Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 22 (The second eviction)

Well, Mum it's the second day in...

Welcome back to Desperate Bachelor. I'm your host Rory Upyurs.

Arrgh, Voice-over dude. I'm beginning to seriously dislike this guy.

This afternoon, we start the official activities.
Our first group activity is foosball.

We were promised hot tubs. Where are the hot tubs?

Would you believe water restrictions?

I find that hard to believe. We have a swimming pool.

Would you believe health regulations?

Mmmm, maybe.

Quite frankly the production team scoured the town and there are none for sale.

So here's our little group in the main rec room.  

Ok, it's not hot tubs but it is fun.

I'm sorry that you three got stuck with the bachelor.


You are a grumpy slob whose been married more times then...

Different lifetimes. I've been cloned like hundreds of times.

Our other three lovely ladies are playing in the secondary room.

I want my hot tub.

Is that why you're in a swim suit still AJ?

They promised hot tubs.

Now our bachelor gets to make the rounds and actually flirt with the girls.

Hot damn, about time we got to some really good stuff.

Alicia, how do you feel about Sam.

Eh, cute enough guy but his approach just didn't do anything for me.

Ripley, do you agree with Alicia?

Hell no.  He's hot and ... well, that's enough for me.  He can flirt any time his little heart desires.

Mmm, I like what I see too.


All too fast.  I want dining.  I want romance.  I want time to know him better first.

Hmm, I am not doing well here.  Only 1 of the 3 so far likes my flirting.

Kacyn, what did you think?

Alicia and Celia are mad.  He's very attractive and isn't this the whole point?

Nice, I'm beginning to like Kacyn.

Rachel, how did you feel about Sam?

Well, Rory, I think he is an interesting specimen.  But so far, I'm not that impressed by his style.



Rory to AJ. Come back AJ.

Damn it, don't bother us. I love his eyes.

Ok Sam, it is your decision. Who leaves today?

Alicia goes. She's just not quite...Well, I like her least of all.

Alicia, it's time for you to go.

Alicia, how do you feel about leaving the house?

Well, I was hoping to last longer but obviously I just wasn't making enough of an impression.

What's next for you?

Well, I hope to get a career.  Who knows what else.

I can tell that this is going to get harder. Such lovely ladies left.


  1. I never saw that one coming! Alicia?!! Wow.

    Dang, Celia better ramp it up or she's going to get kicked next. Ripley, you better buy a sprinkler and distract AJ if you want to get into Sam' graces.

    I'm still stunned it was Alicia.

  2. Dad blast it. I was laughing so hard I clicked the wrong button and kicked myself off the internet.
    Alicia, Alicia, Alicia, are you just plain stupid? Look what you screwed up.

    AJ, you best stay out of that pool for awhile. Sam isn't going to want a wrinkled up prune. That was so funny with AJ not answering.

    Celia, Rachel, what is the matter with you? OMG, Rachel he's not a bug under a microscope.

    No Ripley, no. Don't you listen to Chrysame.

    Hey Alica, it ain't a rose but it's a flower. LOL

  3. LOL glad you guys are enjoying it. Now I have to boot up the game and progress with the challenge.

    Alicia just wasn't keeping her eye on the prize. She was lowest on Sam's list so she got the boot.

    At this point, it's hard to say who will definitely be going next. Celia and Rachel are most obvious but you never know with Sims.

  4. Just bumped again.

    Love that flower. My favorite flower too.

    LOL, it looks like Kacyn is about ready to rip the rest of those buttons off his shirt.

  5. The girls that liked his flirting really liked it. I think Ripley stood in place for 10 minutes after she had her dose. Kacyn and AJ were also very happy after Sam went by.

    As for the flower, well, I thought I'd try. Not sure how convincing it looks but we had some flowers.

  6. Kacyn is a wild child underneath that turtleneck! I notice most of the women are still running around in their jammies or, swimsuit, in AJ's case.

    I'm enjoying the heck out of this. It just made my night to read this. *laughs*

  7. Ripley luvs her a Grant man.

  8. Yes, they don't tend to run to the shower first in the morning. So they stay in jammies for a long time.

    Same with Sammy. :)

    Thanks for another bump on the forum post Dee. People may think you are a fan.

  9. Oh, I'm loving this too.

    Sometimes I think AJ is half fish. All she cares about is water, water and more water. she probably sleeps in that swimsuit so she can get in the pool faster.

    I am still wishing for hot tubs too girls.

    I was just thinking how now that you started them flirting they probably won't stop.

  10. Anyone one is coming...

  11. I'll be back around when I finish getting dressed. I'll have a few minutes left.

  12. I'm loving this!! I'm intentionally avoiding all newer posts so I can read them in order :)

  13. I'm just sorry I forgot to mention this challenge to you before Kai, since your Sim is in the story.


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