Friday, May 21, 2010

Follow up pics

First the wedding
Ripley the formal wearing preggie

So happy.

The ring exchange while AJ tries to steal the show.

Oh so happy.

AJ with a basket of twins; Ann and Helena.

Next babies due

Snuggle Helena
Then Ann
Theo and Lenore arrive.

Sam and Theo

Ann Anderson

Helene Anderson

Norris Warren

Theo Grant

Lenore Grant 


  1. Wow, Sam has such strong genetics. They work best in the boys. The boys are very handsome.

    I was cracking up at AJ in the background going into labor. Oh man. She was trying to steal the show!

  2. At least the girls don't all look like clones. :) Sammy boys tend so much to look like dad.

    Yeah, AJ didn't pick a great time to have those babies.

  3. I don't know. I thought the girls, AJs and Rachels looked a lot alike. But, in general, I agree with you completely.

    Did AJ take herself to the hospital? Sam was a little busy. ;)

  4. AJ did have to take herself to the hospital but daddy arrived by the time she was on her way out.

    I'm posting a group shot of the girls. The eye shapes and mouth shapes do differ. I think Lenore would be a lot like Rachel grown if she had the right hair style and glasses. Ann takes more after AJ but Helene is a female Sammy - not quite as pretty as male Sammy....

  5. I take it you don't need any of the offspring for a game. :)

  6. Thanks for the group shot. That helps. They all have the exact same face shape and prominent chin. The eyes are certainly different.

    I'm chock full of Grants at the moment. Ollie is a Grant after all.

  7. Yep, I remember that Ollie and Dawn are Indy's kids and he is very much in Sam's mold. Theo and Norris are the same - younger Sammy's one with Rachel's hair.

  8. The boys are very handsome. What looks great on a man often doesn't do a female any favors. I remember when Marta was with Travis Townsend. Their boys looked rugged and very tough. Most of the girls looked that way, too, unfortunately.

  9. :) Agreed. Some looks that work great on guys look ghastly on girls. Take Rick Grant's wife in World Adventures blog. Patricia got the face shape of her dad Christian. Looks great on him but on her and her daughter...Not so fantastic.

    BTW - have you been to twallan's area lately. He's posted a reminder to save your custom settings before installing the new EP and said that generally he tries to get new versions of the mods out in a day or so of an update. :)

  10. I meant Tyler Townsend. *sigh*

    Oh, that's awesome of Twallan. I'll check that out, PiB. I didn't know we could save our custom settings. Maybe I'm fuzzy tonight because I had too much cake. I'll blame that.

  11. Just story progression - the settings that you've been tweaking for your setup can be exported then re-imported. :)

  12. Well, dang. *bangs head on desk*

  13. Woohoo, baby Grants popping out everywhere.
    Sam would never want to deny any of his kids but even if he wanted to, he couldn't. :)

    Thank you so much for doing all that.

    Now about AJ. She just had to go into labor during their wedding. Good thing there was no sprinkler there. She would have had the baby right there.

    I couldn't help but laugh when Ripley switched from beautiful wedding dress and flat belly to pregnant dress and basketball belly.

  14. Ummm, I take it you would have liked to have done that before? :)

  15. Ripley stayed in the white dress. Basketball tummy was Rachel who was marrying Sam (again).

    Poor AJ, she didn't get a lot of attention when she went into labour. Usually everyone on the lot goes over to panic but the wedding distracted them.

    Rachel threw the wedding party and it was epic.

    That was a lot of Grant babies - and a lot of aging up. I was so tired last night that I just wanted to get the pics up and crash. :)

  16. How could I not know that was Rachel? *slaps selfs head*
    I must have been looking at the white gloves and the tummy too much to see the head.

    I know it had to take awhile to get all that done.

    I have noticed that if a male sim is really exhausted they will have their little baby dance and then head back to bed.
    Sometimes they are just more interested in other things besides getting excited about babies.

  17. Lucky, that they made through the wedding without getting interrupted by AJ. Sam with two women pregnant at the same time :) Theo looks handsome.

  18. Hi MJ. Sam had *three* pregnant women at that wedding. AJ, Rachel and Ripley all were carrying Sam's children.

    I think both boys are handsome but most of Sam's boys are. A few of his girls aren't so good though.


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