Monday, June 21, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 31 (Part 2)

Well, Mum, I've found the other big part of my pay.  I can sell the spirits I capture to the science lab.  I'm not quite sure what they need spirits for but I really don't want to ask.  It is quite profitable and now I know that the stipend is only a fraction of my true salary.

I had some time and some cash so went to a local dive for a meal.  Not bad as long as you have a cast iron stomach.  Much better than my burnt hot dogs the other day.

My second day on the job and I found out about Paranormal Investigations.  I was called to the military base, they had an invading force of ghosts!  It took hours for me to subdue the invaders, the soldiers tried to help but normal weapons made no impression on ectoplasm.  By the time I had finished, the town decided to change my position and increase that weekly stipend.

Just as well because I didn't make my second call that night.  I tried but the spirits were not in evidence when I arrived at the scene.

No spirits here.  Damn.

I decided to try the computer at the library to boost my logic skills.  I think I should stick to playing in the park, that way I can have an opponent.  Milly is still my only friend in town.

Another night and more spirits.  I didn't even get in the door here before spotting the first of their problems.

Like our nifty logo?  I think it's pretty well done.  Wonder if that's available as a tattoo?  I should try getting one of those.

So I've only been on the job a couple of days and City Hall asked me to come over.  They had an award for me.  Yes, really.  Apparently City Hall has been wanting to rid the town of these spirits but no one was willing to try.  Not until Sam Grant - Ghost Hunter Extraordinare.

And here it is, the first reward from a grateful City Hall.  I must say that I feel appreciated with this.  But no cash grant came along...I love cash.

So I started playing chess against another local, Jenni.  I actually won a game this time.

We ended up drawing quite a crowd.  There's Evan McPherson, AJ (Anderson) Landgraab, Malcolm Landgraab.

Some of the locals have odd names.  That dark haired girl is Gala Ball.  Another female in town is Anne T Septik.  And I think there is a guy called Nick Knack.

I got to know Jenni a little better.  Told her about ghost hunting.  But she has a partner and didn't want to get too much better acquainted if you catch my drift.

So another meal alone at the diner.  [sigh]  It's so hard to meet anyone since my work keeps me busy from 5 to 3.

I should mention, I reached a new level in my job.  Even more money for the weekly stipend, if I ever get to the weekend.  And I'm getting called for a new paranormal spirit.

Poltergeists.  Now I'm getting called all over town because the furniture is moving.  Well, I can't blame people for being worried about this.  Furniture is not meant to float and shake in the air.  And someone could get hurt by that.

It's the same procedure, I still capture the spirits.  Plus still sell them to the Science Lab.

Sometimes I fail to get a spirit the first time now.   They can shift from one piece of furniture to another.   Annoying, it can take awhile to clear a house.

 Nothing is safe in a house with poltergeists.  Not the toilet.

  Not even the rubbish bin out the front.

However, I have cleared all the spirits in every house I've been called to.  They all give me a bonus and so does the science lab.


  1. It's funny and cool.
    LOL,I agree Sammy, furniture is not meant to float and shake. :D Can you imagine trying to use that toilet?

    In the pic with the ghost icon over Sammy's head, I can hear him now. "I ain't afraid of no ghost."

    I didn't buy the guide with this one and think I am liking it much more not knowing what my sim will make and what will happen.

  2. I don't tend to buy guides because I don't want to know everything before I play. The number of guides I have are just a handful.

    Course Sammy ain't afraid of no ghost.

    Sammy has used a haunted toilet. No pics though, I was just shaking my head from astonishment.

  3. Did he react to the toilet? I had one sitting on a haunted bench at the cemetery a long time ago and she didn't react.

    I bought the one for the base game so I could figure out stuff and I seldom used it. Half the stuff in it was wrong anyway. I have used the map more than the book.

    Time flies when you're having fun. I have about 10 minutes left.

  4. Gonna run. I'll comment more when I get back. Poltergeists are fun. The furniture shakes, everyone freaks out and then the Ghost Hunter is the hero of the evening! Woot!

  5. Hi, PiB. I noticed the picture of Sammy brought a ..what is that? Thankfully that Jenni didn't afraid by it, or perhaps because of it she told him that she had a partner?? :D
    Poltergeist, that's cool. I noticed the reward from the City Hall is the same for the firefighter too.

  6. Chrysame,

    Every house he rids of poltergeists, the owner thanks him for the visit. They get worried that the furniture will fall apart.

    MJ one of his special actions during a conversations is to show them his ghost catching equipment (I forget the proper name here). So Sam was showing off his ghost busting thing to Jenni.

    Sam is doing my first ambitions career so I have no idea what's different and what's similar between them. :)


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