Monday, May 10, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 22 (The third eviction)

Hey Mum it must be time

Welcome back to Desperate Bachelor. This is day three of the event.  I'm your host Rory Upyurs. 

For Voice-over Dud.

What was that?

You heard me.

So first for the afternoon is the foosball tournament.

Still no hot tubs?

 AJ, there are still no hot tubs.

Well  I'm in the room with Sam today.  Didn't like the girls only table.

Celia and Kacyn are in the other room.

Well, at least it is a fun activity.

Rachel?  What are you up to out there?

I'm conducting an experiment on a couple of my competitors.

Will they get hurt?  

Oh no.  Just offering alternative entertainment so Sam has more free time.

Since when do I need free time? oh, wait, never mind.  I think I get it.

The second activity for the afternoon is a round of chess.  Sam has to play chess with each of the woman for 1/2 hour.

Why?  Rachel is the only one of us who likes thinking games.

It's good for you and one of our sponsors just happens to make outdoor chess tables.  The Acme Chess Table company.

Kacyn, fishing tips?

Do you know how many excellent dishes can be made with fresh fish?

Sam wants to talk about weight training.

I'm afraid that's just not that interesting.

Neither is fishing.
Celia, how did you find your game?

Sammy is not a great loser, that much I've noticed.

Ripley, I noticed that you still admire the house.

It's a beautiful house and the lot is gorgeous.  Being here makes me happy.

AJ, what are you looking at?

Sammy doesn't so much eat as inhale with a little chew now and then.  I don't know if I admire it or am scared by it.  Fascinating to watch though.

She should see me when I'm really hungry.

The morning brings a new round of flirting with the ladies.  Rachel?

Yesterday was too soon.  We had barely met the guy.  But today.

He's not even dressed.

Oh, that does make a huge difference!  

Hmm, do you think I should just stay like this?

Not if I can help it.

I see that Rachel's experiment is working.  Some of the competition is very distracted.

I love playing in the sprinkler.  I don't understand why everyone isn't here.


Shh, I'm practicing some fingering.  I need to concentrate.


He's flirting.  He has a smokin' bod.  What more could a girl ask for?

Sam, are you never going to get dressed?  We have not hidden your clothes.

Hey, the girls like it and it's not hurting you. I suspect it's not hurting your ratings either.

I agree.  We like Sam being around in his underwear.  It's very appealing.

I'm appealing to you to make him get dressed.

AJ, is he going further than he should?

No, he was just talking about great couples he's seen.  We stuck with the rules and only flirted.

Sammy did finally get dressed though.

Yes, pity about that.

Since when is talking politics flirting?

I take it that is a fail?

Massive fail.  I just couldn't pretend any enthusiasm.

So Sam, which is the lucky lady who gets to leave the house?

The one I'm finding least compatible?

That is the general agreement.

It's Celia. I think we could hit it off given more time but it's not working well between us now.

Well Celia, any last thoughts?

Not really.  I came.  I had some fun.  But Sammy and I weren't meant to be in this lifetime.

Future plans?

Get a job in the theatre.  Practice guitar and painting.


  1. Goodbye, Celia! Go off and practice your guitar playing.

    Heehee, Rachel and her distractions. AJ went right for that sprinkler. Still, it didn't stop her from admiring Underwear Sam!

    AJ is going to be difficult to beat even with the distraction of a sprinkler. It certainly looks like all the women are very happy with any Sam attention.

    Can't say I'm surprised by this eviction. But, I'm stumped by who could be next.

  2. Can't say I blame you for that. AJ is slightly ahead with Sam at the moment that Celia left but Kacyn, Ripley and Rachel are all at the same level. Any one of them has the potential to be a Grant bride and they'd all be very happy with that.

    But they are Sims and the next two days provide extra drama.

    I couldn't resist seeing if the artists and AJ would give in to temptation. And AJ still spends all day in a sprinkler if she finds one. Amazing.

  3. Extra Sims Drama? Sign me up!!

    How far ahead of the blogs is your game, PiB?

  4. The next eviction has happened and partway into the day after that. Enough for me to *know* the next 2 evictions because of the drama. :)

    Fasten your seat belts, it may be a turbulent ride.

  5. I'm ready!

    Now, I totally have Bette Davis' voice in my head from "All About Eve."

    "Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy night!"

  6. :) Well, if you're ready, I suppose I should get editing pics. Cropping and saving at a slightly lower res has made a big difference on how fast I use picaso space. :)

  7. I'm going to comment before I read the comments.
    ROFLMAO again.
    Hey, not fair. There was no easel there to distract Ripley. It ain't fair, it just ain't fair. Shame on you Rachel. You and your experiments.

    AJ, if you don't get evicted, you may as well get use to Sammy inhaling his food.

  8. Ok, ready for the next one. :)

  9. Ripley loves guitars too. Obviously not as much as Celia.

    I couldn't resist seeing what would happen with the guitar and sprinkler and Rachel had said she was going to experiment.

  10. And experiment she did. I still find it fascinating that some sims with basically the same traits as other sims will do things their own way.
    Hmmm, I wonder if AJ is like that because she only has 3 traits, or did you give her more?

  11. Have any of them seen Sam lick a plate yet? :D

  12. AJ might have a 4th trait, can't remember offhand. She doesn't have 5, I know that. I still find that AJ cannot ever resist a sprinkler to be odd. Even when there is other stuff to do outside, that's what she'll go for every time.

    I don't think the girls have given Sam the chance to lick anything clean. They get disturbed by the dirt rather quickly.

  13. I have never had a sim lick a plate clean in front of another sim. I was wondering if the other sims even notice.

  14. BTW, did you type dud instead of dude on purpose. Whether you did or not, it's funny.

  15. Yep, Voice-over dud was on purpose. And Rory complained too. :) He has always ignored Voice-over dude.

    Nah, Sims don't really care if someone licks a plate clean in front of them. They don't really notice.

  16. Your Josh was a champion plate licker, Dee. It was one of his greatest joys. Silly sim.

  17. I love the dud part too.

    *laughing*Josh still is.

  18. :) You guys do know that getting comments is distracting me from writing the next installment?

    I was hoping that someone would like the Dud. Sammy is not fond of Rory.

  19. Dee and I are keeping each other entertained while we wait. Now, you get back to work, Missy!

  20. Yeah, what she said.
    Ignore us "missy". :D

  21. *waits, flips through an old magazine, waits*

    Did you have a nice Mother's Day, Dee?

  22. I had a great mothers day. Thank you for asking. Had a house full, husband grilled,everyone ate and had a great time. I didn't have to do anything. I did make potato salad. Couldn't resist doing something. I didn't even have to do any cleaning up after. Husband did all the cleaning up.
    Had grilled burgers, chicken, hotdogs, brats, corn on cob.
    Hungry yet?

    How was yours?

  23. Mine was good. Quiet and good. Hubby offered to make me anything and all I wanted was spaghetti and garlic bread. Which I got.

    Oh, and a morning jelly donut. I luvs jelly donuts and have them maybe once or twice a year.

    My child was forced to submit to my hugs all day.

    When she got home from school today I took her to the mall and we shopped. I bought her some really cool clothes, girly clothes and matching dressy sandals. She was so excited that she immediately tried everything on and mixed and matched pieces. I had a fashion show!

    It made me happy.

  24. Awww, that sounds so sweet. I have all boys. Sons and grandsons. Now one son is dating someone who has two little ones. Both boys.
    I can't complain even though I'll probably never have a little girl around to get all dressy up.
    I was raised around boys and probably would not have known how to deal with a little girl anyway.
    I did leave out the fact that one son came early and helped with the preparations, they both helped with getting things back in order.


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