Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 27 (Part Two)

Yet another exhausted baby.  If they aren't hungry, they are too sleepy.  If they aren't hungry or sleepy, they probably stink.  [sigh] How on earth did I end up with so many babies?  What did I do to deserve this?

Davy doesn't prioritise very well, he sometimes puts one in a crib that really needs a bottle or plays when they need bed.  However he does usually pay attention to the babies.  He has Eve.  She's the only one with long hair.  Too bad she really wants a bottle and not play.

Screaming babies everywhere.  So much noise.

I have decided to concentrate on getting a couple of them potty trained.  If they can do that for themselves, they'll take way longer to being really smelly.  I think this may be Glen.

Oh, check it out!  Three toddlers and they are all happy.  It won't last but this is very very nice.

Damn that boy.  I was coming in for an hour or two kip and he has to pick NOW to read on my bed.  The only bed in the house.  I'd fire him but I've heard there some really bad babysitters in town.

[Sigh] Well, I'll grab Feris and make him happier.  I hope Davy leaves my bed soon.  I need a sleep soon.

Might as well do Eve while I'm at it.  Change diaper, feed.  Maybe cuddle.

Pity that Davy keeps leaving the house.  Though I can't grudge him wanting out of this mad place.  He is helping when he is here.  Poor Abby was so hungry.  I think that's Abby and not Byron.  Both blond with short hair, it's hard to tell which is which.

Four babies and no one crying.  This feels like a win.  Ok, Eve is outside and sleeping on the ground.  That is not going to win me parent of the year award.  So we have Feris and Cherry definitely.  I still think the blue PJs are Glen.  Nope, I don't know which baby is wearing pink...around here it could be anyone.

More potty training.

Too baby it's a different baby every time.

Which is making it hard to tell if any of them have learned yet.

David is the only toddler who hasn't maxed skills on the xylophone yet.  Cherry, David and Eve have yet to max skills with the peg box.

I did get a couple of hours sleep, a quick meal and a long overdue shower.  I long for a holiday with plenty of sleep, plenty of quiet and maybe a pretty lady to share it with.  Mind you, the only person I've met is Davy...not my idea of a good traveling companion.


  1. I check the mark that says sympathetic. He's holding up remarkably well. He's too busy to do anything other than do.

    All his remaining cash is going to the babysitter and a good use of it, too.

    Also, smart to place wastecans right next to the potty chairs.

    When you finish and Sam has had a quiet holiday with a pretty lady then perhaps you'll share what you did right and what you'd do differently.

  2. I meant I'd check the BOX for sympathetic. Way past my bedtime.

    I stay up just for Sammy luv. Now, I crash.

  3. Sammy is very resilient. No matter what I've throw at him, he copes. Sometime better, sometimes not but he copes.

    Yep, the babysitter is his primary investment. I don't quite know how I'd handle this challenge without one. I keep thinking about hiring a second. :)

    Main suggestions at this point are try to get the toddlers on different schedules and potty train each of the little buggers as fast as you can. Having the play table or a doll house is good, they can play with a sibling and gain social.

    Don't have the noisy toys in the room with cribs.

    Do leave plenty of space around so the Sims don't have far to go to have room to grab a baby.

  4. I think I'm going to switch saves after this. I need a less intense game to calm down with.

  5. It seems he is doing the job as a parent very good. Although still cannot remember which is who ;). Lol I don't know what you did that make you deserve it, Sammy :) I wish Davy could be more helper than that. We just have to keep an eye on them **sighed** Lol, at least the nanny would not flirt on your sims. But, then again perhaps Sammy will like the not too old Nanny :)

  6. Hey MJ. Well, with 7 toddlers, I can't remember which is which so Sam has no hope. I've got about 4 of them absolutely straight but 3 are a bit harder. LOL

    Right about now, poor Sam would be delighted with *any* adult company. A nanny would be welcome, flirting and all.

  7. Sammy gets shocked and funny. I'm really over the shocked part except for the fact he didn't pass out on the floor when the sitter took his bed.

    He just got cool too for surviving and not having any babies taken by the social worker. :D

    Poor Sammy, he's so exhausted. I wouldn't be able to keep up with who is who either Sammy.

    He hasn't even had time to paint. I don't know how he even has time to pee. :D

    It's a shame the game makes the sim stand there while the toddler is on the potty. If only he could keep flopping them on potties.

    I am going to have to try this.

    If only we would have a slow day at work today and I could come home early. It hasn't happened yet, but who knows.

  8. He has barely time to do what's necessary for himself and keep the toddlers on the happy side. No spare time at all. Ever. Poor Sammy.

    The sitter took the bed when Sam still had a couple of hours of getting sleepy. Fortunately he got up before Sam was desperate for sleep.

    I'm not used to having a Sim who has to live with a few hours of sleep at a time.

  9. Yahoo is still not showing my emails until I click to check email sometimes. You commmented 20 minutes before I knew about it.

    Poor Sammy is right. He's had a lot of challenges in his reincarnations but I believe the is the hardest one.

    You go Sammy, you'll make it. I have faith in you.

    PiB, hang in there. :)

  10. Well, we haven't had a toddler stay red for more than a few moments. And he was red because his sleep was disrupted by a screaming sibling - so he had the bad alarm moodlet.

    So I'm pretty sure we will pass the basic part of the challenge. All toddlers will live to the birthday. I've got the hang of keeping Sam going and an eye on the toddler needs. Exactly how well it's going to turn out is a question.

  11. Can I just say you have to be really strong to keep this up? Because it is so tempting to cheat and give Sammy a maxmotives so he's rested for once in this lifetime. He's down to 2 hours sleep at a time at best.

  12. Well, you just answered my question that I just asked. Poor Sammy.

  13. Poor Sam. I know I'd give in.

  14. I haven't given in. To cheat is to lose the challenge and we aren't far to go before birthday day.


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