Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 31 (Part 3)

Well Mum, City Hall called me back.  I've risen to level 4 and the city has another award for me.

This one was a medal.  I'm just putting them in the hall, two awards would make a bare trophy room.

Some chow and then bed.  Tomorrow will be some same old stuff.

I went to one of the local dumps today.  All sorts of interesting scrap - I was called to work before I noticed that there are some other goods to reclaim.  Maybe next time.

Pretty much routine work now.  Rid a house of poltergeists.

And then another house has even more.

Dude, could you give me some space to work in?  I was aiming for the hamper and now look at the washing machine.

Just don't ask, Ok?  Please?  It just tickled my fancy, the little gnome in the music box.

I went to the local graveyard, see what a ghost hunter might do with local graves.  First I caught a butterfly.

Then I summoned a spirit from the grave.

And appeased the spirit.  It vanished again.  I wish there were another ghost hunter or two in town.  I don't know if appeasing the spirit will make it vanish forever or just for a few days.

Note to self - the catacombs are not safe.  Even if I did find a rare book down there.

I had a long night.  I was dirty, hungry and sleepy.  To make matters worse, the shower broke after I used it.  Another thing for the to-do list.

Finally a Saturday and a bit of social time.  I invited Milly, Jenni, Antonio, Star, Rick and Anya to a party.  MJ came along with some of her housemates.  I met most of them on my first day but I have so little time to myself right now.

I must check out venues better before throwing a party.  This place had no tables, one bench, no entertainment but was very pretty.  I brought a basket and portable radio.

Star went to work out.  I must admit I tried a few moves on her but no sparks.  It just wasn't working out.

Later that evening, I went to the main park in town and burnt more dogs.  Must have been bachelor night in the park, Tyler Townsend and Austin Sterling were hungry enough to join me.  Slowly getting to know some people in town.


  1. *laughing* yeah Sammy those catacombs are not safe at all.

    I am so glad you are showing us stuff that can happen as a ghost hunter. I haven't seen the washer overflow before.

    Wow, that was a different Sammy with that music box.

    I have that trophy but don't think Carolina has received any more awards. She received a second work uniform.

    At least Sammy had company to go with his burnt dogs. :)

  2. I'm hoping he starts getting some new jobs soon. I'm tired of poltergeists and spirits.

    Sammy freaked me out with the music box. What is my grouchy, sloppy Sim doing looking like that? He has yet to listen again that look bothered me so.

    Yep, Sammy had company with the burnt dogs and had a very successful party.

  3. Awww, Sammy has a side we didn't know about. ;) We all know he has a soft side when it comes to kids, but, music boxes? I can't help myself. It was just...cute. :D

    I know that ghost hunters are supposed to see real ghost later. Just don't know how long it takes. Can't wait for him to meet up with the real looking ones. I bet it won't be long now.

  4. BTW - the washing machine was previously malfunctioning - it was just funnier to blame the guy crowding Sammy.

    Tell you what, when Sammy has a baby, he can play the music box as much as he ... oops the baby ... likes. LOL

    I hope his next level gets new jobs. Like 3 gets poltergeist jobs.

  5. It seems to take them longer to work their way up in these new "professions" than it does in the rabbithole jobs. I like that in a way.

    I want to see a malfunctioning washing machine in my game.

    What do mean, "oops the baby"?

  6. Just a joke that Sammy would play box for himself and pretend it was for a child

  7. Sammy and the music box. He tried it once in the Bachelor challenge.

    I'm assuming Anya had started to work out and wasn't suddenly pregnant.

    The dump is a wonderful place full of all sorts of goodies. It takes forever to get a decent load of scrap.

    It does seem to take more time to work at these careers. I'm not sure I do like that. I don't want my sim to just work, work, work!

  8. Great update PiB. So much fun to read from the beginning. That part of washing machine really cracked me up.

  9. Chrysame, I think it was Star not Anya and yes, they changed to work out to the music.

    Sam's first try, he found 19 pieces of scrap. I assume he needs an inventing bench to do anything with it.

    The ghost hunter career isn't really worse then a normal one. 5 to 3 is a 10 hour day but a number of normal careers are like that. And he is going up fairly quickly.

  10. Thanks MJ. It's interesting trying a new career.

  11. Oh okay, i didn't get it this morning.

    I remember you posting his work hours but it didn't sink in. The PI career doesn't have set hours.

    I know the firefighter career has set hours too.


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