Monday, November 23, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - June

1st June 10

The approval from the museum has finally come through.  I've been helping them identify artifiacts for years now.  They have agreed it's time for me to go relic hunting myself, instead of waiting for specimens to arrive then determine they are worthless.  This first trip is just to get familar with Simla, learn a bit of culture and study the martial arts. 

2nd June

Bags are packed and I'm off

There's a well established base for travelers in this city, plenty of beds and a good kitchen.  I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time resting up here during each expedition.

The main transportation is either by foot or bicycle

 The martial arts academy doesn't hold organized classes.  Just visit when you need to train

The lowest level of martial arts is the white belt

Sparring with a partner is a much faster way to progress

4th June

Ouch, no one told me these things fight back.

My yellow belt in martial arts

5th June
Time to return but I've managed to gain an orange belt and made some good contacts in the city. 

Authors note: World Adventures has caused the regular Sammy feature to be replaced by Indiana Sam.  It's hoped that the readers will still approve.


  1. This reader definitely approves.

    LOL at "Ouch, no one told me these things fight back."

    Indiana Sam is looking good there in his martial arts poses.

  2. I know, off topic but,Thank you. I'm almost ready to do a new kitchen now.

  3. Having that training thing hit him happened twice but I wasn't ready the first time. Fortunately I did get a second shot at it.

    I might be prejudice, I think Indiana Sam is looking good in his exploring clothes too. :) But the martial arts poses are pretty cool

  4. Indiana Sam looks GREAT in his exploration clothing. Rachel is/will be a very lucky Sim. Did you buy the training dummy so he can practice at home?

  5. No I hadn't realised he had to buy that in Simla. But he and Rachel have changed traits a bit, they are both adventurous. So he'll go back to Simla and get that training dummy and the thing for the bricks.

  6. Indiana Sam just looks good no matter what he's wearing.

  7. Are you saying less is more, Dee? Less clothing and more Indiana Sam. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

  8. Drool. Indiana Sam is even hotter than I thought he'd be. Really good pictures.

    Now that he and Rachel have found each other (destiny, no doubt) in your game, I may have to do the same. The thought of Mr. and Mrs. Indiana Jones going tomb raiding together is just too juicy. Although she met a seriously hot local in al Simhara last night, so ... we'll see.

    I wonder why I'm getting the entire post in my email, and not just a notification? I must have done something wrong. I also wonder why I can cut and paste into some comment boxes and not others. Hmm.

  9. OH YEAH.
    In one of my freewill games I thought he was gaining weight while my back was turned. Later I saw him in his undies and discovered he had been going to the gym when I wasn't around. He looked great to begin with but gained even more muscle when I wasn't looking.

  10. I just remembered. It was the one where I kept deleting his love interest. Guess he was taking his frustration out on the weight bench since he couldn't reach me.

  11. Sue, I too get the entire post when it is first posted but later I just get the comments.

  12. My adventurer Rachel is living in the same mansion on the hill. The space under that octagonal guest room turns out to be the perfect spot for a training dummy, the board breaker, and one of those dragon fountains. It's all very zen.

  13. That's what happens when you go to bed after a post, too many comments to handle individually.

    Yes Sue, I think the email option always sends the entire post. You could switch to the RSS feed for the blog and I could remove you from the email list. But I'm happy getting the whole post, that's so much better than the rss snippet.

    I think Indiana Sam is very drool worthy. I included the snap of him walking away just for Sue. :) And WA added proper boots, I just love a guy in boots.

    Sam is very excited about the baby. He has read the pregnancy book now wants to give Rachel a massage and feel her tummy. Rachel is reading the pregnancy book and has started to transform the guest room into a baby room.

    I knew I needed Rachel for my game. I just didn't know why. :)

  14. The less is more pic

    Plus Sam has had a burglar again. I think every incarnation of Sam has a burglar in the first couple of days. This time the cop caught him and Sam got his stuff back.

  15. Nice pic of Sammy there PiB. Like the panda shirt too.

  16. I thought this incarnation of Sammy could use a little more for his sleepwear. And the panda is too cute. Must have been a gift from an admirer, surely a guy wouldn't pick something that cute.

  17. Lol. You're right, that was my favorite picture of this update.

  18. Wow.. this new sam is smoking hot! *drools*

    What did the sensei have to say about Sam doing his workout in his hat? LOL

  19. Pib, I was thinking that when I saw the Panda pic. I could just imagine Rachel giving it to him.

  20. Worsiedog, sensei started one sentence about the hat. Sam growled and sensei decided to leave that subject alone. :)

    Dee, you may be right. It would take some serious love to get Indiana Sam to wear that cute Panda.

  21. Btw, LOL, love the panda shirt! HAHA.. Only Sam can wear a panda shirt and look manly!

    But Sam is such a softie deep inside though, I am sure he would wear it so as not to break a ladies heart even if he might feel 'pandarish' LOL

  22. He seems to be enjoying this one! :)


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