Friday, June 11, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 27 (Part Five)

Not sure why Glen is dreaming of bugs.  I think he already cleaned up the old dishes that had been sitting around.

Poor Byron was half asleep.  Not sure if he was getting into or out of bed at this point.

Feris was lonely so Abby decided to play with him for awhile.  It's so nice that the bigger kids are helping how they can with the three toddlers left.  But we won't have toddlers for long now.

Glen isn't a neat child but the state of the house annoys him to the point that he's been cleaning quite a lot.  Cleaning was never one of my priorities and we simply haven't the money to hire a maid.

It was a bright Sunday morning so I shooed the children over to the park.  I later found out that they decided to hang out together on their own.

In the meantime, I taught Cherry to talk.  Cherry was the only one who could potty, walk and talk by their birthday.  A couple others could walk.  They all did learn potty eventually.

I told Cherry that marriage is very important.  Among the other qualities, it means there are 2 adults in the house and a maximum of 6 kids.  How did I get 7 toddlers and no spouse?  That's still a mystery.

Then the last three toddlers had their birthdays.  First was Eve.

Then Feris.

Finally Cherry.

I finally had the luxury of sleeping until I was ready to wake up.

While the kids did what they liked.

Waking up well rested, that is such a change.  A man could get used to this.

Well, Mum, just a few more things before I say goodbye.

Someone heard about the 7 toddlers and decided that the family needed money.  So we suddenly got 200,000 to spend as we like.  I'm getting the house remodelled, we have a fairly big lot and plenty of space for stuff.

This is just the start, a second floor with bedrooms and an extra bath.  Downstairs is much bigger, another bath here and we are ready to remodel the kitchen and make a couple of offices and a nice playroom for the kids.  This picture is after we added the space, the new doors and windows hadn't quite arrived yet.

I made sure that we had play equipment outside.  Several of the kids love being outdoors and they've already been having fun on this.

There's also a new swimming pool.  I don't think anyone has used it yet but it's there and ready.

I've finally had a chance to make some friends.

It's good to get out and talk to people my own age for once.

Their first day at school didn't start well.  I had a call from the truant officer, the entire lot went to the school playground and not to school.  I made sure they actually went in the building once I found out.  The second day was much better, they all went in to class on their own.

Had a very nice tour of the theatre with Rachel.

I'm quite fond of her.

My other great friend is Thomas.  He's quite a nice guy, very friendly.

So Mum, we all made it.  I'm learning guitar and painting.  The kids are doing pretty well in school now, some of them are nearly teens!  And I'm finally making friends around town.  Plus the occasional tumble with Rachel.  Life is looking very good now.


  1. The kids turned out very well, Sam. It's funny that they all skipped school.

    I always enjoy seeing Sam with Rachel. How nice was it that a money fairy showered the family with funds?!

    Glad I saw this and could comment. We have storms rumbling through all night and the electricity keeps flickering, lost my internet for a short while, too.

  2. I'm glad you had a chance to see it too.

    I was surprised when I found the entire lot of children playing instead of at school. But they did end up spending most of the day learning and now they are all getting an A.

    Yes, the magical money fairy decided that the family could use cash now that Sam had managed to raise his 7 toddlers to child. He deserved a break after that.

  3. I am so proud of you Sammy. I thought you never would write and let me know what was going on.
    You did a great job with all the kids. It's hard raising a lot of toddlers all alone. Believe me Mum knows.
    They are all beautiful and I am sure smart like you.

    I'm very very happy you met someone like Rachel. I hear she's a great girl.
    It's also nice to see you have such a wonderful friend in Thomas.

    I am so glad you finally got some rest having your home renovated.

    I was very surprised to hear about the children skipping school but I can see you straightened them out.

    Tumbles are good too. :)

  4. Yep, it took awhile for Sammy to write that last letter. He was very busy with making friends, getting the house renovated and catching up on a ton of missed sleep.

    The kids only tried to skip school that one day. They have been good since.

    Thomas is such a good friend, he invited Sam to move in. Which wouldn't have worked since the children can't live without an adult or teen around and there are too many to move everyone in with Thomas.

    Rachel doesn't mind doing tours with special stops in the judge's chamber or backstage. :)

  5. I just know Sammy and Rachel are having a grand old time. :D

  6. Another happy life of Sam and Rachel. The children look cute. I like the picture of Bryon who was half asleep.

  7. Thanks for popping by MJ. Sam doesn't have space to add anyone else officially to his life but he is actually quite happy. The kids are all doing well.

    Yep, I liked Bryon half asleep, he was looking very cute.


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