Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 27 (Part Three)

Well Mum, the babies and I are surviving.

I put a cap on young Byron so it's easier for me to remember which one he is.  Does this count against me as a parent, I have to resort to tricks to tell my toddlers apart?

Even in my sleep, there is always one baby nearby.  Cherry came in to play with the peg box.  At least that is a quiet toy, I can sleep with her there.  Unless she starts screaming and even then I'm such a heavy sleeper she might not wake me.

A couple of hours later and I'm up again.  No, I haven't had enough sleep yet.  Not nearly.  But there are several toddlers who are very very hungry.

Little Abby was one hungry and lonely baby.

Poor Davy.  He's not coping well with the noise levels. David is banging away at the xylophone, and Eve is screaming at the top of her lungs.

I did try to get a second sitter but the agency wouldn't take my call.  I don't know if it is that they think one is enough or if Davy warned the rest of them to stay well away from here.

I honestly do not think we would have survived without him.  I'm sure that I'd have had a visit from a social worker by now without Davy.

He even empties the potties.  That's a chore I have never done once.

Poor David.  Exhausted.  Mum, I know how that feels but I can't remember what a good night sleep feels like.

There is a rumour that there are restaurants in town and I could even learn to cook better meals.  But there isn't time for doing that.  If I can't start eating it in 5 minutes, it's taking too long to do.

Looking at Byron, thinking about my warm and comfy bed.  It's a struggle to keep going long enough to make the babies happy for awhile.

More potty training.  I don't think ANY of these toddlers are ever going to get the hang of it.  It's not helping that I never seem to catch the same baby twice.

Only one of them has learned to walk and yet they end up outside a lot.  I'm just glad that they haven't wandered to a neighbor or out on the street.

Davy disappeared for a couple of hours but not for long. I don't ring the moment he bugs out. However it's not long before I get him back.

Glen, I'm tired. Could you give me a clue why I came to fetch you?

Now I have to retrieve Feris from outside.  He didn't make it far from the house but I'm not sure I should be letting them out when they can't walk yet.

I'm worn to the bone, again.  At least no one is screaming, in this room for the moment.  Grow up damnit, grow up.

One more round of potty training then I'm off to bed.  I wonder if I can sneak in 4 hours of sleep?


  1. I feel so bad for Sammy but at the same time i have been LMAO.

    Chasing babies, inside and outside. :D

    This was so funny but the one that made me crack up was when he asked Glen why he came to fetch him. :D

    Make it one more day Sammy. Just one more day.

    Maybe someday you will get to find out if that "rumor" of restaurants is true or not.

  2. Sammy and the toddlers have made it to Thursday morning. They don't have far to go.

    The pic with Glen, I'm sitting there staring at it trying to come up with why Sammy was there. My conclusion was that we'd both forgotten why Glen needed daddy.

    Sammy would love to sleep until really rested. Eat food that isn't a quick meal. And met someone who can carry on a conversation. :) Someday Sammy.

  3. Maybe I should be saying, poor PiB instead of poor Sammy. I think Glen forgot why he needed Daddy too.
    I'm going to have to try this. Maybe that is what I'll do today. That would be a good way to test Twinbrook some more. Find out what the babysitters are like there.

  4. After a couple of days of 7 toddlers, you would think mere triplets are a snap to care for.

    Then again, every day they all survive is a good day. :)

  5. If I try this, I'll either lose them all to the social worker, my sim will die from exhaustion or I'll go insane.

    Probably go insane.

    I'm going to try to play today with my internet on. Husband is downloading some stuff so it may slow me down too much. I'll wait and see. If I don't come back for hours you'll know I had to turn it off.

  6. It's a brave move to start it. I think most people have to try a few times with different home builds to actually finish the challenge.

    Nearly my bedtime so I won't notice if you go quiet. :)

  7. PiB, I hope to goodness you can use store content soon because you deserve/have earned a great big present for doing this and not cheating.

    Davy isn't getting paid enough. And Sammy? As soon as they have their birtdays, GO TO SLEEP!

  8. Davy does leave at least once a day so he is getting 75 a day. Still, poor thing will be off children for the rest of his life.

    Sammy is definitely sleeping until completely rested, then going to the park to meet people. Poor poor Sammy.


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