Monday, June 7, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 27 (Part Four)

Hey Mum, I'm still here and so are the 7 toddlers. No major problems. No repo man. No social services. I haven't collapsed either.

Davy, if you don't want the babies to scream at you, try putting them in the cribs on time.

Abby and Cherry playing with the doll house.  Oh dear, did we forget to feed Cherry?  I wonder how filling doll pieces are?  No Mum, I won't start feeding them dolls no matter how desperate we are.

I had a great dream.  I dreamed of owning a house so big I didn't see a toddler for days.

More potty training and yet another toddler sleeping on the floor.

Cat naps.  Up for 4 or 5 hours, down for 2 or 3.  It's no way for a man to live.  Especially with screaming babies everywhere.

My Eve.  Isn't she a darling?  Well, they are all pretty cute.  I just wish I didn't have so many of them.

Abby finally has potty down.  Oh, don't blame me for the trash.  Davy keeps dropping stuff on the floor after emptying potties.

Walk Abby.  Walk for Daddy.

Yes, he leaves trash on the floor and he's still not the best at bed vs food time but Davy has been very helpful.  The kids like him.

Poor Byron needed a cuddle.  And food.  And a bed.  Damn, I could use a bed too.

Believe it or not, 4 of the toddlers are having their birthday today.  Four!  And Mum, I have failed as a parent.  Not one of them can walk and talk.  They have pretty much learned potty at least.

Glen and the freezer bunny toy.  He was having fun.

I need out of the house.  Go see a movie.  Talk to someone my age.  I'm going stir crazy here.

Well, at least things will be easier now.  The birthdays are here.  Glen was first to grow up.

Then it was Byron's turn.

Both Byron and David had long girly hair when they first grew up.  I had to sort that out with some scissors, they aren't girls.  This is David before we cut his hair.

This is David with a proper boys cut.  At least neither he nor Byron had dresses on when they grew up or I'd wonder if I'd lost my mind.

Abby was the final birthday today.  Four are children, only 3 toddlers left.  Davy left again and I don't think I'll need him tomorrow.  Three toddlers will be a snap.


  1. Poor poor Sammy. It's rough raising that many toddlers.
    I'm glad you didn't collapse and made it to your bed each time.
    The kids look great.
    I'll bet when the designers made some of the hairstyles the same for males and females that it screwed up the others.
    I see it aged some of yours early too.
    Glen is so cute in the toy chest.

    I have a feeling you spent more time without a sitter than I did. Everytime that sitter left I called for a sitter.

    I see you are thinking of running on the treadmill Sammy. It looks to me like you probably feel like you you've been running on the treadmill.

    Soon Sammy, you will get that big house and get to go out on the town.
    I have a feeling you will never forget this experience.

    You survived! The toddlers survived! Only 3 more to go!

    I've been wondering about something PiB. I started to try it but never did. If you have Sammy run to the lot next door and come right back, will that count as going out on the town?

  2. Actually, this toddler challenge is the first time I've ever seen girl hair on a boy. I think the game wasn't prepared for that many age up or Twallan's story progression which he's been making choose more random hair styles on age up is mucking about. Might be the latter.

    I only waited two or three hours before calling Davy back. Not long.

    Yep, Sammy deserves a huge house, a night on the town and maybe someone special to enter his life. :)

    The last three toddlers should be a piece of cake. Not a bad result for the first time I've done this challenge. Not as spectular a first time as you managed though!

    I've never had a Sim go more than a couple of steps from home before the game stops them to call a sitter.

  3. Oh, and they aren't all cute. Glen's nose is flattened like a prize fighter.

  4. I didn't notice the nose.:)

    The traits may have made a difference with mine. I also made him do nothing but potty train until all were trained. I was keeping notes on paper about who had learned what. I think also it may have been because I played the entire thing in one day. If I had spread it out over several days I would have had to try to figure out where I left off.

    One of my girls aged up with boy hair.

  5. :) I did mention that potty should have been our first priority. Glad you noticed that. That was one thing I didn't do right. The other was he didn't have the highest quality single bed the first two days.

    Having leftovers was a good idea too.

    Not too hard to work out where the training was. After all, you choose who to train on potty by selecting from the list. And if they need to walk or talk, that will be on the toddler.

    Sammy is going to celebrate the end of toddlers Chrysame. He has to celebrate soon.

    Slobs are good for this challenge. There is no time to clean the place and not enough cash for a maid.

  6. I love the background too. I noticed it when I first came in but after reading the update, I forgot to mention it.

    Everyone is getting such great backgrounds and I've just been too lazy to change mine.

    PiB, without that list I would have been lost and without the good bed, I probably would not have gotten anywhere. And the leftovers.

    I've seen so many dirty plates, filthy toilets and sims licking plates with flies everywhere that I have become immune. I would probably throw up if I went into an actual house like that.

    Won't be long now until Sammy gets to do really fun things. :)

    Chrysame, I'm still not getting your comments in my email.

  7. Chrysame, no idea what Sammy might do next. He deserves a break and something that isn't a challenge at all. :)

    Dee, I know now that investing in the best bed of its class was the correct thing to do. He didn't have the really cheap bed, I knew better than that. But it was only half up the comfort scale and he needed all the way up. :)

  8. Sorry I didn't get back here sooner. House and game took me away.

    I hope Sammy gets a very easy next life.
    :)The best bed simoleons can buy, the best "juice", a visit to the spa and as many tumbles as he wants.

  9. Love to see that guys are taking care of toddlers now, and lots of them! He seemed able to take care of them. Good Job, Sam! I knew that women out there are falling for you, looking at you now :) Children are the way to a woman's heart, Lol!

  10. Hey MJ. Yes, all the woman looking for a good daddy would have to admire Sam. Not many guys can manage to handle a house of toddlers like that. :)


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