.

    We all love the baby dance, don't we? :)

  3. Enjoy your time Ripley because you never know when it will run out. I hope Brooke likes her little brother.

  4. In Ripley's case, it's Sammy's time that is more likely to run out. What are the odds of Sammy losing 2 wives by accident?

  5. That's what I meant. I should have said "enjoy your time with Sam".

  6. The elf has surely done a great job in improving the house. Be patient Sam, you can have your turns once Ripley is tired :)Everything is going well now. John Edward Grant is a great name.

  7. Sam will have many opportunities to cuddle his boy. He just wants to do it sooner.

  8. Welcome to the world John Edward Grant. You have two parents who will have you so spoiled. You're going to be so happy.

    We have a John Edward(s) around here. We thought he might be president once upon a time. Now he's been involved in a big scandal. I'm sure you won't be involved in a scandal though.

    Those elves did a great job. I'm so happy they did all that while you were asleep and didn't make you wait outside on the lawn like some I know. *points to self*

    Isn't it wonderful having a good stove and fridge? No more, all food tasting like the leftovers and the food just taste better all the way around.

    Love the paneling and the exterior.
    Sammy just looks so distinguished in his jacket and, and, ahhh, I can't think of what you call the thing that replaces the tie.

  9. He's certainly landed in a good household.

    Glad you like the work of the elves. The family feel better about the rooms already. The kitchen could use another counter or two so they have room for a food processor but it's much better for them.

    The elves have since gone to work on the main room downstairs.

    Cravat? That's what I think it is anyway.

  10. Yeah, that's it. Cravat.

    LOL, all this nice stuff is for Ripley. Sammy just spoils everyone. I'm sure he could care less what the house looks like but he always wants to make his family happy. He's so sweet.

  11. I think he had a talk with the elves and told them to surprise her with all the great stuff.

  12. All this stuff is for both the girls in his life. Brooke is old enough to appreciate nicer surroundings too.

    We have one major room left to redecorate and I have to think about how John Edwards is going to get a room...he may have to share with Brooke when he's old enough though.

  13. Next update, John Edward becomes a child. But that's tomorrow, it's late here.

  14. It is late...toddler! Not child toddler...

  15. Sleep well PiB, looking forward to the update. I'm cleaning. Checking email when I take breaks.

  16. Ahhh, I knew what you meant.


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